Worms And Psychosomatics In An Adult And A Child

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Worms And Psychosomatics In An Adult And A Child
Worms And Psychosomatics In An Adult And A Child
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  • Psychosomatics of helminthiasis in adults

    • Emotional locking
    • Mental blocking
  • Psychological prerequisites: why a person is sick
  • Psychosomatic causes of helminthiasis in children and adults
  • Can psychosomatics be the cause of worms?
  • Psychological causes of worms and parasites
  • What should be done and how to fix the situation?
  • Worms: psychosomatics and symptoms

    • Psychosomatics
    • Worms and psyche
  • How to remove worms forever: the main psychological causes of worms
  • You can defeat parasites!

Have worms appeared? The psychosomatic side of the issue, the reasons for the appearance of parasites in the body should be considered. Physicians have proven that 85% of diseases appear for psychological reasons, among which feelings and emotions occupy the main position. Physical factors such as hypothermia, infections, this is a kind of "trigger" that triggers the pathology.

According to psychologists, the patient should first understand what the body wants to say, and then change his life and thinking. Due to the changes, the disease is perceived by the body as an abnormal phenomenon, therefore it will disappear.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

Of course, this assurance is controversial, but here is what psychologists say about what causes helminths.

Psychosomatics is as follows:

  1. Blocking emotions. A person, in whose body parasites have appeared, allows parasitizing on him in a way of life, thoughts. Children suffer from helminthiasis more often due to the impossibility of resisting the world of adults. The child feels obliged to pretend, not to be himself. The more the patient allows himself to parasitize, the more often there will be manifestations of helminthiasis.
  2. Mental blocking. This is the path to healing. According to V. Sinelnikov: from what the worms appeared, from which they must get away. That is, you should believe in your importance, not allowing yourself to use useless small thoughts, beliefs. Begin to respect yourself, define your own circle of sufficiency, and thereby infect the disease.

Louise Hay in the book highlights the main negative and positive attitudes:

  1. Negative: the patient gives up power to others, allowing him to take over;
  2. Positive (healing): mastering your own thoughts, desires, body.

And now a little more about what, in the opinion of psychologists, parasites appear, what is the psychosomatics of their development.

The invasion is caused by a specific type of worm that lives in the small intestine. In the incubation state, eggs penetrate the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and then with saliva back into the intestine. Infestation denotes a negative attitude towards women's work, worries and cruelty in love. It is necessary to reconsider the attitude towards life, work, society.

Psychosomatics of helminthiasis in adults

Do you have worms (helminths)? Consider the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, deep) causes of the appearance of helminths in the human body.

Dr. N. Volkova writes: “It has been proven that about 85% of all diseases have psychological causes. It can be assumed that the remaining 15% of diseases are associated with the psyche, but this connection has yet to be established … Among the causes of diseases, feelings and emotions occupy one of the main places, and physical factors - hypothermia, infections - act secondarily, as a trigger …"

Dr. A. Meneghetti in his book "Psychosomatics" writes: "A disease is the language, the speech of the subject … To understand the disease, it is necessary to reveal the project that the subject creates in his unconscious.

Then a second step is needed, which the patient must take: he must change. If a person changes psychologically, then the disease, being an abnormal course of life, will disappear …"

Consider the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, deep) causes of the appearance of helminths in the human body.

Here is what world-renowned experts in the field and authors of books on this topic write about it.

Liz Burbo, in her book Your Body Says Love Yourself! Writes about the possible metaphysical causes of parasites in the body:

Emotional locking

A person who suffers from parasites allows others to parasitize on him - in terms of thoughts and lifestyle.


Children often suffer from parasites as they are too influenced by the adult world. They feel obligated to pretend, that is, not to be themselves, in order to earn the love and attention of adults.

It is very common for people to pick up parasites when traveling to other countries. The more a person allows himself to parasitize, the more importance he attaches to unimportant trifles. These little things fill his consciousness, take up too much space in his life.

