Is Chlamydia Transmitted Through Kissing: Is It Possible To Get Infected

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Is Chlamydia Transmitted Through Kissing: Is It Possible To Get Infected
Is Chlamydia Transmitted Through Kissing: Is It Possible To Get Infected

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Chlamydia is an infectious-inflammatory disease that can affect the organs of vision, respiratory, genitourinary, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. The main route of transmission of pathology is sexual, and some types of chlamydia can also be transmitted by airborne droplets, so the question arises: is chlamydia transmitted through a kiss?


  • 1 Types of kissing and chlamydia
  • 2 Possibility of infection: passionate kiss
  • 3 Conditions for saliva infection

    • 3.1 Localization of chlamydia in the mouth
    • 3.2 High concentration of chlamydia
    • 3.3 Reduced immunity
  • 4 Chlamydia transmission: oral-genital kissing
  • 5 Other pathological factors

Types of kissing and chlamydia

Conventionally, all kisses can be divided into several types, each of which is characterized by an individual risk of contracting a partner with chlamydia:

  • kisses on the cheek;
  • passionate contacts, characterized by the contact of the lips of both partners;
  • oral-genital kisses, characterized by the contact of the lips of a healthy person with the genitals of an infected partner.

Also, an infected person can kiss his partner anywhere on the body except for the mouth and genitals without harm to his health. When carrying out other kisses, there is a risk of contracting pathology.

Infection Potential: Passionate Kiss

Doctors say that the likelihood of contracting chlamydia through a kiss is too small. However, in theory it exists. This is due to the fact that infection requires the presence of a large number of pathogenic microorganisms in the saliva of a sick person. Such a concentration of chlamydia is observed exclusively in severe forms of generalized pathology.


Bacteria are able to actively multiply only in the pharyngeal region, therefore, in order to become infected with chlamydia, infected salivary fluid must be swallowed. However, this must be done very quickly, otherwise the protective functions of saliva quickly and completely neutralize pathogenic microorganisms. If microorganisms quickly enter the pharynx for the development of the disease, microorganisms must linger in it, since the acidic environment of the stomach is unsuitable for their habitation.

Conditions for saliva infection

There are several conditions that can lead to kissing infection. Among them, the following factors are distinguished:

  • the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity;
  • high concentration of pathogens in saliva;
  • deterioration of immunity in a healthy partner.

It is possible to become infected with chlamydia with a kiss only when all 3 conditions are met.

Localization of chlamydia in the mouth

The oral cavity is an uncharacteristic place for the vital activity of chlamydia. The most favorable environment for them is the larynx. The salivary glands are located above the larynx, so saliva that enters the pharynx and becomes infected is simply swallowed by the sick person.

High concentration of chlamydia

Chlamydia infection occurs exclusively with prolonged contact of mucous membranes, as well as in the presence of a high concentration of pathogenic microorganisms. Conditions of high concentration in saliva are rarely achieved because:

  • saliva contains a large amount of antibacterial substances;
  • other bacteria are present in the salivary fluid that suppress the activity of microorganisms;

saliva is a liquid that is a natural diluent that reduces the concentration of pathogenic bacteria

Reduced immunity

The human immune system is characterized by a high ability to suppress pathogenic microorganisms, which include chlamydia. However, with a weakening of the immune system, the possibility of contracting chlamydia with a kiss increases.

In this case, to damage a healthy person, a reduced concentration of infection is required, which can be transmitted from the throat of a sick partner. It is worth considering that for the formation in the oral cavity of an environment optimal for the vital activity of chlamydia, immunity can significantly weaken due to any infectious and viral pathology.

Chlamydia transmission: oral-genital kissing

The risk of contracting chlamydia, mainly sexually transmitted infections, is significantly increased by oral-genital contact between partners.


The immunity of a healthy person is able to overcome pathology if there is an insignificant concentration of the pathogen in the saliva. However, with its weakening or with the recent transfer of venereal diseases, chlamydia begins to actively multiply, provoking the development of the disease. A high risk of infection for a woman is observed during oral sex, since chlamydiae attach to sperm and form a high concentration in semen during ejaculation.

Other pathological factors

The concentration of chlamydia in saliva may increase due to the following diseases:

  • chlamydial bronchitis;
  • chlamydial sore throat;
  • chlamydial pneumonia.

The penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into saliva is provided when the patient sneezes and coughs. However, such a concentration of chlamydia in saliva is not enough for instant infection.

Can you get chlamydia when kissing a sick person? The answer to this question depends on the type of kiss, as well as on the immune system of a healthy person. In most cases, regular kissing is safe for healthy partners. Only oral-genital caresses are considered unsafe, so kissing in this way should be done exclusively with trusted partners or using a condom.

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