Acne From Worms: Can There Be Rashes From Parasites

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Acne From Worms: Can There Be Rashes From Parasites
Acne From Worms: Can There Be Rashes From Parasites

Video: Acne From Worms: Can There Be Rashes From Parasites

Video: Acne From Worms: Can There Be Rashes From Parasites
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On the planet, about 70% of the population is affected by various helminthic invasions. Most of these people are not even aware of the presence of parasites in their bodies. Nevertheless, there are many characteristic symptoms that indicate the presence of helminths in the body. Can there be acne from worms? Of course, this is one of the most common symptoms.


  • 1 How worms enter the human body
  • 2 Helminths causing rashes
  • 3 Why does a rash appear
  • 4 What parts of the body and face are most often affected
  • 5 Stages of rash development and characteristic signs

    • 5.1 Latent form
    • 5.2 Acute form
    • 5.3 Chronic form
  • 6 How to be treated
  • 7 What is dirofilariasis
  • 8 Dangerous effects of rash

How worms enter the human body

The most common route is through land and water, through contact with sick animals and insects. In this way, children are most often infected. Therefore, it is very important to explain to them from a very young age the need to observe hygiene rules.

You can also get infected from a sick person - as a rule, pinworms are transmitted in this way.

Helminths can also get through food that has not been very carefully processed thermally. And this is not only fish, but also meat. Be sure to deep fry and boil meat and fish. Do not buy products on a spontaneous market, buy them only in trusted stores and markets where there are sanitary laboratories.

Helminths causing rashes

Most often, it is roundworms that cause acne. Along with acne, there may be gastrointestinal upset, conjunctivitis, or even lung problems.

Other types of helminths can also cause skin rashes. It:

  • fasciola;
  • pinworms;
  • hookworms;
  • paragonims and other representatives of worms.

Why does a rash appear?

Helminths primarily affect the stomach and intestinal tract, which leads to a violation of the permeability of the intestinal mucosa. As a result, the stomach does not completely digest the incoming food, and it enters the mucous membrane. The number of eosinophils in the blood also increases. It is eosinophils that are responsible for protecting the body if irritants enter it. In the presence of worms in a person, irritants are the waste products of parasites and the helminths themselves. As a result - acne on the face and body.


Activation of acne still manifests itself against the background of an increase in immunoglobulin E, which is produced intensively precisely when helminths appear in the body. In fact, all types of worms cause an allergic reaction.

What parts of the body and face are most often affected

In most patients, due to worms, the rash begins on the back and chin, because it is in these places that the thinnest fat layer is. The rash can also appear on the feet, between the toes and hands, on the hands and feet. In general, acne appears exactly where the skin is very thin: in the ears, on the scalp and even in the armpits.

Stages of rash development and characteristic signs

The degree of development of acne depends entirely on the stage of development and the number of helminthic invasions in the body.

Latent form

At the initial stage, a minimal amount of acne from worms appears, of which there are still very few, and the toxicity from them is also minimal.

Acute form

This stage is already characterized by damage to the intestines, lungs or liver. Therefore, the rash resembles urticaria, because the symptoms of allergies and helminthic invasions are similar. Not only acne, but also papules can appear on the skin.


Chronic form

At this stage, the worms are already leading the most active lifestyle, multiplying and laying eggs. The number of acne increases, one might say, exponentially, they gradually turn into boils. And no cosmetic procedures help to get rid of them. The most dangerous thing is that this stage of the disease can last for years.

In addition to external manifestations, the patient is accompanied by other symptoms of the disease. So, in the acute form of the patient, a severe cough is pursued, problems with vision and stomach may appear, and headaches torment. Puffiness may also occur, that is, a truly allergic reaction of the body manifests itself.

How to be treated

The main thing is to understand that if the presence of worms and acne is interconnected, then no, even the most expensive, cosmetics will help get rid of them. It is possible that the rash will go away for a short time, but if the problem remains in the body, then acne will appear again and again.


Do not rely on traditional medicine recipes - with their help it is difficult to get rid of worms, and, consequently, from acne.

Be sure to contact a specialist to fully examine and identify the type of worms. Treatment with medicines for helminths should also be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, since they are toxic and, if used improperly, will only harm the body.

What is dirofilariasis

It may seem that this disease is very rare and unknown, in fact, it also has the name "Morgellon's disease". This type of disease means that the worms settle under the skin and parasitize there. They can also settle in internal organs, including the eyes.

In the acute phase, helminths are well felt. The danger of the disease is that it is only being studied, and adequate treatment has not yet been proposed. Conservative treatment in this case does not help, and surgical intervention is not always effective, because the worms are constantly migrating.


Dangerous consequences of a rash

Acne, which appeared against the background of helminthiasis, is evidence that the helminths strongly affected the body, and it simply cannot cope with them and their excrement.

Lack of adequate treatment leads to more dangerous diseases:

  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • lung necrosis;
  • necrosis of the gastrointestinal tract.

If acne is similar to eczema, then the treatment for this type of lesion is very long and expensive. Subcutaneous worms are also dangerous for those around you: if you accidentally open the damage, then the eggs of the parasite can fall out and infect another person.

Do not forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. It is unlikely that someone wants to see terrible rashes on their face and body that cannot be gotten rid of. Timely treatment will prevent parasites from multiplying and infecting the body.


Doctors have already recognized that many worms can live unnoticed in the host's body for a long time. Some parasites weaken the human immune system, and it stops responding to helminths. Other types of worms in adults and children use the human protein structure as their own, as a growth factor.