Worms In Children: Treatment At Home With Pharmaceutical Preparations And Folk Remedies

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Worms In Children: Treatment At Home With Pharmaceutical Preparations And Folk Remedies
Worms In Children: Treatment At Home With Pharmaceutical Preparations And Folk Remedies

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Many parents are interested in information about the treatment of worms in children at home. Every second family with a child faces this problem. Parasites cause significant harm to the child's body. It is not difficult to provide timely assistance to a baby if you know the signs of invasion and effective ways to remove worms.


  • 1 Features of withdrawal
  • 2 Treatment of parasite infestation at home
  • 3 Effective drugs

    • 3.1 "Mebendazole"
    • 3.2 "Piperazine"
    • 3.3 "Dekaris"
    • 3.4 "Pirantel"
  • 4 Diet
  • 5 Compliance with hygiene rules
  • 6 Folk ways

    • 6.1 Garlic
    • 6.2 Tansy
    • 6.3 Wormwood
    • 6.4 Walnuts
    • 6.5 Fennel
    • 6.6 Mint
    • 6.7 Sorrel
    • 6.8 Chamomile
    • 6.9 Pumpkin seed
  • 7 Prevention of worms in children

Removal features

During treatment, the death of parasites occurs, as a result of which decay products accumulate in the body. They poison the child's body.

Intoxication from the vital activity of worms is manifested by the characteristic symptoms:

  • the child is sick;
  • worried about dizziness;
  • I have a stomachache;
  • frequent diarrhea;
  • at night, the baby produces a large volume of saliva;
  • itching in the anal area;
  • grinding teeth during nighttime sleep;
  • restless sleep;
  • a rash appears on the skin;
  • some babies have a rise in temperature.

Sorbents help to stop these manifestations. Such drugs as "Laktofiltrum", "Eneterosgel" doctor prescribes even in the absence of unpleasant symptoms.

In case of an unfavorable epidemiological situation at school, kindergarten (worms were detected in 2/3 of children), preventive deworming is recommended. Even with excellent analyzes and the absence of worms, it is better for a child to undergo a full course of treatment for parasites.

Treatment of parasite infestation at home

It is very easy for a child to become infected with worms. Their eggs and larvae enter the body through the mouth. They can be found on the skin of the hands, under the nail surface. It is impossible to exclude parasitic invasion even if the child carefully observes all the rules of hygiene. If the parents have suspicions about the worms, then they first go to see their pediatrician, he gives a referral for the necessary tests.


Depending on the type of parasites and the place of their localization, he prescribes the treatment himself or sends it for additional examination to another narrow specialist:

  • parasitologist;
  • helminthologist;
  • infectious disease specialist;
  • gastroenterologist.

Worms parasitize not only in the intestines, they can multiply in the cavity of the gallbladder, organs of the urinary system, liver tissues, eyes or nose.

Tests for worms are different, depending on the location and type of the parasite:

  • Analysis of urine;
  • stool analysis;
  • blood for antibodies;
  • smear for enterobiasis.

You can treat a child at home, using not only pills. There are many popular recipes for different worms. The ingredients of the recipes are plants with anthelmintic properties. Doctors always say that a comprehensive approach to treating worms is more effective.


Important! Worms were found in the child, and all family members should be treated

The child during antihelminthic therapy must be forced to move actively. Any physical activity improves blood flow in the vessels and intestinal peristalsis. The better it works, the more intensively the products of vital activity and the remains of dead worms are removed from it.

Effective drugs

Therapy for worms is carried out in three stages. Each of them has its own set of medicines.

