Prevention Of Enterobiasis (pinworms) In Humans: Basic Measures

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Prevention Of Enterobiasis (pinworms) In Humans: Basic Measures
Prevention Of Enterobiasis (pinworms) In Humans: Basic Measures
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Enterobiasis is a disease that is caused by pinworms. The disease is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms - if you do not start treatment, complications may appear. The source of the spread of infection is an infected person. To exclude infection, it is necessary to prevent enterobiasis.


  • 1 Manifestations of the disease
  • 2 Actions to be taken at home
  • 3 Measures to be taken during illness
  • 4 Professional actions

Disease manifestations

Pinworm is a white worm and up to 12 mm long. It feeds and reproduces in the large intestine. The severity of symptoms depends on the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism. The acute stage lasts up to 7 days, then there comes a period when the females that have laid eggs begin to go outside. The disease becomes chronic, which lasts up to 3 months.

Enterobiasis can occur with the following symptoms:

  • the main symptom is itching in the anal area, which worsens at night;
  • decreased appetite and weight loss;
  • sleep disturbance, insomnia;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • teeth grinding during sleep and drooling;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • upset stool, mucus can be found in the feces;
  • there may be pain in the central abdomen;
  • increased formation of gases, flatulence;
  • in women, pinworms can crawl into the genitals, causing vulvovaginitis;
  • allergic reactions in the form of a rash, cough.

Itching and severe discomfort caused by pinworms usually worsens at night. It is during this period that the females go outside to lay eggs. Crawling over the body, the pinworm lays heaps of eggs, each of which contains 300 eggs. The eggs are covered with a sticky substance, so when scratching, they easily stick to the fingers and remain under the nails. In the future, a person spreads them throughout the body, bedding and household items. The risk of repeated self-infection increases.

To protect yourself and your family from such troubles, you need to take preventive measures on time. Prevention of enterobiasis is carried out not only at home. Any institutions are under the supervision of sanitary and epidemiological stations - they are the ones who carry out prophylaxis in children's institutions or medical buildings.

Actions taken at home

Most often, the disease develops as a result of non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. If at least one point of the requirements is not met, the risk of infection increases.


Prevention of enterobiasis should be carried out in every family. Adults should teach children to be clean and tidy.

  1. Keep your fingers and nails clean. Cut them short, especially for children. Avoid touching your mouth with your fingers, biting your nails or eating outside.
  2. After walking, using the toilet and especially before eating, wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
  3. Change underwear in the morning and evening, wash twice a day.
  4. It is not recommended to wash clothes at low temperatures (below 60 degrees).
  5. After washing, it is recommended to iron clothes and linen with an iron on both sides.
  6. From time to time, blankets, rugs, rugs need to be shaken outside.
  7. Each family member should have their own towel. You can not use other people's hygiene products.
  8. Carry out wet cleaning. It is advisable to change the water frequently by rinsing the rag under the waste water.
  9. Toys must be washed with laundry soap, soft toys must be washed in a washing machine.
  10. Before use, be sure to wash fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs well, pouring boiling water over them.
  11. Drink only filtered or boiled water.
  12. You can not touch street animals. Pets should not walk or sleep on bedding.

It is useful to include foods such as nuts, garlic, carrots, beets, pomegranates, citrus fruits in the menu. It is recommended to brew tea with mint, St. John's wort.

Measures to be taken during illness

If enterobiasis was detected, specialists prescribe treatment. In addition to medicines, you can use traditional medicine. But all these actions will be useless if preventive measures are not followed.

Pinworm prophylaxis should be carried out for the entire period of treatment and for the next three days after recovery.

  1. Wet cleaning is required twice a day. Be sure to wipe down door handles, switches, and other items that family members often touch.
  2. Every day, you should vacuum and shake out pillows, mattresses, blankets, blankets. You can hang them on the balcony or outside.
  3. Bed linen and towels need to be changed daily. After washing, be sure to iron on both sides.

  4. Wear tight panties at night so that pinworms do not have the opportunity to crawl outside.
  5. You need to wash and change your underwear twice a day, take a shower every day.
  6. Wash toys (hard and rubber) with disinfectants.
  7. Carpets, rugs, soft toys are best exposed to ultraviolet bactericidal effects.

Medicines to be taken during the course of treatment.

  1. There are many antihelminthic drugs available. Among the effective medicines are Pirantel, Vermox, Vormil, Piperazin, Dekaris, Nemozol. The active substances of anthelmintic drugs lead to paralysis of the neuromuscular system of parasites, destruction of the outer shell, or stop the flow of glucose into their body. Taking the pills must be repeated after two weeks. During this time, an adult individual develops from the eggs.
  2. Often, treatment is combined with taking antihistamines, which reduce itching, relieve discomfort and swelling (Loratadin, Zodak, Tsetrin).
  3. Dying, pinworms begin to release toxins. There is a need to take enterosorbents (Enterosgel, activated carbon, Polysorb).
  4. Often during scratching, abrasions and wounds form, and a bacterial infection is added. In this case, you cannot do without antibiotic therapy.
  5. Probiotics, immunomodulators, vitamin and mineral complexes will help restore the impaired functions of internal organs.

Professional actions

The pinworm can easily pass from a sick person to a healthy one. You can get infected anywhere through household items, shaking hands with a sick person, in preschool and school institutions, in the pool, in a public toilet and even at home.


Participants of the sanitary and epidemiological service should take the following preventive measures.

  1. It is necessary to timely identify patients infected with enterobiasis. When applying for a job, schoolchildren, preschoolers in kindergartens, disabled people are shown periodic examination. You cannot do without such a survey when obtaining a subscription to the pool.
  2. If an infected person is found, he is isolated for the duration of the treatment course.
  3. The population should be informed how the pinworm can enter the body.

There are regulatory documents that provide for the examination of certain categories of people.

  1. Preschool workers and children attending these institutions.
  2. Schoolchildren of junior and senior classes.
  3. Pregnant women.
  4. Children living in disadvantaged conditions.
  5. When applying for a health resort card, a subscription to the pool.
  6. Patients who are on outpatient and inpatient treatment.

By instilling in the population the skills of cleanliness, neatness and cleanliness, it is possible to avoid mass infection with pinworms. In a family where children grow up, parents should become such an example.

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