Worms In Puppies: Symptoms, Signs And How To Remove

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Worms In Puppies: Symptoms, Signs And How To Remove
Worms In Puppies: Symptoms, Signs And How To Remove

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Worms in puppies are an unpleasant phenomenon that almost every pet owner encounters. If the dog has not been given an antiparasitic medicine in its entire life, we can safely talk about the presence of worms in the body. Often, the disease is not accompanied by any symptoms or is invisible to the pet owner.


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It is very important to determine that the puppy has worms, as this is dangerous for his owner. If you do not follow the rules of hygiene, that some types of parasites are easily transmitted to humans. This is why you need to monitor your pet's health.

What are

Worms that parasitize in the body of an animal or human are rather ancient organisms. They managed to go through many evolutions and survive, and even adapt. During this time, they learned to disguise themselves in the body of the owner and be invisible.

Symptoms of infection appear when the invasion is very strong. But in most cases, parasites quietly dominate the body of the animal, poisoning its life. You should not expect terrible symptoms, you need to remove parasites immediately. The best remedy is timely prevention.

Having chosen internal organs as their home, parasites are the cause of many diseases. They drain the body and damage the brain and other important tissues. If the puppy grows poorly and is often sick, it means that treatment must be started urgently. This is a kind of signal from the body. If this advice is neglected, the dog may die.

Favorite place

Most types of helminths parasitize in the digestive tract of the animal. But some have adapted to life in a slightly different environment.

Helminths can settle in the muscles, liver and pancreas

When a puppy has worms, they don't all settle in the intestines at once. The nematodes that hatch from the eggs of small larvae penetrate the intestinal walls and are carried throughout the body with the help of blood. The lungs may also suffer.


Danger to the pet

Helminthiasis is a common disease, despite the fact that parasites affect individual organs. As a result of poisoning with waste products, the dog develops an allergic reaction. Worms absorb all the nutrients that are intended for the animal, and thus deplete its body.

If the puppy is not passed through, complications may arise. An infected pet is unable to cope with many infections, because parasites carry bacteria with them. Worms in a puppy have the ability to activate pathogenic microflora that was in the body even before that.

The animal's immune system is unable to cope with diseases and infections on its own. Puppies tolerate the disease very badly. Their intestines are very small, and worms coagulate in it, causing obstruction. It can cause intestinal rupture if the parasites are not removed in time.

Common routes of infection

A dog can become infected in three ways:

  • from mother to baby;
  • through fleas;
  • through the mud.

The puppy may already be born with worms. They are passed on to him from his mother, since she is already infected. But if a baby was born healthy, this does not mean that he will not be able to get infected. Parasites are often transmitted during feeding. That is why, before mating, you need to drive out the worms from the female.

Your veterinarian may advise you to worm your puppy if there are fleas. Small insects are also carriers of parasites. The pet, trying to keep track of its appearance, licks and combes the wool, thereby swallowing the eggs of the worms. After that, the parasite quietly matures in the body.

Worm eggs are everywhere. The environment does not exclude the presence of dirty and contaminated places. That is why you need to give medicine to pets who live in the apartment with the owner. It is enough just for pets to rub against a person's shoe, and after a while, signs of helminthic invasion in puppies appear.

Symptoms Indicating Disease

How to tell if a puppy has worms? Some signs of worms indicate their 100% presence. Symptoms of worms in a pet are as follows:

  1. In the presence of a strong infection, the dog weakens, as its appetite disappears and the body does not receive nutrients. As a result, skin diseases can develop.
  2. Some organs increase in size, such as the liver. The abdomen also swells. You may notice frequent rumbling in the stomach.
  3. The presence of worms in the stool. There may be blood and mucus.
  4. If the number of worms in a puppy is large, this affects its full development. The wool loses its natural shine. There is a bluish rim on the white of the eye.
  5. If the dog eats a lot, it also signals the presence of parasites. Vomiting attacks occur, even diarrhea is possible.

We remove worms

How to remove worms from a dog's body? Experts recommend to carry out the procedure every 3 months. You don't need to follow the calendar. Certain moments in the life of the dog play the main role in this matter. It is recommended to banish worms in an adult dog after estrus, twice a year. The beginning and end of the mating season is taken into account.

How often

There are cases when deworming needs to be repeated, even if the latter was performed not so long ago. Treatment of worms is carried out 2 weeks before mating. Further, a week before and after childbirth.

In puppies

How often do you need to worm puppies ? The answer is monthly until the dog is 6 months old. Treatment of worms must be carried out 12 days before vaccination.

Treatment and preventive measures

  1. Not all owners know when to worm a puppy that has just been born. The first event is held in the third week. Then they take a break for several weeks and repeat the procedure again. There should be three events in total in 3 months.
  2. Prevention and treatment are carried out with the same drug. Deworming can be carried out regularly, from the very birth of the baby.
  3. Worm drugs for a puppy can have a negative effect on health. A large number of parasites release harmful and dangerous toxins during death. Those, in turn, become the cause of poisoning. The pet has no appetite, vomiting and diarrhea are observed. What to do in such a situation? It is recommended to give the dog petroleum jelly along with the medicine. It will remove toxins from the body.
  4. How to rid an adult dog of parasites. Treatment is carried out every 3 months. It is customary to give the medicine with food. After that, be sure to observe the behavior of the animal. In case of severe illness, the procedure is repeated after 2 weeks.

Preventive measures are taken at appropriate times, taking into account vaccinations, childbirth and mating

The best remedies

People have known for a long time how to worm puppies. Then the procedure was more difficult. Much has changed now. Once upon a time, the puppy was not fed during the day before giving him the medicine. To achieve a greater effect, laxatives were also given.


Today, the deworming procedure looks different. It is enough just to mix the medicine with food and let the pet eat. After a day, you can see the improved condition of the puppy. This is enough for all the worms in the body to die.

You can relieve dogs of worms with various drugs, which are divided into two groups:

  • highly specialized;
  • universal.

The former kill only a certain type of parasite. While the latter fight with almost all parasites. Generic drugs are most often used for prevention.

general information

For the treatment of helminthiasis, drugs are selected that are suitable for age. You can find out everything you need when buying them. The moment with the dosage is very important. An incorrect calculation can even cause the death of the baby. Therefore, before starting treatment, you need to study the instructions. After that, the person will know what to do and the treatment will be successful.

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