Stage number Name (purpose) Norm From what age can you take
I Choleretic Each age has its own ≥ 3 years
Linseed oil 1 tsp before meals, 7 days a week No restrictions
Enterosgel Course 7 days ≥ 6 months
II "Pirantel" (suspension) One-time appointment ≥ 6 months
"Levamisole" (suspension) Once before bedtime at a dosage of 2.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight ≥ 3 years
"Zentel" (suspension) The dosage depends on the type of parasite ≥ 1 year
III "Polysorb" According to the age -
"Polypefam" -
"Festal" -
"Mezim" -
vitamins -

It will be useful for mothers to read a brief description of effective antihelminthic drugs, which are given below. All medications for parasites have worked well. As prescribed by the doctor, they are used by mothers to rid their children of worms.


The remedy for pinworms, trichinella, hookworm, ascaris is released in the form of tablets, syrup, suspension. It is convenient to give liquid forms of the medicine to babies, Mebendazole is allowed to be taken from the age of two. The drug is synthetic, the spectrum of action is wide.


The principle of the drug, its effect on the parasite:

  • causes a violation of glucose metabolism;
  • provokes depletion of glycogen stores;
  • reduces the production of adenosine triphosphoric acid.

Worms die from the effects of the drug. Possible side effects: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, skin rash. During treatment, a child does not need a diet, the duration of the course, a single dose depend on the type of parasite, the age of the baby.

Age group Multiplicity Dose (mg)
<10 years 1 time 25-50
> 10 years 1 time 100 mg

Reviews of the drug are positive. "Mebendazole" for mixed type helminthiasis shows good results. The most common diseases in children (enterobiasis, ascariasis) heals perfectly.


Inexpensive antihelminthic drug (from 30 rubles). Release form: suspension, tablets. Anthelmintic is contraindicated in renal, hepatic insufficiency. The medicine can be given to babies from 6 months of age.


The standard scheme used by pediatricians is shown in the table.

Type of parasite Duration of admission Norm per 1 kg of weight
Ascaris One-time, in the morning, before meals 10 mg
Pinworms One-time, in the morning, before meals 10 mg
Hookworm 3 days, 1 time per day 10 mg
Other types of helminths 3 days, 1 time per day 10 mg


Release form - tablets, anthelmintic active substance - levamisole. Its action on parasites:

  • paralyzes;
  • inhibits vital processes.

Immobilized worms (roundworms, hookworms, pinworms, intestinal eel, whipworm) are removed from the intestines in a day along with feces.

Important! Decaris is ineffective against tapeworms.

Tablets can cause side reactions: convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, allergic rash. The medicine is drunk at night after meals. It needs to be washed down with water.

Age (years) Child weight (kg) Dose (mg)
3-6 10-20 25 or 50
6-10 20-30 50 or 75
10-14 30-40 75 or 100

The exact appointment is made by the attending physician. In his calculations, he takes into account the weight of the child, uses the rate of 2.5 mg / kg. The tablets are taken once, repeated treatment with "Decaris" is allowed after 7-14 days. With toxoplasmosis, it is used in a course that lasts 3 days.


Pyrantel can be purchased in liquid (suspension) form as tablets. The medicine is produced in India. The mechanism of action on parasites:

  • affects muscles;
  • blocks nerve endings.

The agent infects worms at any stage of development, does not affect the larvae. After exposure to the active substance pyrantel, worms (roundworms, hookworms, pinworms, human nematodes) are removed from the intestines along with feces.

Age Suspension daily rate (ml per 10 kg of body weight) Tablets daily rate (mg / kg) Course (days) Parasite
> 6 months 2.5 10-12 1 Pinworms
> 6 months 2.5 10-12 1 Ascaris
> 6 months five 20 2-3 Hookworm

If a child is infected with a human nematode, a single dose of tablets is prescribed, the rate is calculated by weight - 5 mg / kg. With helminthiasis of the mixed type "Pirantel" is recommended to drink for 2 days, the norm is 20 mg / kg.


Diet is a sine qua non for the successful treatment of worms. It is based on foods that contain a high percentage of fiber. They are needed for the good work of the intestines, its effective cleaning of worms. During this period, all foods are useful to the child, including vegetables containing bran.

