Castor Oil For Parasites: How To Take With Cognac

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Castor Oil For Parasites: How To Take With Cognac
Castor Oil For Parasites: How To Take With Cognac

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Castor oil is considered a well-known product that has versatile properties. It is recommended to take it even to young children, despite the fact that this substance has a rather specific taste. Castor oil helps with cleansing the body, and it also ensures the normal functioning of the intestines. Castor oil is also widely used against parasites for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.


  • 1 Removal of worms
  • 2 Under what manifestations of parasitizing helminths can castor oil be taken?
  • 3 Combination of the product with cognac
  • 4 Castor oil with advanced stages of parasitism of helminths
  • 5 Nuances of using castor oil
  • 6 Features of the combination of castor oil with other substances
  • 7 Contraindications to prescription use

Removal of worms

In general, it can be stated that eliminating helminths from the body is considered a rather difficult task, although the complexity of the process in most cases will depend on the stage of infection. When a helminthic invasion is detected at the initial stages, therapeutic measures can be based only on the use of traditional medicine recipes. Treatment with wormwood tincture, a decoction made from tansy and birch buds in combination with castor oil, is considered popular.

As far as castor oil is concerned, it is considered to be quite active against parasites. This is due to the fact that the treatment can be carried out with only one castor oil without being combined with other agents that are endowed with the ability to remove worms. Even cognac and castor oil produce amazing results.

At what manifestations of parasitizing helminths can castor oil be taken

In case of suspicion of the presence of parasites in the body and in the presence of pathological symptoms of infection, treatment with castor oil can be started, because it has only a positive effect on the body.


The manifestations of parasites in the body include:

  • restless sleep;
  • headache;
  • constipation, which is abruptly replaced by diarrhea;
  • feeling of nausea;
  • increased body temperature;
  • rash of a different nature and localization.

You need to purchase castor oil at a pharmacy kiosk and take 50 g on an empty stomach. The best results will be observed if you drink it before going to bed.

The combination of the product with cognac

In various sources, you can find information about the removal of worms by means, for the preparation of which it is necessary to mix brandy and castor oil. This is due to the fact that there is a widespread opinion that the components of cognac have the ability to lead to paralysis of parasites. That is, helminths and their larvae lose their ability to attach to the intestinal wall for a certain period of time. It is at the moment when the parasites are in this state that it is very easy to fight them.


Paralyzed helminths, having lost the ability to attach to the intestinal mucosa, are simply excreted into the environment with feces.

Castor oil with advanced stages of parasitism of helminths

As already noted, at the initial stages of the disease, castor oil helps to remove worms completely or half. If the disease has become chronic, then it is already necessary to fight it with the use of potent anthelmintic drugs.

The course of such treatment will last one or two weeks (it all depends on the type of parasite). But here you cannot do without castor oil, because it will help to remove dead worms, their larvae and waste products from the body as soon as possible.


The question may arise, is it necessary in this situation to combine castor oil and cognac? In response, one can say that it is not necessary to carry out such an action, because a drug toxic for helminths will cope with the function of cognac.

The nuances of using castor oil

People who first encounter the withdrawal of parasites with castor oil may have a misconception that for this you only need to buy castor oil and cognac and drink them in a certain combination. Everything is not quite so, and this procedure, like any other, requires preparation, namely:

  1. On the eve of the procedure, you must exclude from your diet fatty and fried foods, as well as bakery and confectionery.
  2. It is necessary not to drink alcohol for several days before the procedure.
  3. If children take castor oil, then it is allowed to combine it with compotes, jelly, juices (to drink).
  4. It is forbidden to eat any food after taking the drug.

The beginning of cleansing will depend on the individual characteristics of the body. In some patients, it may begin within two or three hours; in some, it may last as long as eight hours.

As for the dosage, the amount of drugs should be one hundred grams, that is, fifty grams of castor oil and fifty grams of cognac. The course of treatment should be five or seven days.

Features of the combination of castor oil with other substances

From the information provided, it becomes clear that castor oil can be combined with cognac. If the elimination of helminthic invasion was carried out, for example, with wormwood, then you can drink it no more than once a week. This feature is associated with the fact that in the case of long-term intake of these two components, the body will receive a very large load.

It is allowed to combine castor oil with green tea. To somewhat soften its unpleasant aftertaste, it is allowed to chew a piece of lemon.


Contraindications to prescription use

The main contraindications for taking this medication include:

  • period of bearing a child;
  • period of breastfeeding;
  • children up to age twelve;
  • diseases of a different nature of the digestive tract organs, especially if they are accompanied by signs of bleeding;
  • castor oil intolerance.

Note! To determine if you are allergic to castor oil, you can carry out a test, for which you need to drop a few drops of the product on the elbow and monitor the reaction for twelve hours. If hyperemia appears on the area where castor oil is applied, it is prohibited to use the product.

We hope that the information provided on how to take castor oil to remove worms will be useful for you and answer the questions that interested you.

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