Treatment Of The Patient When Head Lice Is Detected: How To Do It Right

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Treatment Of The Patient When Head Lice Is Detected: How To Do It Right
Treatment Of The Patient When Head Lice Is Detected: How To Do It Right

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Sanitary treatment of the patient when head lice is detected is an important event when lice are found. This disease can be contracted by anyone, regardless of cleanliness. Living conditions also do not matter.


  • 1 Treatment of head lice
  • 2 Patient treatment

    2.1 Necessary things

  • 3 The procedure itself

    • 3.1 Without a haircut
    • 3.2 Completion of the procedure
  • 4 Physical means
  • 5 Prevention

Most of the world's population does not know all the information about head lice. Many people believe that lice do not pose any danger to the body. They do not belong to the group of insects that are completely harmless to humans.

First of all, you need to understand well that lice are parasites that drink blood. During parasitism, they can "reward" the host with serious diseases. When identifying the first signs of the disease, you need to seek professional help.

Head lice treatment

Treating the disease must be taken seriously. Harsh chemicals are used to get rid of nasty parasites.

Unfortunately, not all patients can tolerate this treatment. There are cases of manifestation of allergic reactions. Chemicals are replaced by physical means or folk recipes. Every year they are used less and less, forgetting about the benefits and effectiveness.

Patient treatment

Necessary things

The treatment regimen is quite simple. To get started, you need a whole set of necessary tools and accessories. The specialist who will carry out the treatment must wear a headdress, a gown, an apron, a mask and gloves. It is necessary:

  • 2 polyethylene kerchiefs;
  • 2 towels;
  • cape;
  • cotton wool;
  • hair wash;
  • matches;
  • a bowl for killing hair;
  • acetic acid (temperature should be 300 ° C);
  • hairbrush;
  • oilcloth bag;
  • scissors;
  • solutions for disinfection;
  • clean changeable clothes;
  • White paper.

The procedure itself

Treatment of patients with head lice should be carried out according to the instructions. The health worker should inform the patient about the diagnosis. It is important to establish contact with the person before proceeding with the procedure. Describe the progress and purpose of the treatment. The therapeutic measure is carried out only after the patient is informed about hair cutting and further processing.

No haircut

The event is held in a specially designated room. The couch is covered with a film, after which the patient is seated. The shoulders are covered with a special cape. Wear appropriate clothing for handling.


Pediculocidal fluid is applied to the entire head. After that, the head is covered with a polyethylene kerchief and tied with an additional towel. The substance is left for a while. Each drug takes 30 minutes to an hour. The instructions will definitely indicate this item.

Then you need to wash your hair with warm water with the addition of shampoo. Next, dry with a previously prepared towel.

Comb the hair with a comb. To do this, you should bend over the basin, the bottom of which should be covered with paper in advance. Combing should be accompanied by separation of the strands and careful processing of each. The patient's head is then examined to determine if there are still lice left.

Completion of the procedure

  1. the paper over which the combing was performed is burned in the can;
  2. put the patient's clothes together with underwear in an oilcloth bag. Do the same with the nurse's clothes;
  1. the patient changes into new clothes;
  2. the oilcloth bag is sent to the chamber for disinfection;
  3. the hygiene solution is applied to the comb. It can also be alcohol;
  4. after that, the room is disinfected;
  5. upon completion of the procedure, the nurse makes a note on the title page of the patient's medical history. The data is also recorded in the head lice examination log.

After the procedure, allergic manifestations in the form of burning or itching are possible.

Physical means

Finding lice should be the first signal that help is needed. With clear signs of head lice, urgent action should be taken.

If the patient is diagnosed with a disease, physical methods will not bring the desired effect during treatment. But you need to be familiar with them at least partially. The best method is to use them as a preventive measure. This is a kind of addition to the main chemical treatment. List of physical activities:

  • taking a bath;
  • timely and regular cleaning of the home;
  • trips to saunas and baths;
  • thorough combing of hair.

In extreme cases, a complete hair cut is possible.


When head lice is detected, treatment of the patient is an important event with which you can get rid of parasites.


One of the quality stages of prevention is aromatherapy. In addition, you should regularly visit the sauna and monitor the purity of your own body. Avoid crowded public places. This is especially important if hygiene rules are not followed.

Today, you will not surprise anyone with such a disease as head lice. Unfortunately, getting rid of it is very difficult, but possible. Chemical products, which are being improved every day, effectively fight the problem.

Lice medicine can be purchased at the pharmacy, or you can give the healthcare professional the opportunity to choose the remedy that, in his opinion, is suitable for a particular client. This takes into account all the features of the human body. In some cases, allergic reactions may occur. To avoid trouble, you should make a test and strictly follow the instructions.

Lice treatment is an event that helps to cope with an unpleasant disease and eliminate its consequences in time.

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