The benefits are not boiled, but raw vegetables. They are washed before being consumed and scalded with boiling water. The first week of treatment is recommended to focus on raw vegetables, and on the following days, lactic acid products should prevail on the menu.


Some products worsen the effect of treatment, their list:

  • milk;
  • any sweets;
  • canned food;
  • fried dishes;
  • meat;
  • a fish;
  • products containing chemical dyes.

Compliance with the rules of hygiene

Without observing the rules of hygiene, it is impossible to achieve a positive result from treatment with any drug. And this applies to all family members.

Until the child gets rid of the worms and in the following time, the whole family must observe the following rules:

  • each family member should have their own personal towel for hands, face, body;
  • sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers should be changed every 2 days;
  • every day after a night's sleep, all sheets are ironed with a hot iron;
  • intimate places are washed away in the morning and evening (more often);
  • hands are washed with soap before eating, after using the toilet, after walking;
  • careful caring for pets (food bowls, cat litter, hamster, rat, bird cages);
  • plumbing fixtures must be kept clean, strong drugs must be used to process them;
  • all rooms in the apartment (house) must be kept clean.

Folk ways

Always folk recipes for worms were considered less dangerous for the child's body. This is true, but parents need to understand that not all types of worms can be removed using herbs or certain foods. Some natural anthelmintics have age restrictions. Moms shouldn't forget about the possibility of allergic reactions.


The garlic heads contain allicin, an essential oil. It is it that helps the child's body get rid of worms. In order for the substance to begin to act, the lobule is crushed into gruel (press, knife), poured with milk, heated to a boil and immediately removed from heat. Take a cold broth 3 times before meals, volume - 1 tsp.


  • milk - 200 ml;
  • garlic (cloves) - 5 pcs.

Pinworms are fought with garlic enemas. They are made for 5 days. To prepare a cleansing enema, you need:

  • warm water - 0.5 l;
  • 5 crushed cloves.

First, the product is infused, then filtered through 3-4 layers of gauze (bandage), warm water is added before use, the volume is brought to 1 liter.


If pinworms are found in a child, then they are expelled with an enema with tansy. An infusion of herbs helps with ascaris. Enema recipe:

  • garlic - 1 head;
  • milk - 0.5 l;
  • tansy (flowers) - 1 tbsp. l.

Garlic is crushed, poured with milk, heated to a boil. Grass is poured into the broth and once again heated to a boil, filtered. When the broth has cooled to 40 ° C, it is injected into the rectum and kept there for at least 5 minutes. The procedure is carried out for 3 days. It is recommended to do it before bedtime. A repeated course of treatment is allowed, but not earlier than 10 days later.

Important! Tansy can be treated for children from 12 years old

Tansy infusion is prepared for children from ascaris. Dry grass is crushed, take 1 tbsp. l., poured into a thermos, pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1 hour. The remedy is given to the child 3 times a day for 1 tbsp. l. Treatment lasts 3 days, children drink the infusion before meals.


Worms were always driven out with wormwood. It contains substances that can remove parasites from the intestines:

  • glycosides;
  • essential oils;
  • flavonoids;
  • tannins.

A decoction is prepared from the plant. Use it for enemas. They are effective for enterobiasis and ascariasis. An enema is given twice: morning, evening.



  • chopped grass - 1 tsp;
  • water - 1 l.

The broth is brought to a boil, filtered, cooled to 40-50 ° C, used as directed.


Nuts have powerful anthelmintic properties, they act on 100 varieties of worms. Antiparasitic functions are explained by the substance juglone, which is part of the composition.

Walnut acts on parasites according to the following scheme:

  • inhibits reproductive functions;
  • destroys the tissue of worms;
  • causes their doom.

Walnuts can be used against different types of worms: round, tape. All parts of the plant have antihelminthic properties: kernels, shells, leaves, partitions, immature green fruits are most effective, a decoction is prepared from them.


