Tanaxol: Price, Where To Buy, Instructions For Use, Analogues

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Tanaxol: Price, Where To Buy, Instructions For Use, Analogues
Tanaxol: Price, Where To Buy, Instructions For Use, Analogues

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  • What is Tanaxol
  • Composition
  • Storage conditions
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
  • Mode of application

    • For kids
    • During pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Pharmacy price
  • Analogs
  • Reviews
  • You can defeat parasites!

Tanaxol is a broad-spectrum drug that is used to combat lamblia. It has a mild effect on the body, therefore it is suitable for children and adults.

Most modern antihelminthic drugs are quite toxic and provoke the development of side symptoms. Tanaxol in such cases would be a good plant-based alternative.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

What is Tanaxol

Due to its complex action, a natural antiparasitic agent allows not only to destroy helminths, but also to eliminate the consequences of their vital activity. Tanaxol is sold in pharmacies, in the form of granules packaged in plastic containers with a volume of 30-100 g.


Tanaxol from lamblia has the following effects.

  1. Destroys eggs, larvae and adults of lamblia, whipworms, hookworms, nekator.
  2. Differs in pronounced anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic properties.
  3. Helps to restore damaged mucous membranes, intestinal microflora.
  4. Normalizes the functioning of the liver, protects the organ from the effects of toxins.
  5. Improves the production and outflow of bile.
  6. If the acidity of the stomach is low, the drug increases the production of gastric juice.
  7. Due to its laxative effect, it accelerates the process of cleansing the intestines from parasites.
  8. Improves appetite and eliminates signs of intoxication.

In a pharmacy, the drug may be sold under the name:

  • Tanaxol Argo;
  • Tanaxol Plus;
  • Tanaxol Forte.


Tanaxol has a natural base. It includes extracts of medicinal plants with pronounced antiparasitic properties, these are:

  • Tansy.
  • Sagebrush.
  • Solyanka hill.
  • Yarrow.
  • Elecampane.
  • Glucose / sorbitol - auxiliary components.

The choice of medication depends on individual characteristics and is selected exclusively by the attending physician.

Storage conditions

Tanaxol should be stored in a dry place out of the reach of children. Release form:

  • Tanaxol - granules.
  • Packaging - 42 g.

Indications for use

The main purpose of Tanaxol is to fight against lamblia. When infested by this parasite, a person develops the following negative symptoms.

  1. Nausea;
  2. Vomiting.
  3. Pain in the epigastric region.
  4. Sudden weight loss.
  5. Various manifestations of allergies.
  6. Anemia.

The drug is prescribed:

  • with mild forms of invasion by lamblia, roundworms, non-corrosive diseases;
  • if there are contraindications to synthetic drugs;
  • for the prevention and recurrence of parasite infestation;
  • as an anti-inflammatory, choleretic agent for cholecystitis;
  • for the treatment of gastritis with low acidity;
  • with dysbiosis;
  • with viral forms of hepatitis;
  • for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • during an exacerbation of chronic diseases of the hepatobiliary and digestive systems.

Treatment of severe forms of invasion takes place first with synthetic medicines. Tanaxol is prescribed during the recovery period after therapy to prevent relapse, restore damaged organs and relieve inflammation.


Reviews of people who used Tanaxol indicate that the drug rarely provokes the development of any negative symptoms, allergies.

However, the medication has certain limitations that are important to consider before starting treatment.

Tanaxol is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The active substances of the drug penetrate the placenta into milk, which can provoke miscarriage, allergies and other diseases in the child.


Also, the medication cannot be used:

  • children under 1 year old;
  • with individual intolerance;
  • if there is urolithiasis, phenylketonuria;

People with hypersensitivity to any component of the drug during therapy may experience:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • headaches;
  • diarrhea;
  • stomach pain;
  • drowsiness;
  • irritability.

Mode of application

Instructions for use of Tanaxol are in the package with the drug. It is important to read it before starting treatment. According to the instructions for 70 kg of body weight, 4 g of the drug is prescribed (approximately 2 tbsp. L.).

The medicine is taken half an hour before meals. If granules are used, they must first be dissolved in 100 ml of warm water. The course of treatment takes 1-2 weeks. The therapy can be repeated only after a week break.

The dosage and method of administration are selected by the doctor. It is not recommended to independently make adjustments to the treatment regimen.

Tanaxol is an effective dietary supplement that is prescribed for invasion by lamblia and other diseases. The drug has a natural composition and rarely provokes side symptoms.

For kids

It is allowed to use the medicine in the mild stages of the disease. During this period, preventive rules must be strictly followed, which will eliminate re-infection.

If the age of a small patient is 1-2 years old, then he needs to be given 1/8 teaspoon of medicine, 2-3 years - ¼ spoon, 3-7 years - 1/3 spoon, 7-12 years - 2/3 spoon, more 12 years old - 1 spoon.

The success of the treatment will be confirmed if, after completing the course, a second diagnosis confirms the absence of oviducts, and the child does not have the corresponding symptoms.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Tanaxol is made on the basis of tansy, therefore its use during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated. The tansy contains thujone, which belongs to the category of toxic substances and affects the muscles of the uterus, which leads to an increase in its tone. As a result, miscarriage, heavy bleeding, or premature birth may occur.

Pharmacy price

The price of Tanaxol is quite low. You can buy a medicine in a pharmacy network for an average of 300 rubles.


If we talk about preparations similar in composition, then they simply do not exist. You can list only analogues in terms of pharmacological action and indications:

  • Candide;
  • Chlorophyllipt;
  • Wilprafen;
  • Trichopolus;
  • Azicine;
  • Metronidazole and others.

The only analogue in action on a natural basis is the drug Chlorophyllipt. All other medicines are synthetic medicines, therefore they have many contraindications and side effects.


Here are some reviews of the drug you can find on the Internet.

Karina, 29 years old, Moscow:

“Several years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with giardiasis, at that time she was 1.5 years old. Of the most pronounced symptoms, she had skin rashes. The doctor prescribed Tanaxol for us. I was alarmed by the fact that this drug is a dietary supplement, but its composition is good.

Other anthelmintics are very toxic, and I did not dare to try anything stronger. I gave the medicine to the girl for 7 days. On day 4, I noticed the effect: the skin on the face brightened, the rashes became not so noticeable.

The drug has no side effects, its composition is completely natural. After 10 days, we passed an analysis for worm eggs. The results were indicative of recovery.

Tanaxol is suitable for those with mild to moderate illness, but you should discuss the drug with your doctor. Perhaps in some cases its action is not enough."

Inna, 32 years old, Minsk:

“Tanaxol was used to treat lamblia in a five-year-old son. The natural composition and the absence of side effects are very tempting, but the course of treatment with this drug lasts from 7 to 14 days. It took us ten.

The effect is very slow, so I still prefer synthetic products. But for those who have contraindications to chemical drugs, Tanaxol is an excellent alternative."

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