Health Benefits Of Spices

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Health Benefits Of Spices
Health Benefits Of Spices
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  • A pinch of spices instead of a handful of pills
  • Natural antibiotics
  • You can defeat parasites!

Spices change the aroma of familiar products, making them more appetizing. But their main advantage remains a high concentration of antioxidants. These substances protect the human body from oxidative stress, which gives rise to the aging process and the development of many unpleasant diseases.

A pinch of spices instead of a handful of pills

Gourmets appreciate the culinary virtues of aromatic spices. With them, simple cereals become spicy, soups with a minimum set of ingredients become interesting. But the main thing is that they make the diet healthy. Even sweets become a medicine when they contain nuts, dried fruits, spices. Such a mixture literally prolongs the life of a healthy body, gives the patient strength to fight ailments.

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The healing effect of aromatic spices is based on the acceleration of metabolic processes and the ability to disinfect and destroy pathogens. In addition, spices are a complete replacement for pharmacological groups:

  • Antidepressants. The result is achieved by ingestion multiplied by aromatherapy. This causes the blood to saturate with joy hormones.
  • Enzyme preparations, as they activate the digestive glands and intestinal peristalsis.
  • Statinov. A study by the University of Pennsylvania found that consumption of turmeric and cinnamon resulted in a 15 percent reduction in dangerous cholesterol.
  • Sugar reducing pills. Coriander, cinnamon and barberry are in the lead here.
  • Antispasmodics. Many spices are rich in magnesium and other minerals, the lack of which tends to spasm. A more pronounced effect is achieved if you combine dried fruits and spices.
  • Hormonal drugs. There are female spices - vanilla, nutmeg. They help with a lack of estrogen. With low testosterone, preference is given to male seasonings - fenugreek, basil.

Natural antibiotics

Since ancient times, people have noticed how condiments serve as preservatives for cooked dishes. In hot climates, where microbes multiply at an incredible rate, in unsanitary conditions, they protect against intestinal infections and helminthiasis. Their antimicrobial properties are shown with similar success in various inflammations.

Spices actively suppress inflammation while mobilizing internal forces:

  • With ARVI with muscle aches, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla perfectly relieve painful sensations.
  • Expectorant drugs for dry cough can be prepared from star anise, anise, basil.
  • Ease breathing and cure cough cardamom, vanilla.
  • Reduce the temperature of ginger, cumin, turmeric.
  • Prevent complications on the kidneys and colds cystitis basil, turmeric.

The last spice is indispensable in the preparation of pilaf. It gives the rice a golden color in traditional meat versions and where dried fruit replaces meat. The main coloring and active ingredient is curcumin. Oncologists became interested in him, recommending taking a tumor-blocking agent in addition to chemotherapy.

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