Stoprasite 9: Instructions For Use, Manufacturer

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Stoprasite 9: Instructions For Use, Manufacturer
Stoprasite 9: Instructions For Use, Manufacturer

Stoprasit 9 contains many natural active ingredients capable of inflicting a powerful blow on parasites: plant extracts, as well as sorbitol, citric acid, potassium sorbate and purified water. The drug successfully copes with the most difficult problems.


  • 1 Healing properties
  • 2 Indications and contraindications
  • 3 How to take medicine
  • 4 Component features

    • 4.1 Black walnut
    • 4.2 Aspen
    • 4.3 Common tansy
    • 4.4 Pumpkin
    • 4.5 Cloves
    • 4.6 Umbrella centaury
    • 4.7 Cornflower
    • 4.8 Thyme creeping, or thyme
    • 4.9 Eucalyptus
  • 5 Principle of operation
  • 6 Benefits

As you know, most human diseases are caused by the negative influence of parasites that enter the body. Even for those who consider themselves quite healthy, it will not hurt for prevention a couple of times a year to cleanse the body of worms using Stop parazit.


Healing properties

Stop parazit is safe for health and has a complex therapeutic effect:

  1. Offers a wide range of parasite control.
  2. Destroys and removes all pests from the body, preventing them from developing further.
  3. Relieves spasms, expels bile.
  4. Reduces inflammation, restores the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Stimulates the digestive system.
  6. Strengthens the immune system, preventing re-infection.
  7. Absolutely non-toxic.

Indications and contraindications

Phytocomplex Stop parasite 9 enriches the diet. Its biologically active substances have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect in such diseases as infection with worms, mycosis, bacteriosis, protozoal infection, intoxication from the waste products of foreign organisms. The product is suitable even for a child, but be careful with the dosage. Stop parasite for children under three years old is used only after consulting a pediatrician.


How to take the medicine

Instructions for using drops:

  1. The bottle should be stored in a cool, dark place.
  2. Shake the jar before use to mix the contents.
  3. Take the medicine 1-2 teaspoons in the morning, at lunch and in the evening with meals.
  4. Can be diluted with water.
  5. Take for 10-30 days.

It will be possible to repeat the course of treatment after 3-6 months. Therapy is desirable for all family members living in the house.

Taking the drug does not affect the general condition of a person. He will still be able to work with complex equipment, drive a car, and lead a normal life.

Features of the components

Stop parasite drug actively removes toxins from the liver, eliminates allergic reactions, restores the functions of internal organs. Consists of nine extracts of medicinal herbs that protect against negative parasitic influences. Plant elements interact, enhancing each other's effect on the body:

Black walnut

The quinones, essential oils, bitter glycosides contained in it are detrimental to helminths (pinworms, ascaris), destroy protozoa (lamblia, Trichomonas), pathogens of scabies and candidiasis. The nut is able to overcome 50 different types of helminthic infestations without causing side effects. Basically, its action is aimed at adults.


It has a healing, anti-inflammatory, choleretic effect, relieves spasms. Contains many bitter, tannins, valuable essential oils, enzymes, ascorbic, benzoic and malic acids. Leaves and tree bark are rich in phenol glycosides, which are deadly for helminths - salicin, tremulacin, populin.


Common tansy

Expels from the body worms, lamblia, pathogenic bacteria, removes bile, removes spasms. Essential oil paralyzes the muscles of the worms, completely cleansing the body of their presence.


The seeds of the plant are effective against tapeworms and pinworms. They exterminate all types of tapeworms, destroy the wide tapeworm. They are choleretic, laxative, remove parasites from the intestines, normalize the gallbladder. As a result, metabolic processes are improved, inflammation decreases, connective tissue grows more slowly, and liver cell regeneration is accelerated.


It has a detrimental effect on the larvae of worms, protozoa, and fights against different types of bacteria. Improves immunity, promotes the production of gastric juice, stimulates the digestive system, normalizes blood supply to organs, bowel function. Contains eugenol ether, which acts as an analgesic, disinfects lungs, stomach, blood, lymph.


Umbrella centaury

Helps to expel whipworms from the body, helps to improve the functioning of the stomach, intestines, removes toxins, reduces the formation of gases. Contains bitterness, phenolcarboxylic acids with choleretic and antibacterial activity.


The flower extract contains sesquiterpene lactones and other biologically active substances. Therefore, Stop parazit easily defeats opisthorchiasis and giardiasis.

Creeping thyme, or thyme

It treats cestodosis, nematodosis well, helps against microbes, helminths, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is an antioxidant. Contains many essential oils - thymol and corvalol. The first has a fungicidal, antihelminthic, bactericidal (especially against staphylococci, streptococci) action.


The plant extract successfully fights harmful organisms, relieves inflammation, heals wounds in the areas where parasites are located. Essential oil and bitterness enhance the secretion of the digestive glands.


Operating principle

Stop parazit should be taken strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Penetrating into the body, natural extracts detect worms and have a detrimental effect on them. With the help of special substances, they break down parasites, after which they remove their remains from the body. Then the active ingredients also get rid of the products of parasitic vital activity, cleansing all tissues and systems.


Clinical trials carried out in 2013 showed a high efficiency of the treatment performed - 98.5%


Under the influence of the 9-ki STOP Parasite, spasms are quickly relieved, heaviness and pain go away, tissues are healed, cells are cleared of toxins and toxins. Most of the parasites die. After completing the course of admission, a person feels a surge of new strength, ease of movement, his mood improves. The side effects are minimal.

Remember! Excessive use of the drug can lead to undesirable consequences. At high dosages, it acts as a laxative

We advise you to test the power of natural ingredients in the fight against parasites.

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