Preparations For The Treatment Of Demodicosis Of The Eyelids: Ointments And Gels, Tablets And Drops

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Preparations For The Treatment Of Demodicosis Of The Eyelids: Ointments And Gels, Tablets And Drops
Preparations For The Treatment Of Demodicosis Of The Eyelids: Ointments And Gels, Tablets And Drops

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Eyelid demodicosis is a disease that occurs when a person's immunity is reduced, for the treatment of which eye drops, tablets and creams are used. It is caused by the microscopic skin mites Demodex Folliculorum, which, according to studies, are present in 90 percent of the world's inhabitants, but do not harm them. When factors that reduce the body's defenses are triggered, such as metabolic disorders, stress, liver disease, endocrine system and others, the parasite begins to actively multiply, which manifests itself in the following symptoms:


  • 1 Treatment method
  • 2 Ointments and gels
  • 3 drops

    • 3.1 Acaricidal drops
    • 3.2 Antibacterial drops
    • 3.3 Antihistamine drops
  • 4 Tablets
  • redness of the eyelids and peeling of the skin on them;
  • thinning and loss of eyelashes;
  • the appearance of severe itching, especially in the morning;
  • rapid eye fatigue.

All these signs are the result of the "work" of a tick parasitizing in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. By absorbing dead skin cells, the pathogen releases waste products that cause a condition similar to allergies. People suffer from the consequences of this development, while vision deteriorates.

Treatment method

Treatment of demodicosis of the eyelids is difficult because it is long and takes more than a month. This is due to the need to destroy all pathogens of the disease, their eggs. It is also important to comply with the regimen of drug use and complete the course. Otherwise, the ticks will not be completely eliminated, and the disease will turn into a chronic form, the treatment of which is much more difficult.

The therapy regimen is developed by the doctor in each case separately, but necessarily includes:

  • antibiotics: Tobramycin, Tetracycline, Albucid and others;
  • anti-mite drugs;
  • eye drops: Carbachol, Fosfacol, Physostigmine (drip according to the doctor's instructions);
  • antihistamines: Diazolin, Lekrolin;
  • means for improving immunity: hyaluronic acid.

Such measures are also used as lubricating the edge of the eyelid with a 4% Pilocarpine gel or treating the eyelashes with a small bowl dipped in a 1.5-3% solution of Carbhol.

Ointments and gels

Among the funds applied directly to the affected eyelids, one of the most common is Blefarogel. It is made on the basis of sulfur, which acts as a means of fighting ticks and cleaning the ducts of the sebaceous glands from their waste products.


Sulfur ointment is used to disinfect and destroy parasites, while at the same time it accelerates skin healing. It has a low cost and is quite affordable in pharmacies, however, it has a very specific smell and stains things. The ointment is used in a course for 7-12 days, regularly applied to the skin, avoiding hairs.

Permethrin ointment refers to insecticidal and acaricidal topical agents. Its active ingredients are capable of penetrating the tick's body, immobilizing and destroying it. The ointment is applied two to three times during the day on areas not covered with hairs, the duration of application is two weeks.

Yam ointment is a dermatological drug for demodicosis, the composition of which effectively fights against parasites and fungi. Treatment is similar to the previous drug.

Ichthyol ointment has the ability to destroy bacteria, relieve pain and disinfect. It is applied to the affected skin three times a day. Due to the possible negative consequences of using the product, it is not used for more than four weeks.


Rosamet is a product developed on the basis of Metronidazole. It fights the bacterial components of inflammation, while at the same time boosting the body's immune defenses. It is applied to inflamed and irritated skin areas. Means such as Metrogyl and Klion have a similar effect.

Meifule cream is also intended for the treatment of eyelid demodicosis, it is based on natural ingredients, it is quite safe and effective. Ksin Fumanling cream has similar properties - one of the most popular means of fighting ticks.

Trichopolum ointment is one of the few that are acceptable for use by pregnant and lactating women. It is applied to the affected areas several times a day for a month.

The development of technology leads to the emergence of new tools that are more effective and convenient for use, but also more expensive . At the same time, fast-acting drugs such as sulfuric ointment or Yam act very aggressively, destroying the top layer of the skin and causing it to dry and flake. On the contrary, products containing a fatty base reduce the risk of allergic reactions and increase the resistance of the skin to the action of parasites.


Drops for eyes with eyelid demodicosis are divided into three categories:

  • acaricidal;
  • antibacterial;
  • antihistamines.

Let's consider their application separately.

Acaricidal drops

These are products that are applied to the skin around the eyelashes and along the edges of the eyelids, without dripping into the eyes. The funds are applied to the fingertips, rubbed and massaged with them eyelids. If the eyes itch a lot, then the drugs can be dropped into the conjunctival sac.


These include Carbachol, Physostigmine, Tosmilen, Fosfakol. All of them have contraindications, so before use, you should read the instructions, and if side effects appear, contact your doctor who will reduce the dose or change the drug.

Antibacterial drops

They are used mainly for complications and secondary infection. They change the internal processes of microorganisms, causing a decrease in their activity and, ultimately, death. This drugs such as Levomycetin, Ciprofloxacin, Tobrex, Levofloxacin, Dexa-gentamicin. They are applied directly to the eyeball and reduce the effects of demodex on the organs of vision, relieving inflammation.

Antihistamine drops

They are used to relieve itching, irritation and other symptoms that arise during the development of the disease. They also prevent the formation of an allergic reaction from the use of other agents. The most common among this group of funds are Akular, Dexamethasone, Okumetil.


To eliminate dry eyes, drops formulated on the basis of natural human tears may be prescribed. And in case of severe allergic lesions, products containing hormonal components, such as Sofradex and Dexona. However, their use should be carried out under the supervision of a physician, as they can promote more active reproduction of ticks.


This group of drugs is taken orally, helping the body fight the parasite on its own and inhibiting the development of concomitant infections. What pills are used to treat demodicosis? Typically the following:

  • Trichopolus;
  • Calcium pangamate;
  • Streptocide.

Trichopolum is drunk in courses of 10 days, between which they take small breaks, first 3 days, then 7. The scheme is rather complicated, but it must be observed and at the same time use Benzyl benzoate ointment.

Pangamat calcium is drunk three times, one tablet a day for 20 days.

Streptocide is ground into powder, and then it is applied to the steamed skin of the face, primarily on the areas affected by the pathogen, gently rubbed. The procedure is repeated daily for 10 days.

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