Head Lice Shampoo For Children And Adults: A Review Of Effective

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Head Lice Shampoo For Children And Adults: A Review Of Effective
Head Lice Shampoo For Children And Adults: A Review Of Effective

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Pediculosis is an unpleasant disease, quite common, but it can be easily treated. There are many tools for its elimination, one of the most convenient and effective is head lice shampoo.


  • 1 Application of shampoos
  • 2 Safety precautions
  • 3 What to focus on when buying shampoo

Using shampoos

Lice shampoos have several advantages over other products:

  • they are of low toxicity;
  • easy to use;
  • inexpensive in cost;
  • after several applications give a lasting effect;
  • available for use by children.

After application, almost all sprays envelop the entire hair, including what is on it, with a silicone film. Lice and their nits caught under it die due to lack of oxygen. Therefore, they are often used for children.

Lice shampoos contain the insecticide permethrin, which is dangerous for both parasites and humans. To protect the patient from exposure to a hazardous substance, components are added to the agent that act as a barrier that does not allow a person to come into direct contact with a hazardous product.

After half an hour of the action of the drug, the lice die, but there is no harm to the nits, so after two weeks it is necessary to repeat the procedure in order to destroy the fresh parasites that hatched from the larvae.

When using shampoo, you must adhere to several rules:

  • before starting work, you need to comb your hair;
  • apply the product to the hair in the amount indicated in the instructions;
  • it is necessary to distribute the shampoo over the entire surface of the head, including behind the ears and on the neck;
  • on the hair, the product should be exactly the time specified in the instructions;
  • after the end of the action, the shampoo is washed off with plenty of water;
  • comb out parasites with a comb;
  • then the head is washed with the usual detergent, after which you need to rinse the strands with a solution of vinegar of 2-5 percent concentration. It will destroy the gluten that allows the nits to cling to the hair;
  • combing is carried out again, and then within a week you need to pay attention to the appearance of lice or nits on the combs. If they appear, then the procedure must be repeated. If the parasites are not visible, then washing with a special shampoo is still repeated two weeks later for prevention;
  • if purulent complications of pediculosis appear, it is necessary to use antimicrobial drugs.

Safety engineering

As already mentioned, head lice shampoos contain a certain concentration of toxic substances, which must be handled carefully. For the safe use of funds, you must adhere to certain requirements:

  • use the drug only for its direct purpose;
  • before use, you need to make sure that lice are present, and also check for an allergic reaction to avoid further irritation;
  • the drug is not used for children under three years old and pregnant women;
  • there are restrictions for people with skin diseases, as well as those sensitive to the effects of chemicals and suffering from bronchial asthma;
  • it is not worth using the product more than three times, its effectiveness is significantly reduced, therefore it is better to resort to a drug containing another active ingredient;
  • mixing several products at the same time is not allowed;
  • before you start using the shampoo, you need to remove your contact lenses, and it is better to put gloves on your hands;
  • products sprayed as sprays should be used only if there are protective equipment for the mouth and nose, a regular cotton-gauze bandage is suitable for this purpose;
  • you cannot dry your hair with a hairdryer if shampoo is applied to it;
  • do not apply the product to the skin if it has damage or wounds;
  • avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes, but if

this happened, then rinse thoroughly under running water;

until the product is washed off, contact with food, especially eating, should be avoided. And after completing the procedure, you need to change clothes and wash your hands well

Sometimes safety requirements fail and the patient may need emergency assistance. In such cases, it is necessary to prepare in advance boiled water, a two percent soda solution and a two percent solution of novocaine.

Water is used for rinsing, if the product gets on the skin or mucous membranes, then you don't have to rush to the bathroom and look for a tap. Water is also used when signs of irritation appear: redness, itching, burning or rash. She wash off the product and rinse the skin, with a severe lesion they call an ambulance.

If the respiratory tract is irritated, the procedure is immediately stopped, the room is ventilated to provide fresh air, and the patient's mouth is washed with a solution of soda, the same is done with the nose.

What to look for when buying shampoo

When buying a shampoo, you need to focus on its effectiveness, as well as safety, while you should not forget that each organism has its own individual characteristics that will affect the action of the drug. Therefore, before purchasing, you should read the instructions for the shampoo and study its composition.

According to the content of the main active ingredient, shampoos against head lice can be divided into the following groups:

  • based on pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids;
  • based on organophosphorus compounds, of which the most common are Malathion and Fenthion. They act on the motor nerves of parasites, paralyzing and destroying them;
  • products based on cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate;
  • products based on essential and mineral oils.

Pyrethrins are a whole group of natural insecticides that are part of the juice of flowers from the Asteraceae, Chrysanthemum and Tanacetum families. Pyrethroids are synthetically produced substances of a similar structure and have a high level of interaction with fats. As a result, they easily penetrate the shell of the lice, having a paralyzing effect on their nervous system and causing the death of insects. Permethrin allows you to destroy not only the parasites themselves, but also their nits, however, insects quickly develop resistance to the action of these substances, therefore, with repeated applications, their effectiveness decreases. More than half of the products sold in pharmacies contain permethrin.

Improves the effect of permethrin piperonyl butoxide, it blocks the protective enzymes of lice that prevent the action of the poison, and allows you to reduce the concentration of permethrin in the shampoo.

Products based on permethrin and its analogues include:

  • Medifox;
  • Avicin;
  • Pedilin;
  • Veda-2;
  • Hygia;
  • Nittifor and others;

Shampoos containing malathion are considered one of the best in the treatment of head lice, they have high avidity, destroying not only adults, but also nits. After just one application, the child can attend kindergarten. This group includes:

  • Pedilin;
  • Pair plus;
  • Medilis is super;

Cyclomethicone has the ability to absorb fat, while isopropyl myristate acts as a solvent. Both substances are often used in cosmetics. They work by physically affecting the lice, including the mechanism of their dehydration, which leads to death. These substances are usually supplemented with compounds that dissolve the gum that allows the nits to cling to the hair.

Dimethicone acts similarly to cyclomethicone, it has a dense and viscous structure that can close the airways of parasites, forming a thin film on their surface. As a result, lice die from lack of oxygen. These include the remedy for lice Nyuda;

Products based on essential and mineral oils contain natural essential oils that repel or poison lice. First of all, it is tea tree oil, which has a choking effect on parasites. In addition, eucalyptus, lavender, mustard, mint, bergamot and anise oils are used. Most of them have a pungent, strong odor that makes the lice feel anxious, and even works on nits.

Mineral oils have a similar effect, for example, Clearol, which envelops insects and causes them to suffocate, or Benzyl benzoate. Oil-based products include:

  • Paranitis;
  • LiceGuard and others.

Pediculosis is a disease accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and complex consequences. Moreover, its treatment is carried out for a long time, including several applications of funds, many of them are dangerous to humans, causing various side effects. The same applies to the shampoos used. However, if safety precautions are followed, the risk of complications is minimal, and the effectiveness of the medicinal shampoo increases significantly.

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