Trichomoniasis: Symptoms And Treatment In Men, How It Manifests

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Trichomoniasis: Symptoms And Treatment In Men, How It Manifests
Trichomoniasis: Symptoms And Treatment In Men, How It Manifests

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There are many sexually transmitted diseases, but one of the most insidious is trichomoniasis, which is most often sexually transmitted. Its insidiousness is that untimely treatment of trichomoniasis in men often leads to infertility.


  • 1 Dangers of male trichomoniasis
  • 2 Ways of infection with trichomoniasis
  • 3 Symptoms of the disease, or how to understand that there is an infection in the body
  • 4 Forms of the disease and their accompanying symptoms

    • 4.1 Acute form
    • 4.2 Chronic form
  • 5 Diagnostic problems

    5.1 How to behave at a doctor's appointment

  • 6 Treatment measures
  • 7 Preventive measures
  • 8 Traditional medicine

    8.1 sitz baths

Dangers of male trichomoniasis

If a man does not pay attention to the scarcity of morning urine, discomfort after consuming spicy food or alcohol, then, most likely, at the wrong time or not at all cured disease will become chronic and will cause infertility.

Such symptoms often force men to go to a neurologist, suspecting sciatica. Naturally, treatment does not give any results, and trichomoniasis progresses.

Possible complications after the disease:

  • redness and swelling of the foreskin;
  • the appearance of abrasions, wounds and sores on the penis;
  • phimosis or a sharp increase in the size of the penis due to continuous swelling;
  • epididymitis;
  • prostatitis.

Trichomoniasis infection methods

The statistics of morbidity in humans is terrifying: more than 170 million people visit medical institutions every year. And how many men are not even aware of the presence of the disease!


The main route of infection is sexual contact with an infected partner.

Although there are more ways of transmission of the disease, it can be household contact through dirty household items or through medical instruments. You can also get infected if you use a washcloth or towel from an infected person, but such cases are extremely rare. The bacterium of this species cannot live long in an oxygen environment.

Lack of timely treatment can lead to the disease developing into a chronic form. As a result, a man becomes infected and dangerous to others, and trichomoniasis can no longer be treated with any antibacterial agents

Symptoms of the disease, or how to understand that there is an infection in the body

Trichomoniasis is often asymptomatic in men, and treatment for this reason is often untimely. Men tend to seek medical attention when complications begin.

Nevertheless, some signs of trichomoniasis in men should be the reason for immediate medical attention, and they are manifested in the following:

  • pain in the head area, especially when urinating;
  • itching and burning may occur;
  • discharge mucous or purulent;
  • redness of the foreskin;
  • swelling of the penis.

It is important to understand that the bacteria trichomoniasis are pathogenic pathogens and are very mobile. As a result, the affected organism loses its immune strength, becomes weak, and other viruses and bacteria freely penetrate into it. A patient with trichomoniasis even falls into the risk group for HIV infection.

Forms of the disease and their accompanying symptoms

According to the duration of the disease, the following forms of it can appear:

  • fresh: that is, sharp, torpid, or sub-acute;
  • chronic: the duration of the disease is more than 2 months;
  • Trichomonas carriage: in the absence of symptoms, the man infects his partner.

Acute form

The first signs are pronounced: the genitals are itchy, the skin is clearly irritated, discharge appears. Pain and burning sensation when urinating. Pronounced painful clinical picture during intercourse.

This form is characterized by an incubation period of 5 to 15 days.

The subacute period is a mild manifestation of symptoms, the discharge is usually absent or very weak. It is this form that is most characteristic of men. Symptoms are very mild or absent.

Chronic form

It can manifest itself against the background of subsiding symptoms from an acute or subacute form. Although sometimes there may be exacerbations associated with sexual intercourse and the use of alcoholic beverages.


