Sarcoptic Mange In Cats: Symptoms And Treatment Of The Disease

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Sarcoptic Mange In Cats: Symptoms And Treatment Of The Disease
Sarcoptic Mange In Cats: Symptoms And Treatment Of The Disease

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Parasitic ticks are a serious problem for the cat owner. Despite their tiny size, due to their ability to reproduce quickly, they can lead a pet to exhaustion. Their main food is the epidermis and lymph. They can also feed on secretions arising from the inflammatory process. Ticks belonging to the genus Sarcoptes are notorious among veterinarians, as they cause one of the varieties of scabies - sarcoptic mange in cats, dogs and other animals.


  • 1 What is the danger of disease for cats
  • 2 What ticks look like
  • 3 What are the symptoms of sarcoptic mange and how to diagnose it
  • 4 Basics of treatment

    • 4.1 Aversectin ointment
    • 4.2 Sulfuric ointment
    • 4.3 Amit
    • 4.4 1% Ivomek solution for injection
    • 4.5 Lawyer
    • 4.6 Stronghold
    • 4.7 Neostomosan
    • 4.8 Frontline
  • 5 Preventive measures

What is the danger of disease for cats

When damaged, the animal begins to scratch the itchy area, and an infection can get into the wound. As a result of sarcoptic mange, cats develop sepsis. Most often, an animal becomes infected from its sick brother. Even if a pet lives at home all the time and does not go out for walks, he is still at risk. It is enough for him to go out to the landing and become interested in the place where the infected animal has visited, as the ticks will immediately move onto it.

A few days later, small bubbles appear in the nose and ears, which, after bursting, transform into sores. They cause itching, the animal scratches itself, and thus the parasites are spread to healthy areas of the body.

While experiencing incessant itching, the cat suffers from nervous stress. Because of this, the pet's appetite decreases up to the refusal of feed, there is a rapid weight loss, it becomes lethargic. After a few days, scabs and bald patches appear on the animal's body. The presence of open wounds leads to the emergence of new parasites.

Attention! It is important to detect the disease at an early stage and provide timely treatment

What ticks look like

Ticks do not have eyes, they are light gray in color, and small in size. The main weapon of parasites is the proboscis, with the help of which they gnaw through the skin of a cat and make many moves inside.


What are the symptoms of sarcoptic mange and how to diagnose it

The skin of pets is covered with punctate lesions, and scabs on top. Every day, the affected areas of the epidermis become more and more, bald patches are formed. Cats scratch the areas that bother them, as a result of which wounds with abscesses appear. Arising on any part of the skin, lesions quickly spread throughout the body.

For the initial stage of the disease, scabs with a yellow tint are characteristic, which, after scratching, turn dark brown (clotted blood gives this color). If the case is neglected, then due to the protective reaction of the body, the skin is dead, becomes rough and becomes gray.


Often, sarcoptic mange is accompanied by dermatitis, which occurs as a result of purulent infections. Cats lose their hair, as the disease affects the hair follicles.

The symptoms of the disease are similar to the manifestations of purulent dermatitis, allergic lichen, bites of blood-sucking parasites.

Basics of treatment

The problem with disease control is that it is difficult to completely treat an animal without missing a single lesion. A small untreated skin area is enough for the disease to spread again.

Attention! The drugs are unable to affect the eggs of parasites. It is recommended to use them every 7 days. In this case, the mites will leave the eggs, but do not have time to reach sexual maturity, which will prevent them from producing offspring.

Aversectin ointment

It is applied to problematic skin. The drug is used with a break of 5 days, no more than 3 times a day.

Sulfuric ointment

Thanks to its additional antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is excellent for treating sarcoptic mange. In addition, the tool is inexpensive. The ointment must be applied every day.


It is a complex medicine that includes amitraz and ingredients that relieve inflammation and fight bacteria. It helps to relieve the pet not only of the disease, but also of the accompanying complications.


1% Ivomek solution for injection

It is an effective remedy, providing the fight against sarcoptic mange from the inside. Recommended for use only with advanced disease. Treatment with this drug is not safe, unlike external agents. The injection is done under the skin twice with an interval of 5 days.


The drug is a drop that is applied to the withers. It kills ticks and is the easiest and most effective medicine to treat.


It is also a drop that is aimed at fighting various parasites. Selamectin, which is part of the drug, acts against parasites. Can be used as a medicinal and prophylactic agent.


The medicine must be diluted at the rate of 1: 200. With the resulting solution, places with wool are processed in such a way that the medicine gets on the skin. Re-treatment is carried out after 8 days.


Available in the form of drops or spray, applied externally.


Before carrying out treatment with drugs, it is necessary to remove all scabs by washing the animal. Purulent formations are treated with antibacterial drugs.

Prevention measures

Comprehensive treatment measures to get rid of sarcoptic mange are not enough. All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of the disease. With the help of drugs (for example, Stomozan), it is recommended to treat the cat's bedding, house, favorite toys. The floor and all those places where the infected pet could be is also treated with a disinfectant.

Important! When carrying out sanitary enterprises, it is recommended to transfer pets to another place for a while

At the end of cleaning, the rooms are ventilated, and all treated surfaces are washed using water. The activities are repeated after 10 days.

The disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. To prevent the appearance of ticks, you must:

  • reduce the likelihood of contact between a pet and a stray;
  • wash paws after walking;
  • Pets are recommended to be castrated or sterilized - such measures often discourage the desire to go out into the street or stairwell;
  • observe proper feeding;
  • provide your pet with proper care.

The well-being of a pet directly depends on the correct actions of the owner.

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