Pediculosis: Home Treatment For Adults And Children, Folk Remedies

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Pediculosis: Home Treatment For Adults And Children, Folk Remedies
Pediculosis: Home Treatment For Adults And Children, Folk Remedies
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Lice are dangerous blood-sucking parasites that cause people to develop a disease such as head lice. When this pathology appears, people complain of severe itching, redness of the skin and problems with sleep. Often, the disease contributes to the penetration of bacterial infections into the body, due to which dermatitis, furunculosis or other problems with the skin appear. It is recommended to promptly start treating head lice at home in order to prevent the development of complications.


  • 1 Features of the treatment of lice at home

    • 1.1 In adults
    • 1.2 In children
    • 1.3 In pregnant women
  • 2 The effectiveness of treatment with alternative methods
  • 3 Treatment of head lice with folk remedies at home

    • 3.1 Dust or tar soap
    • 3.2 Kerosene
    • 3.3 Burdock or elecampane
    • 3.4 Chemerichnaya water
    • 3.5 Cranberries
    • 3.6 Lemon
    • 3.7 Vinegar
    • 3.8 Vodka
    • 3.9 Hydrogen peroxide
    • 3.10 Dichlorvos
    • 3.11 Alcohol mask
  • 4 Handling things for head lice
  • 5 Prevention
  • 6 Conclusion

Features of the treatment of lice at home

Before starting the treatment of head lice, you need to familiarize yourself with the main features of removing lice.

In adults

The life cycle of parasites is about 25-30 days. Every day each louse lays more than a thousand nits on the surface of the skin. Within 10 days, the laid eggs grow and become adults, which are also capable of laying nits. It is necessary to start treating head lice after the first signs of a lice attack appear. This will help prevent further reproduction.

In the treatment of adults, special drugs are often used, which are made from insecticides. Such funds quickly destroy pests, since they contain fenetrin and permethrin. Among the effective drugs, Paranid and Pediculen are distinguished, which are available in the form of sprays. They are applied to the hair and washed off after 20-30 minutes.

It is enough to simply rub shampoo into your head thoroughly while washing your hair, and then rinse it off with hot water. Effective lice shampoos include Veda, Paradiosis and Hygia. Some people use boric and sulfuric ointment, which will help get rid of parasites quickly. However, such funds must be used with caution, as they are quite powerful. Before using ointments, it is better to consult a doctor.

In children

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features of removing lice in children in advance, since this procedure has its own nuances. It's no secret that babies have not fully formed the immune system, which is why regular parasite bites lead to allergies and signs of anemia. Most often, pediculosis in newborns is treated with such a radical method as completely cutting the hair from the head. It is enough to cut your hair once to get rid of all the lice. However, there are other methods that can help eliminate parasites quickly.


In the treatment of parasitic diseases in babies, pediculicidal agents are used. Before using them, you should carefully read the detailed description of the drugs, which should indicate the side effects and features of the drug.

Effective remedies for lice include the following:

  1. NitFree shampoo. Made from aromatic oils that help clear lice from the scalp. This shampoo is used not only to cure head lice, but also to prevent the disease.
  2. Essential oils. When treating parasitic pathologies, the oil is thoroughly rubbed into the scalp, after which all lice are covered with a dense film. Due to the oil coating, air ceases to flow to the parasites, and they suffocate. Essential oils should be used twice a day.

In pregnant women

Pregnant girls, like other people, can experience head lice. Finding an effective remedy for eliminating lice in expectant mothers is not easy, since they are contraindicated to use most medicines for parasites.


One of the safest methods for removing lice is the mechanical method. To use it, you need to purchase a small comb with elongated teeth, which are closely spaced to each other. When applying the mechanical method, it must be borne in mind that it is not the most effective. Therefore, you will have to comb out the lice with a comb several times a day.

