Rash With Worms: What Rashes On The Skin Can Be

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Rash With Worms: What Rashes On The Skin Can Be
Rash With Worms: What Rashes On The Skin Can Be

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Helminthiasis is a dangerous and insidious disease. Some types of worms skillfully hide their presence in the body for quite a long time, and only by a number of specific signs can one suspect the presence of worm infestation. Any person needs to know about these signs, since thanks to awareness, the disease can be detected in a timely manner and treatment can be started. A rash with worms is a vivid manifestation of the disease, and there is no specific type of rash for all types of worms. It can be of different sizes, shapes, localized on different parts of the body - it all depends on the type of pathogen, the organ in which it parasitizes, and the severity of the disease.


  • 1 What is the cause of the appearance of rashes with helminthiasis
  • 2 Varieties of skin rashes with helminthic invasions
  • 3 Allergic rashes in children
  • 4 Allergic rashes in adults
  • 5 Principles of treatment of skin rashes with helminthiasis

What is the cause of the appearance of rashes with helminthiasis

Usually, skin rashes appear when helminths take root in the human intestine, infect with toxins its microflora and damage the mucous membrane. The intestinal walls gradually weaken and become permeable. In connection with this condition, the level of eosinophils in the human blood increases, and these elements are responsible for protecting the body from the waste products of helminths.

Another cause of the rash is the poisoning of the body with toxic substances and waste products of worms. The human immune system tries to get rid of harmful substances through the skin, and therefore rashes in the form of acne, acne and boils are formed on the surface of the skin.


A large number of adult helminths, especially roundworm and bovine tapeworm, leads to blockage of the intestinal lumen, which makes it difficult to fully empty the intestines. This fact also has a detrimental effect on the condition of the human skin - the turgor of the skin tissue is significantly reduced, it becomes lethargic, dry and yellowish in color.

Varieties of skin rashes with helminthic invasions

  1. Acne is a dark red or brown acne. Usually they are localized on the skin of a person's face, less often on the back and chest. This type of rash speaks of the poisoning of the body with toxic substances secreted by worms.
  2. Eczematous spots are blisters with purulent contents of light brown or dark yellow color. This rash from worms is usually localized on the face and body, a characteristic feature of eczematous spots is itching and irritation.
  3. Papillomas are small skin growths. They occur with reduced immunity. They are convex formations, in color they do not differ at all from the skin.
  4. Hives are small, punctate, bright red rashes that appear on the neck and limbs. Usually occurs as a response to the introduction of helminths into the body.
  5. Purulent boils occur with a sharp decrease in immunity, when the body cannot fight bacteria and viruses. Furuncles can be both single and in clusters - furunculosis.

Any rash is a reason to be wary and analyze, in connection with which it appeared, what factors affected the body. More often it is an allergic reaction to some external stimulus, but if such a fact is excluded, then the problem must be looked for in the body itself. This should be entrusted to a specialist, and not to self-medicate and self-diagnose.

Only a doctor, based on special diagnostic methods, will be able to find out the cause of the rash and prescribe treatment.

Allergic rashes in children

Children are highly susceptible to infection with helminthic infestation, especially kindergarten children, where they are in constant contact with other children. And if at home you can protect the child and monitor his hygiene in every possible way, then in kindergarten it is impossible.

In order to timely identify the presence of helminthic invasion in a child, you need to do the following.

  1. While bathing, carefully examine his skin for dermatitis, irritation. If the child begins to rash, even if only slightly, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
  2. Carefully and frequently examine the child's feces for larvae or adult helminths.
  3. Several times a year, donate the baby's feces for worm eggs.

When the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment should be started immediately.


Allergic rashes in adults

Skin rashes with worms in adults have their own characteristics. First of all, they affect the back and lower part of the face - the chin region. This is due to the fact that these areas have thin fatty glands and are supplied with a large number of sebaceous glands.

Acne with helminthiasis is not only on the face, but also on the hands and feet. Auricles, eyelids, parotid areas are affected by small pimples - wen, and purulent boils are localized more in the axillary and popliteal regions, as well as on the scalp.

All types of skin rashes, or rather their intensity, are divided into three stages.

  1. Latent - the stage of the onset of infection, when a little time has passed from the introduction of the pathogen into the body. This period is manifested by the appearance of single elements of the rash, to which no one attaches importance.
  2. Acute stage. During this period, helminths have already taken root in the human body, began to multiply and grow, massively spread in the intestines and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The rash in the acute stage already attracts attention, since it can cause inconvenience in the form of itching and looks unaesthetic, especially in visible areas of the skin.
  3. Chronic stage. Serious pathological changes in the human body associated with the vital activity of parasites. At this stage, rashes can be presented in various forms, and even several types of rashes at the same time. It requires serious treatment, and external methods of dealing with rashes do not help.

Principles of treatment of skin rashes with helminthiasis

Self-treatment of this problem will not give positive results, since external methods - all kinds of ointments, lotions - are ineffective and sometimes harmful. If you notice a temporary improvement, this does not mean that the problem is gone.

As long as there is a source of infection inside the body, there will be skin problems. No matter what expensive means you use, no matter what expensive cosmetic procedures you go to, the problem will not disappear. First of all, you need to see a doctor, pass all the necessary tests, identify the pathogen and only then start the correct therapy, which is effective in the vast majority of cases.

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