Bad Breath And Parasites: How To Get Rid Of, Causes

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Bad Breath And Parasites: How To Get Rid Of, Causes
Bad Breath And Parasites: How To Get Rid Of, Causes

Video: Bad Breath And Parasites: How To Get Rid Of, Causes

Video: Bad Breath And Parasites: How To Get Rid Of, Causes
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For many healthy and physically active people, the news that communication with them is painful would come as a shock. Few would have thought that such an uncomfortable and shameful problem could occur due to parasites, but it is helminths that are the main provocateurs of halitosis.


  • 1 What is the danger of worms
  • 2 Favorable conditions for the development of parasites
  • 3 The first symptoms of parasite infestation
  • 4 Etiology of bad breath
  • 5 Diagnosis for the presence of parasites
  • 6 Treatment of unpleasant odor

Parasitic organisms peacefully coexist with more than 90% of people, and the latter do not even realize that they are not alone, continuing to consider themselves completely healthy.

What is the danger of worms

The presence of worms in the body is already wrong in itself, since in a short time of transformation into a food base for parasites, even a very healthy person will begin to understand that he smells unpleasant, feel unwell and incomprehensible paroxysmal pain in the abdomen. Due to the constant suction of valuable nutrients, parasites in the human body quickly multiply, show activity and freely travel through the bloodstream to other vital organs - muscle tissue, liver, kidneys, even the brain.

The functionality of the organs to which the parasites cling is significantly reduced. The toxins produced in the process of decay of waste products of parasites, like poison, are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and are deposited on the walls of blood vessels and organs.

Favorable conditions for the development of parasites

It is much easier for worms to adapt in an already weakened organism, which, without resistance, will begin to give up all its nutritious juices. In this case, a person begins to feel halitosis and a deterioration in well-being almost immediately after infection.

Diseases against which the consequences of the presence of parasites are intensified:

  • diabetic diseases;
  • failure of the breathing apparatus;
  • progressive tumor formations;
  • renal failure (with reduced kidney performance, parasite breath is caused immediately - within a few days);
  • metabolic disorder;
  • shortcomings in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

The first symptoms of parasite infection

From infection by helminths and, as a result, from bad breath, it is impossible to protect yourself with one hundred percent probability. Their eggs migrate with the hair of domestic animals, with dust, and travel on outer clothing. The reasons for this ubiquity are in the unique survival of creatures. The transformation of eggs into larvae occurs only when they enter the nutrient medium. At the same time, the smell from the mouth is not so much a sign of the penetration of parasites as an indicator of their "habitability".

At the first suspicion of a disorder in the body or a bad smell, which cannot be explained otherwise, as soon as the activity of helminths, you should take an appointment for laboratory tests that identify all types of worms for subsequent treatment.


It is important to recognize alarming symptoms immediately;

  • constipation, diarrhea (in the absence of such before);
  • loss of working capacity due to rapid fatigue (this is a sign of a large number of helminths);
  • frequent headaches;
  • Abdominal pain (due to worms, pain similar to acute poisoning may occur);
  • A sharp decrease in weight (the first sign of parasites is loss of appetite);
  • Bad breath.

A serious symptom of helminthiasis can be manifested nervous instability, hysteria, a sharp change in mood. In such cases, a person is said to have "sharply deteriorated in character."

Etiology of bad breath

When a person discovers that he has bad breath, parasites are the last thing that comes to mind as the cause of the trouble.

Infected with helminths begins to revise his diet, excluding possible provocateurs, thinks about how to get rid of the problem with temporary remedies - mouth fresheners, expensive toothpastes and, finally, begins to be examined by the dentist and treat his teeth, which is also not bad, but the smell from the mouth does not affect in any way.

Sometimes, lifestyle changes, dental problems or stomach ailments can really help. This happens if the tests for the presence of helminths come back negative and the treatment of the underlying disease has nothing to do with their penetration.

With increased activity of worms, bad breath becomes unbearable. No diet is able to combat this manifestation. Raw foodists claim that when switching to coarse plant fiber and natural bio-protein, after 5-7 months the parasites themselves begin to leave the body, as their nutrient medium becomes scarce.


Be careful and do not delay your visit to the doctor if the appearance of bad breath is accompanied by at least one or two symptoms that characterize helminthiasis. First of all, get tested for parasites and only then carry out a detailed diagnosis

Diagnostics for the presence of parasites

Not always and not all types of parasites are detected by the method of sampling biological material with division into two types of mandatory tests - capnography and general blood count (from a vein). Some worms, which can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms, are so carefully disguised that only a biochemical blood test and a study of the intestinal microflora can reveal their presence.

You should not carry out self-diagnosis on your own and make a decision to get rid of parasites exclusively using folk methods - some types of helminths will succumb, and some will calmly react to any home therapy.

Bad odor treatment

Even after the treatment has already been prescribed, bad breath can and should be fought at the level of everyday relief of symptoms. As a concomitant, non-drug therapy, brushing the teeth and oral cavity with special pastes that are dispensed in the pharmacy as healing ones provides a good temporary effect. Concentrated mouthwashes provide a good, albeit not long-lasting result. The consequence of parasites is bad breath, this is the main problem in communication between people and it is not worth saving on hygiene products in this situation.

After the approval of the doctor, you can try using traditional methods tested on parasites for many generations:

  1. The infusion of tansy, prepared according to the instructions on the package, must be drunk in several courses. The beneficial effect is caused by the bitter essential oils of the plant.
  2. The decoction, prepared independently from mint, lemon balm and linden blossom, can be consumed as tea several times a day or, chilled, used as a rinse aid.

There are no universal pills or fluids to treat worms. If they were, the need for a multi-stage survey would disappear by itself.

How to get rid of helminths then? The main drugs prescribed in the hospital remain the well-proven ones: Levamisole, Piperazine, Albendazole, Pirantel. At the end of the prescribed course, all tests are taken that revealed the presence of worms at the beginning of treatment and, if necessary, new appointments or changes in dosages of the previous drug follow.

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