Anthelmintic Drugs For Dogs: The Best Remedies

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Anthelmintic Drugs For Dogs: The Best Remedies
Anthelmintic Drugs For Dogs: The Best Remedies

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Anthelmintic drugs for dogs may be needed by both street dwellers and apartment dwellers. Pet owners are mistaken when they think that a dog who lives with them in an apartment cannot have worms. Most people think so and are deeply mistaken. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 dogs that live in an apartment have worms.


  • 1 Medicines
  • 2 Important points
  • 3 Most popular remedies

    • 3.1 Milbemax
    • 3.2 Pratel
    • 3.3 Prazicide
    • 3.4 Drontal plus
  • 4 Some more good drugs

    • 4.1 Helminthal
    • 4.2 Drontal Junior
    • 4.3 Advocate
  • 5 Criteria for choosing a medicine
  • 6 Conclusion

A puppy does not need to go outside to become infected with parasites. A person can bring the larvae of worms on their boots, which pets love to gnaw so much. And as a result of such contact, after a while, the animal displays the first symptoms indicating the presence of worms in the body.


Parasites enter the pet's body through the mouth with food or as a result of wearing some objects in the teeth. Over the entire period of their existence, worms have adapted so much to the current conditions that it is not so easy to get rid of them. However, anthelmintic drugs for dogs do an excellent job of this.


Why at first it seems that it is not so easy to remove worms from a dog? The eggs of the worms are covered with a special shell that even gastric juice cannot eat. After the eggs enter the body, they turn into larvae and can “walk” through all organs. They infect every organ along the way.

This signals that an urgent need to treat your pet.

Important points

Worm preparations for dogs are presented in various forms. It can be a suspension, drops or tablets. Any owner can start treatment after they have chosen a canine worm remedy. Signs that indicate that an urgent need to start treatment are characteristic symptoms of infection.


But this does not mean that you need to immediately water puppies and adult dogs with all the medicines in a row. Do not forget about a number of important rules:

  • for puppies, whose age does not exceed 1.5 months, medications are contraindicated;
  • an anthelmintic agent is administered before pregnancy;
  • it is not recommended to remove worms if dogs have fleas and ticks.

Most popular remedies

The most popular dog worm remedies come in pill form. Treatment with their help begins only after the animal has sustained a special diet. It is better to give the medicine in the morning, while observing the dosage.


This product is effective against helminths and is suitable for adult dogs and small puppies. Tablets from a French manufacturer are given according to the prescribed dosage. Grinding them is allowed for better swallowing by the dog. They allow you to remove worms in a short period of time.


Deworming of dogs by Pratel is carried out only once. Small yellow tablets are very toxic to the body and can cause various side effects.


Due to its broad spectrum of action, the drug almost instantly shows a good result. You can give Pratel along with food, before that, crushing the tablet to a powdery state.


You can also give your dog Prazicide to get rid of the worms. The drug is suitable for both main treatment and prevention. Introduced to the animal only once. Prazicide can be mixed with feed or dissolved in water. Give Prazicide in liquid form only by force.

To inject the drug into the dog's body, it is necessary to hold it and, opening the mouth, inject it into the root of the tongue from a syringe.

Drontal plus

Drontal plus is a broad-spectrum medicine. It must be injected into the dog's mouth at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. The drug can be given together with the feed in crushed form. A small puppy Drontal plus is forced into the mouth.


Some more good drugs

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for choosing the best antihelminthic drugs. If a medicine works for one pet, it may not have any effect on another. When choosing a medicine, weight, age, breed and even the nature of the pet are taken into account.

Preparations that destroy helminths can be presented in the form of drops and suspensions


You can banish dogs with Helmintal suspension. It has a strong effect on parasites, therefore it is widely used for mass invasion. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. The only thing that needs to be observed is the dosage. Mixing with feed is possible.

Drontal Junior

Drontal Junior is a broad-spectrum drug. Presented as a suspension. It can be given to young puppies as young as two weeks old. The medicine is well introduced into the body due to its sweetish taste. The dosage is 1 ml per 1 kg of body weight. For better swallowing of the medicine, before giving it to the baby, it is recommended to maintain a starvation diet.


Аdvocate - drops for dogs. An anthelmintic for dogs is used only once for treatment and once a month for prevention. The tool is convenient to use, since you don't need to think about how to introduce it into the body. You just need to apply a few drops to the withers.

Criteria for choosing a medicine

You can cure a pet by various means. These can be drops, suspensions, or tablets. Various factors influence the choice of owner. The territory of residence, weight and age are taken into account.

For each owner, there is a better remedy that they have already experienced and noted its effectiveness. It doesn't matter which remedy is chosen - drops or tablets. It is important to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Before buying, find out as much as possible about existing medicines. You can consult with people who have a dog of the same breed.
  2. Study reviews of the drug from other users on the Internet.
  3. The drug for deworming dogs should be bought only in veterinary pharmacies. You should pay attention to the expiration date and try to make sure that this is not a fake.
  4. Before proceeding with the introduction of the drug, carefully study the instructions. Act only on it and do not neglect the recommendations.
  5. Remedy for dogs from worms should have as few side effects as possible. At this stage, the breed of the pet is taken into account.
  6. It is important to approach the treatment itself correctly. Since there is no universal drug that will remove all types of worms, it is recommended to be tested if possible. This will greatly facilitate the treatment process.


Deworming dogs is a process that requires care and accuracy from the pet owner. It is possible to rid pets of worms even with a mass invasion.

If you look after your pet like a person, then he will always be active and cheerful.

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