Tests For Parasites In Adults: Which Ones Need To Be Passed And What Are They Called

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Tests For Parasites In Adults: Which Ones Need To Be Passed And What Are They Called
Tests For Parasites In Adults: Which Ones Need To Be Passed And What Are They Called

Video: Tests For Parasites In Adults: Which Ones Need To Be Passed And What Are They Called

Video: Tests For Parasites In Adults: Which Ones Need To Be Passed And What Are They Called
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The human body is the best environment for the development of various microorganisms, especially parasites. The existence of some types of microorganisms in no way affects a person negatively, but parasites lead to significant problems, because they feed on the human body. These pathogens can be localized in body tissues. As soon as the body is exhausted, it looks for the best environment for itself. We will try to find out what tests for parasites need to be taken by an adult and what leads to their appearance.


  • 1 Main aspects
  • 2 Symptoms characterizing infection
  • 3 Research methods
  • 4 Some nuances

Key aspects

Parasites in the human body can appear as a result of:

  1. Hygiene violations. Indeed, after working in the soil or contact with it or contaminated water, a person without washing his hands can easily become infected.
  2. Eating food that has not been sanctioned or is poorly prepared.
  3. As a result of contact with infected animals.
  4. As a result of insect bites.
  5. If there was contact with people infected with parasites.

Please note that of all the listed causes of infection, dirty hands are most often

The pests that are most often found in the human body, if tested for parasites, include:

  1. Pinworms are small worms that consider the large intestine their favorite place. It is they that lead to the formation of such a disease as enterobiasis.
  2. Toxocars are somewhat large worms. Their larvae enter the ground with the feces of sick animals. If a person does not wash their hands, fruits or vegetables from the contaminated land, they enter the body. Living in it, toxocaras lay eggs and are excreted into the external environment with feces.
  3. Ascaris. This fecal type of worms is considered the most common, the way it enters the body is the same as that of the previous parasite. But the peculiarity of ascaris is that they can lead their parasitic lifestyle in any human organs, causing severe disruption of their functioning. There are even cases of parasitizing these worms in the joints.
  4. Bovine and pork tapeworm. They enter the human body as a result of eating insufficiently thermally processed meat. They are considered quite dangerous, because they have the ability to enter the brain.
  5. Echinococcus, like the previous parasite, enters the body from insufficiently thermally processed food. It is localized in the liver and meninges, forming a cyst there. This condition is considered quite dangerous, because the cyst can fester and burst during the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Symptoms characterizing the infection

First of all, a comprehensive review and collection of anamnesis must be carried out to establish a diagnosis.


The following symptoms may indicate the presence of parasites in the body:

  • the appearance of allergic reactions;
  • pain in joints and muscles;
  • violation of the functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the appearance of anemia;
  • violation of the mental state of a person;
  • inflammatory processes of various origins.

And now we will consider what tests need to be passed in such a pathological condition.

Research methods

If the listed symptoms appear, it is imperative to conduct an examination for the presence of parasites. Due to the high level of development of the field of medicine, there are a large number of ways that allow you to identify them.

You can get tested for parasites in any medical institution. Remember that in spite of everything, there is no need to delay the visit to the doctor, because the detected parasitic diseases in the early stages are treated much faster and better.

Parasites can be diagnosed using various methods:

The simplest and most accessible way of detection is called a detailed analysis of feces. When conducting research under a microscope, feces are examined; eggs of worms, cysts, or even particles of their bodies may be present in it

But in this case there is one condition that must be observed, namely, that only fresh feces should be examined. Please note that the analysis of feces for parasites allows you to identify only those that are localized in the intestine.

  1. Immunoassay method. The ELISA for parasites is considered more accurate; when it is carried out, antibodies to parasites are detected. These antibodies under normal conditions, in the absence of worms in the body, people do not have. It is a blood test that is suitable for detecting parasites at the initial stages, so it will be possible to start therapy without knowing the presence of worms. Please note that blood is donated for helminths, regardless of food intake.
  2. It is also possible to identify helminths in tissues using various types of microscopy. This diagnostic method is considered one of the best, because it can be used to detect parasites even when they are localized in the joints.
  3. Hemoscanning is also among the most accurate. For such a study, venous blood will be required. She is examined under a special microscope using a video camera. This is what allows you to take pictures, which in the future allow you to identify pathological blood processes, as well as eggs and the body of worms.
  4. Computer and magnetic resonance therapy. This method is considered the most modern, it helps not only to identify the places of localization of helminths, but also the negative impact that they managed to inflict on the body.

Some nuances

Please note that such a type of parasite as echinococcus is usually found in the human liver quite by accident. After all, at first there is a thought that this is a neoplasm or liver abscess. It is in such a situation that the confirmation of the diagnosis is possible with the help of a blood test in order to identify antibodies to parasites.


There are also situations when minimally invasive diagnostic methods do not provide any information. In such cases, a biopsy should be used.

There are several more diagnostic methods, besides those indicated in this article. But it is these methods that are often used and are considered not too expensive.

Please note: it is impossible to categorically say which method is the best, since the diagnostic method will be different for each type of parasite.

Now you have information about what tests for the presence of parasites in adults can be called and how to take them. And remember that in the human body, antibodies to parasites are not formed, therefore, you can become infected again even after the treatment.