Neumyvakin: How To Get Rid Of Parasites And Cleanse The Body

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Neumyvakin: How To Get Rid Of Parasites And Cleanse The Body
Neumyvakin: How To Get Rid Of Parasites And Cleanse The Body

Video: Neumyvakin: How To Get Rid Of Parasites And Cleanse The Body

Video: Neumyvakin: How To Get Rid Of Parasites And Cleanse The Body
Video: ★ 3 stages of bowel cleansing by SODA from parasites by the method of NEUMYVAKIN. 2023, May

The author of the most discussed methods for restoring body functions, Dr. I. P. Neumyvakin, in the language of his numerous works, claims that all diseases occur due to a person's inability to understand the needs of his own body. Cleansing the body from parasites according to Neumyvakin is not a complex of expensive drugs designed to produce immediate actions in the body - it is a person's labor aimed at helping oneself.


  • 1 Cleansing the body according to Neumyvakin
  • 2 How to change taste habits
  • 3 Cleansing the gastrointestinal tract
  • 4 Sequential cleansing of other organs
  • 5 Expelling parasites with soda

    • 5.1 How to drink soda solutions correctly
    • 5.2 How to do soda enemas correctly
    • 5.3 Contraindications for soda enemas according to Neumyvakin

Cleansing the body according to Neumyvakin

The paradox of cleansing the body from parasites according to Neumyvakin is that in correcting the acidic level of the environment beloved by helminths to alkaline, a person returns to his original, original state. According to Professor Neumyvakin himself, parasites cannot exist in a healthy body, and it is the alkaline environment that is characteristic of health. Therefore, the essence of non-traditional therapy is not treatment, and not getting rid of helminthiasis, but the creation of unacceptable conditions for parasitic symbiosis.

But before focusing on carrying out procedures for clearing worms, Neumyvakin in his books again and again, with manic patience, returns to the assertion that deworming is the finishing touch of a rather laborious process. To present the doctor's words in a visual form, you need to look at the sequence that Professor Neumyvakin deduced as a kind of formula for the sequence of actions:

  1. I stage of cleaning - it is necessary to correct taste preferences.
  2. Stage II of cleaning - removing unnecessary elements from the digestive tract system.
  3. Stage III of cleaning - thorough sanitation of all other organs.
  4. Stage IV - direct deworming.

How to change your eating habits

As I. P. Neumyvakin, a parasite treatment, is a natural continuation of lifestyle changes. It is impossible to make your body work in the correct mode once and for all. Everyday, constant concern about the quality of food, about good rest and dosed physical activity - this is the complex that will not allow worms to feed on your body.


In contrast to most well-known diets, the contents of the nutritional kit, according to the professor's method, do not allow fish, meat, or dairy (or fermented milk) foods in the food basket. Flour confectionery, the use of granulated sugar (refined) and flour of the highest and first grades are completely excluded.

Cleansing the gastrointestinal tract

The next task on the topic of how to get rid of parasites, Neumyvakin calls the complete elimination of toxins, toxins and decay products from the intestines, which, due to various reasons, stayed there. This requires, exactly one week before the procedure, to remove from the diet all meat, fish, dairy foods, and that food that is not prohibited should be used exclusively in boiled, stewed or raw form. Without observing all these conditions, cleaning according to the method will be incomplete.

Using such a weapon as a complete sanitation of the body against parasites, according to the doctor, a sick person opens up a "second wind" - he begins to feel lightness, his activity increases sharply, and old diseases remind of themselves less often.

Sequential cleansing of other organs

Cleansing the rest of the organs from pollution and toxins requires such an individual approach that more than a dozen books of Dr. Neumyvakin are devoted to this. First of all, the correct diagnosis of all systems and individual organs is important here, because you need to know exactly both the weak and strong sides of your body.

The first thing the professor advises to pay attention to is the kidneys, the entire urinary system and the liver. Acting as barriers and filtering means for a huge volume of toxins, these organs need emergency support and, if there is anything to start cleaning the body with, so it is with them.


If further examinations indicate such a need, the contamination of the lymphatic system, reproductive system, joints and blood vessels cannot be ignored.

Expelling parasites with soda

And only after all the previous steps have been taken, it makes sense to start directly eliminating helminthiasis. Focusing on the following technique, Neumyvakin spoke about parasites as creatures that do not tolerate clean environments. This should be understood as an alkaline environment, because acidosis is the advantage of acidity in the body, you cannot call it a clean environment.

The first option assumes the fastest elimination of parasites that live in the small intestine, and the second, as the most cardinal, is designed to destroy the worms of the large intestine.

How to drink soda solutions correctly

Immediately consuming large doses of soda can cause irreparable harm to the body, and its cleansing will occur much more intensively and not in the way that was expected. To prevent unpleasant manifestations in the form of vomiting and intestinal disorders, you can only gradually increase the concentration of the agent.


The soda solution is taken once a day before meals according to the following algorithm:

  • the first three days such a concentrate is made: in 200 ml of hot water (65-70 0), a quarter teaspoon of baking soda is diluted. The product is drunk warm;
  • if, when drinking such a weak concentration of drinking, no deterioration in well-being was noticed, a third of a teaspoon of soda is used for the fourth intake for the same amount of water. The dosage is maintained for the next three days;
  • the next three doses will involve preparing a solution with half a teaspoon of soda. At this, the increase in dosage stops and until the end of the month (the course lasts 30 days), the suspension is prepared according to this recipe.

How to do soda enemas correctly

The fight against parasites, according to Neumyvakin, should be based on the biological rhythms of the body, that is, at those moments when it reaches the greatest activity. Usually, this is in the evening, or in the morning - when the intestines require emptying.

The natural procedure for defecation almost never releases all feces from the intestines, therefore, their complete excretion requires provocation. On an empty stomach, in the morning, 0.5 to 1 liter of warm water is drunk, then it is kept for 5 to 15 minutes and emptied.

The person over whom the procedure is carried out lies on his left side. In this position, a tube (pretreated with medical petroleum jelly) is inserted into the patient's anus and the tap is slowly turned to allow access to water. After the contents of the enema pass into the patient's intestines, he needs to retain the solution in himself for another 5-7 minutes and only then visit the toilet room.

Up to four procedures are allowed in one day.

Contraindications for soda enemas according to Neumyvakin

The use of enemas should not be abused, even if the human body is strong enough and tolerates the procedure relatively easily. Absolute contraindications for removing parasitic creatures by the described method refer to a group of people suffering from the following diseases:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • cancers on the rectum;
  • intestinal bleeding.

In addition to these factors, it is categorically impossible to use soda enemas during pregnancy and women's menstrual days.

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