Mental blocking

Suffering from parasites, your body tells you that no one can parasitize on you if you do not allow it yourself. You force yourself to be a different person, because you believe that this will deserve someone's love. But you already have everything you need to become a loved and respected person.

Louise Hay in her book "Heal Yourself" points to the main negative attitudes (leading to illness) and harmonizing thoughts (leading to healing) associated with the appearance and healing of parasites:

You give up power to others, let them take over.

Harmonizing thoughts: I am again happy to take power into my own hands, thereby putting an end to all interference.

Sergei N. Lazarev in his books "Diagnostics of Karma" (books 1-12) and "Man of the Future" writes that the main cause of absolutely all diseases is deficiency, lack or even lack of love in a person's soul. When a person puts something above love for God (and God, as the Bible says, is Love), then instead of gaining divine love he rushes to something else.

To what (erroneously) considers more important in life: money, fame, wealth, power, pleasure, sex, relationships, abilities, order, morality, knowledge and many, many other material and spiritual values ​​… But this is not a goal, but only means for gaining divine (true) love, love for God, love, like with God. And where there is no (true) love in the soul, as a feedback from the Universe, diseases, problems and other troubles come.

This is necessary so that a person thinks, realizes that he is going in the wrong direction, thinks, says and does something wrong, and begins to correct himself, to take the right Path! There are many nuances of how the disease manifests itself in our body. You can learn more about this practical concept from books, seminars and video seminars by Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev.

Dr. Luule Viilma, in his book The Light Source of Love, writes:

Ascariasis caused by specific types of ascaris. They live in the small intestine, but before maturation, being in the egg stage, they are transported through the intestinal wall into the blood vessels, heart, lungs and, swallowed together with saliva, enter the intestine again.

Ascaris say: “Dear man! Your unkind attitude to women's work or women's life is due to the fact that you do not value love and freedom. Release your cruelty that you are trying to hide, and cruelty will lose its power over you."

Psychological prerequisites: why a person is sick

According to the concepts of psychosomatics, diseases are signals that a person's balance and harmony with the universe is disturbed. All harmful thoughts, behavior, intentions, worldviews are externally reflected through human health.

Thus, any disease acts as the body's subconscious defense against negative behavior, destructive thoughts and other factors. If a person is sick, then his worldview is sick. Therefore, in order to heal, you should work on your worldview and try to change it.

When most people experience pain, the first thing they do is use pills and other medications to get rid of unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible. Most often, they do not think about the cause of problems or downtime, they do not want to endure painful sensations. However, by suppressing and stopping pain with drugs, the cause of the health disorder cannot be eliminated.

Usually, the treatment of certain diseases is reduced to the use of medications and the passage of medical procedures. People either do not know or do not think about the fact that the cause of the ailment may lie in some psychological problems. Meanwhile, all diseases are a signal from the body that there is a violation in the system.

Often, illness occurs when feelings are suppressed, which are accompanied by deep inner experiences. In order to be able to find out the possible cause of the disease and start acting correctly, a table of diseases and their mental causes has been developed. The list helps you analyze your actions, actions and thoughts and return to the spiritual principles of life.

This does not mean that a person should abandon traditional treatment and deal only with psychological problems. Psychosomatics primarily helps medicine, and does not completely replace it. Since some diseases can have complex causes and deep roots, in this case, a psychologist can identify the disease.

To completely get rid of ailment, normalize your own health, improve your body and soul, you need to do everything to get rid of such emotions. The main thing is to use not the suppression of the emotional state, but the complete removal of them from the mind.

According to the founders of psychosomatics, it is important to know the causes of diseases. First of all, the disease is a consequence of one's own thoughts, and not the circumstances that surround the person. Any thoughts have certain consequences.

Everything that can happen in life - it happens as a consequence of thought, word, deed. Thus, thoughts are based on the platform of the future that is created by man.

In solving psychosomatic problems, the so-called affirmations effectively help, which are positive statements that help change the way of thinking and create the future to which a person aspires.