To do this, unripe nuts are crushed into a gruel with a meat grinder. For 1 glass of boiling water add 4 tbsp. l. raw materials. The drink is infused for 1 hour. Take it during the day in two doses. Mature kernels of nuts for children from worms are given 3 days, 5-6 pieces at a time. The child should eat them with meals.

Water infusion from dried partitions drives well worms. Duration of treatment is 2 weeks. Every day they drink a quarter of a glass of tincture twice:

  • for 1 glass of boiling water take 2 tbsp. l. raw materials;
  • close the container with a lid;
  • insist hour.


This plant, endowed with antiparasitic properties, can be treated for worms in very young children. To prepare 1 liter of infusion, take a tablespoon of fennel.

To enhance the effect, add 2 drops of essential oil:

  • lavender;
  • tea tree;
  • bergamot.

Pour boiling water over fennel, leave for an hour.


Mint has been used as an anthelmintic since the 16th century. Children are allowed to give mint tea for worms. It is brewed in the most ordinary porcelain teapot. Fresh or dried mint leaves are taken as raw materials. Tea with fragrant leaves from worms is offered to the child to drink on an empty stomach (before meals).


In summer, it is easy to find sorrel in the forest and in the country; it grows from early spring to autumn. Worms are driven out with fresh leaves if the child does not have stomach problems (high acidity) or kidney problems, as well as sorrel allergies.

Sour leaves are given to the child in the morning, until the child has eaten. Better 30 minutes before breakfast. It is enough to eat just a few leaves at a time. In addition, fresh sorrel can be added to vegetable, meat, and fruit salads. Do not give sorrel to babies from 0 to 3 years old, so as not to harm the developing digestive system.



Many people know that chamomile helps with colds, but few have heard of its antihelminthic properties. Children are treated with chamomile tea for worms. The duration of treatment for parasites is 10 days. The child drinks the anthelmintic drink all day.

Preparing tea for worms with chamomile is simple:

  • 1 tbsp. l. crushed flowers are poured with a glass of boiling water;
  • close with a lid;
  • insist;
  • filter;
  • add warm boiled water, bringing the total volume to 1 liter.

You don't have to pick chamomile yourself in the forest or along the river banks. You can easily buy it at the pharmacy. In addition to the fact that chamomile tea will relieve the child of worms, it will also increase his immunity and the general tone of the body.

Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seeds for worms are given to children in the morning. They are eaten alone or as an addition to a dish (vegetable salad). The seeds are not roasted. An adult needs to eat at least 100 of them per day, children need less - no more than 5 pieces per day.


Pumpkin seeds have a strong effect on parasites, the effect is felt after 2 days. In addition, the child is given an enema to better cleanse the intestines from worms.

Sweet medicine can be prepared for sweet-food children:

  • a tablespoon of honey;
  • 300 g crushed pumpkin seeds.

The mixture is mixed as thoroughly as possible, the child is given in small portions before meals. For worms, the substance cucurbitin contained in the pulp of pumpkin seeds is destructive. It is safe for humans. The poison paralyzes adult worms and their larvae, but does not affect the eggs of the worms. To destroy the sexually mature parasites and all larvae hatched from the eggs, pumpkin seeds are given 10 days, take a week break and carry out another course.

Prevention of worms in children

The likelihood of helminthic invasion is reduced by simple preventive measures. Parents from an early age should teach their child to wash their hands after every walk and interaction with any pets. If the baby has worms, children's toys should be heat treated. In the absence of such an opportunity, they are simply removed for at least a week. The eggs of the worms that may be on the surface of toys will die during this time.

Worm eggs can enter the child's body through poorly washed vegetables (fruits). They can be found in particles of earth. Pets can become a source of infection with worms to prevent this from happening, dogs and cats are periodically treated for parasites.

Worm larvae can be found in raw foods (meat, fish). To avoid possible infection with parasite eggs, fish and meat dishes are heat treated. An integrated approach to treating a child from worms and their prevention helps to easily cope with the problem.

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