Medamin: Instructions For Use And Analogues Of The Drug

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Medamin: Instructions For Use And Analogues Of The Drug
Medamin: Instructions For Use And Analogues Of The Drug
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At the moment, in medicine, there are a huge number of medicines that help the body fight parasites. One of these drugs is Medamin, the instructions for the use of which we will consider.


  • 1 Action of the drug
  • 2 In what form is it produced
  • 3 In what cases Medamin is used
  • 4 How to use Medamin
  • 5 About contraindications and side effects
  • 6 A few words about analogues

Drug action

A chemotherapeutic anthelmintic drug called "Medamin" is a drug with a wide range of effects. It destroys not a specific type of internal parasites, but fights practically all types of worms. Trichinosis is an exception.

The medicine is based on carbendacim. Inside the parasite, it enters through the skin, after which the nervous system of the helminth is blocked. As a result, muscle tissue is paralyzed and the parasite can no longer move. He is deprived of the opportunity to fix his torso in place at the time of intestinal peristalsis and is unable to stay in place during the movement of feces.

In what form is it produced

Release form: tablets weighing 0.1 g. According to clinical studies, the human body tolerates the drug well.

The remedy for worms is produced in the form of tablets and is packaged in 10 pieces per package. One tablet contains 100 mg of the main component - carbendacim.


To preserve the powerful properties of the drug, a dark place is chosen for storing the drug. Medamin cannot be stored for more than three years from the date of issue indicated on the package.

In what cases is Medamin used?

The remedy is prescribed by a doctor to adult patients or children over three years old if a case of infection with a roundworm is detected.

Can be used for the following diseases:

  1. Helminthiasis caused by a parasite belonging to the necator strain. In this case, symptoms such as indigestion, allergic reactions, anemia appear.
  2. Ascariasis caused by roundworms, which parasitize the small intestine.
  3. Pinworms belonging to the enterobius vermicularis strain. The child's body is most often affected.
  4. Ankylostomiasis, which is caused by a hookworm or necator. The main symptoms are rash, vesicles, cough, shortness of breath, iron deficiency in the body.
  5. Trichurosis - is caused by a whipworm parasitizing in the blind part of the intestine.
  6. Strongyloidosis. It occurs as a result of exposure to intestinal acne on the body, resulting in itchy skin allergies, asthmatic cough, vomiting, jaundice.

How to use Medamin

This drug can only be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional. For adult patients, the dosage is calculated based on body weight. One kilogram of weight should account for 10 mg of the drug. Apply three times.

The duration of the course depends on the degree of infection:

  • to get rid of pinworms, one day is enough;
  • with severe forms of infection - ascariasis, hookworms, whipworms or eels - 3 days.

Medamin is a non-toxic drug, so it is prescribed for children from the age of three. The active formula and the impossibility of penetration into the human body allows not to make dosage adjustments to children.

It is important to remember that it is prohibited to use Medamin or its analogs on your own, this happens only as directed by a doctor.

The drug is taken after a meal. The tablets must be chewed thoroughly and washed down with a small amount of water. It is chewing that makes the treatment more effective, since Medamin has very low absorption in the intestine.

About contraindications and side effects

It is forbidden to use Medamin in the following cases:

  • for children under three years old;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • liver disease at any stage;
  • acute renal failure;
  • high sensitivity to drug components.

In most cases, when using Medamin, side effects are not detected. But they can occur in the event of an overdose, if incorrect calculations of the amount of the drug were made or due to a longer intake of the drug.

If some symptoms appear, it is necessary to cancel Medamin and rinse the stomach:

  • digestive system disorder: nausea, pain, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • allergic skin rashes, dermatitis, redness of the skin, Quincke's edema;
  • dizziness, headache, drowsiness, loss of coordination when moving.

A few words about analogues

You can replace Medamin with drugs with a similar principle of action on parasites, for example, Carbendazim, Carbendacim or Levamisole. The drugs in their cost do not differ much from the described tool.

The last drug can be called the best analogue; it also acts on parasites and fights bacteria. Before using analogs, you must consult a specialist.

Remember: self-prescribing is unacceptable with any drug. If you suspect an infection with helminthic invasion, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible, who will prescribe a test and appropriate treatment

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