Toxocariasis: Treatment With Folk Remedies At Home

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Toxocariasis: Treatment With Folk Remedies At Home
Toxocariasis: Treatment With Folk Remedies At Home

Video: Toxocariasis: Treatment With Folk Remedies At Home

Video: Toxocariasis: Treatment With Folk Remedies At Home
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Toxocariasis is a parasitic disease of dogs and cats that can be transmitted to humans. According to statistics, the number of infected people is growing. Mostly parasites of this type are found in preschool children, because even with a strong desire it is impossible to keep track of the child - for example, in a sandbox, so that he does not taste the sand. This is normal, the child in the game studies the world around him, wants to try what he tastes, but he has not yet developed caution.


  • 1 Attention: parasite!
  • 2 The danger lurks elsewhere
  • 3 Manifestations of toxocariasis
  • 4 Treatment
  • 5 Traditional therapeutic methods
  • 6 Deworming and preventive detoxification

Most often, children are infected when they play in unenclosed areas and sandpits, where dogs or cats can freely walk at other times. They carry many parasites that cause the dangerous disease of toxocariasis.

The female of the parasite lays up to 200,000 eggs daily in the intestines of the host, and the larvae in the soil are able to survive up to 2 years

Attention: parasite

Human infection occurs when the eggs of the parasite are consumed with food, containing larvae, which hatch already in the stomach. Through the blood vessels, the larvae enter the lungs and other organs, including the liver, heart, brain, muscles and eyes, which remain largely seriously and irreversibly damaged (even blindness threatens the eye with infection).

In dogs, the larvae penetrate from the intestine into the bloodstream, and from there they enter the liver and lungs, after which they return to the intestine, where they mature. Puppies can be born already infected or become infected with larvae from the milk of a mother dog. Feline toxocar larvae go through a similar cycle as in dogs, but cannot cross the placenta and infect the fetus. But this does not mean that the kitten cannot be infected through milk later.

The danger lurks elsewhere

The source of infection is not necessarily direct contact with infected animals - it can also be the soil in the garden near the house, which is contaminated with feces from cats and dogs containing toxocar eggs. Infection occurs when eating eggs with insufficiently washed vegetables and when cleaning up animal excrement without proper sanitary measures.


When cleaning the feces of pets, you should adhere to the following rule: you must clean with gloves, and after cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly!

Manifestations of toxocariasis

Toxocariasis is most often manifested by abdominal pain, headache and cough, so when you go to a doctor, at first, the suspicion does not fall on a parasitic disease. But if the infection is detected in a timely manner, in the mild phase, the disease has much less serious consequences. At the second stage, a rash appears, a hacking cough associated with asthmatic problems occurs, and an increase in lymph nodes occurs.

Treatment of toxocariasis is quite lengthy. Despite its effectiveness, tissue changes are irreversible, so it is best to try to prevent the disease.


For the treatment of toxocariasis, the first choice is represented by such drugs as Mebendazole, Thiabendazole and Medamin. They are effective in killing parasites, but have no effect on the larvae.

The drug Albendazole is capable of curing the disease completely, destroying the larvae, but it is characterized by a strong hepatotoxic effect, so the decision to take it can be made exclusively by a doctor.

In some cases, a specialist may decide on the appropriateness of surgery


Traditional therapeutic methods

To completely cure toxocariasis, treatment with folk remedies is not enough. Home remedies are used only to relieve symptoms of infection, but they cannot address the cause.

The most commonly used therapeutic recipes include the following.

  1. Boil a medium-sized head of garlic in milk (1 liter) and use the resulting broth for a cleansing enema once a day. The therapeutic course should be continued for one week.
  2. 1 tbsp. l. Pour tansy flowers into boiling water, cook for a quarter of an hour, then strain. The broth is also used for an enema once a day. Attention! This recipe is not suitable for toxocariasis in children.
  3. Pour 3 tbsp. l. flowers and leaves of tansy 200 ml of boiling water. Leave the mixture to infuse for 1 hour. The medicine is used for internal intake of 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day.
  4. Mix 1 tbsp. l. sage seeds and honey, and consume this mixture between meals.

Deworming and preventive detoxification

Detoxification of the human body (including deworming) is rooted in the distant past. References to such actions are already mentioned in the Gospel of Luke. Our ancestors planted walnuts near the manure storage site, because its oil repels unwanted parasites in the vicinity.

Even today, the treatment of toxocariasis with folk remedies and effective prevention involve the regular use of natural resources with antiparasitic effects.

In particular, bitter herbs are recommended. The following combinations are good medicine:

  • wormwood and cloves;
  • walnut, gentian, pubescent uncaria or wild garlic (bear garlic).

It is also advisable to reduce the acidity level in the body by changing eating habits.


If a person develops the symptoms of toxocariasis listed above, along with medications prescribed by a doctor, it is worth trying to alleviate the condition on your own. This will be helped by an appropriate diet (it is better to consult a nutritionist about nutrition) and good nutritional supplements containing humic acids and walnut extract.

But if a person already has significant signs, there are residues or whole worms in the stool, you should consult with your doctor about prescribing more active therapy.

The pharmacy sells the non-prescription antiparasitic drug Wurm-Ex, which is a plant-based food supplement.

Humic acids, walnut extract or curcumin are used in medicine as active antiparasitic substances with a wide spectrum of action. In addition, they maximize the body's defense against all external influences.


Can natural remedies help against the most commonly diagnosed parasites? If traditional medicine were able to have a detrimental effect on intestinal parasites, including toxocars, they would become the Golden Grail of parasitology. However, in reality, they can be considered as additional therapeutic methods, but not a complete treatment.

From a medical point of view, natural products have a right to exist, as their regular use will optimize the body's balance. They are suitable not only for treatment, but also for prophylactic use in persons with an increased risk of infection (amateurs and professional breeders, travelers). If the human body functions properly, in most cases it is able to cope with the effects of the infection on its own.

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