Additional fluids can be used when combing to make the comb more effective. For example, apple cider vinegar is often used for this. This liquid is weakly concentrated, therefore it is not necessary to mix it with water before use. Thoroughly rinse the hair and the area behind the ears with vinegar liquid. The hair is then combed and rinsed thoroughly with water to remove lice and vinegar.

The effectiveness of treatment with alternative methods

Some people prefer to deal with lice not with medicines, but with folk remedies. Traditional medicine allows you to quickly get rid of blood-sucking pests and eliminate all the symptoms of head lice.


The most popular method for removing parasites is shaving the hair from the scalp. When using this radical method, it is possible to immediately get rid of all nits and adults. Shaving is used most often in the treatment of newborns. Among young girls and women, hair dyeing with a liquid made from hydrogen peroxide is popular. It is enough to carry out the procedure just once to completely get rid of the parasitic disease. The effectiveness of this method is due to the fact that hydrogen peroxide blocks the access to oxygen for the lice and gradually eats them away.

People who prefer less radical control methods use medicinal mixtures of herbs and other plants. A remedy made from tansy, mint leaves and pomegranate juice is considered effective. These ingredients contain essential oils that can kill lice. You will have to use such a decoction in parallel with combing in order to cleanse the hair of dead individuals.

Treatment of head lice with folk remedies at home

Before using traditional medicine to eliminate parasites, you need to familiarize yourself in more detail with the most effective means.

Dust or tar soap

Often, in the treatment of head lice, tar or dusty soap is used. They contain melitmethane, which is classified as one of the most powerful insecticides. When parasites enter the body, the substance completely paralyzes them, because of which they die.


The components from the composition of the soap can negatively affect human health and therefore it is necessary to familiarize yourself in advance with the features of its use.

There are several rules to follow:

  • soap is rubbed only into wet hair with light circular movements so that the liquid is evenly distributed over the entire surface;
  • the treated hair is covered with plastic wrap and a towel;
  • after half an hour, the head is washed with hot water 2-3 times;
  • at the end of the procedure, the hair is combed out with a comb.


Kerosene differs from most modern remedies used to eliminate lice. Most drugs disrupt the nervous system of parasites and paralyze them. However, kerosene has a choking effect, which leads to the immediate death of insects. The kerosene liquid gradually enters the shell of the lice and their respiratory organs, after which the spiracles are closed, and the supply of oxygen completely stops.


To cure head lice with kerosene, you need to understand the nuances of its use:

  • kerosene solution is used to cover dry hair, neck, eyebrows and even beard;
  • all treated areas are covered with a film, which is removed after 20-30 minutes;
  • after removing the film, the kerosene is washed off, and the hair is combed with a comb.

Burdock or elecampane

To get rid of parasites, products made from elecampane or burdock are often used. When using burdock, a special medicinal decoction is prepared. To create it, a fresh or dried plant is poured with hot liquid and infused for 40-50 minutes. Then the hair is thoroughly washed with the cooled solution. A single procedure is enough to get rid of most parasites.


Elecampane is considered a versatile plant that is used not only to eliminate lice, but also to treat helminthiasis, coughs and even scabies. To cure head lice, when rinsing hair, use a decoction of elecampane. After 2-3 procedures, all lice and nits will die.

Chemerichnaya water

Hellebore water, which is made from purified water and alcoholic plant tincture, will help get rid of lice. The product contains components that effectively fight parasites and bacteria. Chemerichnaya water disrupts the work of the digestive system of insects and stops the process of their reproduction. Also, when the medicinal liquid gets on the lice, the adhesive substance that they use to fix it on the hair begins to corrode.


It is enough to carry out the procedure twice to completely cure head lice. However, if the infection is serious, you will have to use hellebore liquid at least 5-6 times


For the treatment of parasitic diseases, freshly squeezed cranberry juice is often used. To prepare it yourself, you will have to place about 100 grams of berries in a juicer. The resulting liquid is enough for a single hair treatment.