The chronic form of trichomoniasis is characterized by the simultaneous course of several sexually transmitted diseases. Against the background of bacterial infection of trichomoniasis, others join - chlamydia, gonococcus and staphylococcus. This course of the chronic form of the disease is typical for 89% of patients.

Diagnostic problems

The greatest difficulties in identifying trichomoniasis appear if the patient has prostatitis. Prostatitis is characterized by the same symptoms as trichomoniasis. This is difficult urination with pain, false and unproductive urge.

The effectiveness of treatment depends a lot on the duration of the disease, so it is recommended to periodically visit a doctor.

How to behave at a doctor's appointment

First of all, men should not hide their problem and urgently go to a medical institution for help at the first unpleasant symptoms. A disease not diagnosed and not cured in time threatens that the acute form turns into a chronic one, and this is followed by other diseases of the genitourinary system.

A man should tell the doctor exactly when the first unpleasant symptoms appeared, what they were. If there is discharge, then they should also be described, what color and smell they have.

If a man decides to self-medicate, then there is no need to keep silent about this and tell what methods and recipes were used.

You will have to share with the doctor information about your sex life, whether there is a regular partner, or there are contacts with others, whether or not contraception is used. If previously there was trichomoniasis, then this should also be remembered.

The accuracy and detail of the description of the clinical picture will also determine the accuracy of the diagnosis, therefore, the correctness of the prescribed treatment

Healing activities

You should never self-medicate, as there is a huge risk of establishing a chronic disease that stimulates the appearance of complications. The treatment regimen should be fully followed both in terms of dosage and timing of administration.


If a man has a regular sexual partner, then both are treated. A prerequisite is the complete absence of sexual intercourse during therapy. Also, before treating trichomoniasis in men, you will have to stop drinking alcohol.

As a rule, they start by prescribing Trichopolum or Tinidazole tablets. If there is no effectiveness in the treatment, then they resort to the second treatment regimen. Antibiotics are taken according to a certain scheme, constantly alternating between them. The second method is much longer in time, but the efficiency is higher. The healing process in the acute form of the disease usually occurs within 10 days.

Control diagnostics is carried out only after 1 or 2 weeks after the end of the course of treatment. Re-diagnosis is recommended after 1 or 2 months to avoid re-inflammatory process or relapse.

Often, treatment is accompanied by the intake of immunomodulators or adaptogens to increase the body's defenses. In some cases, your doctor may decide to use other treatments. This can be a prostate massage, sometimes ultrasound therapy, paraffin therapy and mud therapy are used.

Preventive actions

At risk are people who have already had trichomoniasis, or have other problems with the genitourinary system. To avoid the manifestation of trichomoniasis, be sure to use condoms if you are not sure about your partner's health. If contact does occur, then immediately use antibacterial soap after it and consult a doctor for examination and diagnosis. In any case, it is better to have one and constant partner.


Regular sexual intercourse is the path to the health of the genitourinary system

If a man has had trichomoniasis once in his life, then he does not need to hope that he has already developed immunity to the disease, and he is completely protected from this infection. If the bacterium enters the body again, the inflammatory process begins anew.


Despite the denial of official medicine that recipes preserved from ancient times can be effective, nevertheless, trichomoniasis is not a disease of the 20th century, but has been known for a long time.

Sitz baths

Baths that help relieve inflammation from trichomoniasis bacteria can be used for both women and men. The recipes describe that a complete cure can be achieved within up to 21 days of regular use. The duration of the procedures depends entirely on the neglect of the disease.

For example, one of the recipes looks like this:

  • horsetail, birch and mint leaves in equal proportions;
  • chamomile flowers oat hay, also in equal parts.

All herbs will need to be mixed thoroughly. Now you can brew an infusion for every day. Take 5 tablespoons of the composition and pour 3 liters of water, everything is put on a slow fire and boiled for 5 minutes. After that, the broth should be cooled to 40-42 ° C and take a sitz bath for 10-20 minutes. The procedure is recommended to be carried out at the same time, preferably before bedtime.

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