The head must be completely covered with juice so that it accurately hits all insects. The crown is most thoroughly processed, since liquid will begin to drain from it to untreated areas. After processing, cover the head with a towel for 20-25 minutes. After that, the lice are combed out with a comb and the hair is washed again in heated water.


For many years, people have been using lemon juice to get rid of head lice. However, juice alone is not enough to get rid of lice completely. Therefore, most often, medicinal decoctions are prepared from it, which also include other ingredients.


To prepare a liquid of 300 milliliters of purified water, add 30 milliliters of juice and 10-15 grams of larkspur. All components are mixed and boiled for 20 minutes. Then the liquid is infused for 2-4 hours, after which the head can be treated with it. After the procedure, the remaining parasites are combed out.


Among the effective folk remedies for fighting nits and lice, vinegar is distinguished. This remedy does not lead to the death of parasites, but simply makes them less active. However, even this helps to cope with head lice.

Before treatment, a vinegar solution is prepared with which the hair will be washed. To do this, water with apple cider or table vinegar is mixed in a ratio of one to two. It is very important to adhere to exactly this proportion, since the increased concentration of liquid contributes to the appearance of burns on the skin.


Hair treatment is carried out with a towel dipped in vinegar solution. Cover the wet hair with a plastic bag to breathe in the vinegar. After half an hour, the bag is removed to get rid of weakened lice with a comb.


Vodka is not used to kill lice, but to detach them from the hair. It is known that parasites attach to surfaces using an adhesive substance that is practically insoluble in ordinary liquid. It is recommended to use vodka to dissolve it. The hair is treated with a cotton swab soaked in vodka.

Hydrogen peroxide

Some people compare hydrogen peroxide with medications, since the effectiveness of this agent is the same as that of most modern medicines. After a single application of hydrogen, the lice shell will slowly break down, allowing the liquid to enter. Once in the body, peroxide instantly destroys all vital organs of the lice.


Hydrogen peroxide must be used very carefully, as it can irritate the scalp. In order not to damage the skin, the solution is washed off 10 minutes after application. Then the hair is washed, dried and combed.


Dichlorvos is considered the most dangerous remedy for the treatment of head lice, since its improper use can harm health. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of using this method in advance.

A towel is wrapped around the neck and face to protect them from Dichlorvos. Also, for safety reasons, a person is put on goggles with a respirator. After that, Dichlorvos is sprayed onto the inner surface of a plastic bag, which is put on the head. After 15 minutes, it is removed, and the head is washed with water.

Alcohol mask

Alcohol hair masks help to eliminate head lice and get rid of parasites. To prepare them, you will need ingredients such as olive oil, 20 milliliters of alcohol, 10 milliliters of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 80 milliliters of water, three egg yolks. All components are mixed until the liquid becomes thick. The mixture is then spread evenly over the scalp. After applying the mask, the hair is covered with a film, which is removed after an hour and a half.


Handling things for head lice

To cleanse clothes from lice, you need to deal with it. The simplest and most effective method is the usual washing of things. In this case, the procedure is carried out using hot water heated to 90-95 degrees, since warm water is not able to destroy nits and adult parasites. After washing, all clothes are ironed from all sides.

If it is not possible to do laundry at home, you will have to take them to the dry cleaner. After that, they will have to be dried in the sun. The sun's rays can disinfect linen and clothing. Steam processing of things is also considered effective, in which all the larvae are destroyed.


In order not to become infected with head lice, you must adhere to the following prevention rules:

  • take a bath at least twice a week;
  • bed linen is changed once every 10 days;
  • after washing, all clothes must be ironed;
  • wet cleaning is carried out at least twice a month;
  • you cannot use other people's linen and clothes.


Head lice is a common parasitic disease caused by head lice. To get rid of parasites on your own at home, you need to familiarize yourself with common folk methods of treating lice. You should also study the features of the prevention of head lice in order to prevent the appearance of the disease.

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