  • To achieve inner harmony, well-being and health, affirmations are said aloud for ten minutes.
  • For the convenience of memorization and perception, affirmations are written down on paper, after which positive statements are pronounced aloud or silently.
  • You can effectively influence the subconscious mind by recording affirmations on disk and listening to them during meditation or before falling asleep.

Psychosomatic causes of helminthiasis in children and adults

Helminths in the human body can also appear and remain for a long time for mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious and deep reasons. This problem has been studied by many renowned experts in the field of metaphysics and psychosomatics.

According to Dr. Volkova, 85 percent of all existing diseases are associated with psychological causes. Other illnesses can also be associated with mental problems, but this has not yet been precisely established.

Emotions and feelings are in the first place among all the reasons for the development of ailment in a person. Physical factors such as hypothermia, infection, helminthiasis are secondary and act as triggers.

In the book "Psychosomatics" by Dr. Meneghetti it is indicated that the disease acts as the language, the speech of a person. To understand the source of the disease, you need to carefully study the project that is created by a person unconsciously. After identifying the cause, an important step should be taken - to change yourself and your thoughts. After a psychological change, the disease disappears as an abnormal course and never returns.

The scientist Liz Burbo, through her book about love for your body, tells what the metaphysical causes of the appearance of worms in the body can be.

  1. Physical blockage refers to the statement that any parasites are animals or plant organisms that are able to temporarily or permanently live at the expense of other organisms, which are often a person. At the same time, parasitism does not kill the host.
  2. From an emotional point of view, Liz Burbo points out the fact that people suffer from helminths when they allow their thoughts and the environment to parasitize on it. So, a child often suffers from worms if the adult world exerts too much influence on him. Children believe that they must pretend, that is, not be themselves in order to deserve the attention and love of an adult.
  3. For the same reason, many people can get an infection when traveling to another country. The more often a person allows parasitism in his body, the more attention he pays to unimportant little things. These questions, connected with insignificant things, begin to fill the entire volume in consciousness and take up a lot of space in his life.
  4. If we consider the question of parasitism from the point of view of mental reasons, then Liz Burbo argues that no microbe can settle in the body if the person himself does not allow it. That is, a person by his actions is trying to become different, because he believes that thereby deserves someone's attention.

Therefore, there is no need to launch unnecessary thoughts and statements into the mind, just as suspicious strangers do not launch into the house.

Dr. Louise Hay, in a book on self-healing, highlights the main negative cause leading to helminthiasis and the main harmonizing thought that leads to healing from the parasitic pathogenic organisms.

Psychosomatic causes of helminthiasis in children and adults
Psychosomatic causes of helminthiasis in children and adults

The leading thought boils down to the fact that a person gives up power to others, because of which he allows them to take over. To eliminate the problem, you need to take power into your own hands and put an end to any outside interference.

  • According to the famous doctor Sinelnikov, the presence of lamblia, worms and other parasites in the body indicates a person's dependence on someone or certain situations. In this case, the carrier of the infection does not allow himself to make his own life decisions.
  • The adherent of psychosomatics Zhikarentsev thinks the same. He explains that helminthiasis develops due to the fact that a person gives strength and power to someone or something else, thereby allowing complete control of himself. To solve the problem and get rid of parasites, you need to teach yourself to wish with all your heart to build your life independently and direct all available forces to this.
  • Professor Lazarev through his books conveys the opinion that the main cause of all diseases, including helminthiasis, is the absence or lack of love in the human soul. According to the Bible, God is Love, and if a person begins to put something above love for God, instead of gaining divine love, he directs his forces to something else.

At the same time, he strives for money, fame, wealth, power, sex, pleasure, relationships, order, morality, knowledge and other values ​​of a material or spiritual nature. Meanwhile, each of these aspirations is not a goal, but only a means to gain divine love.

If there is no love in the soul, diseases, life problems and other troubles enter into it as a feedback from the Universe.

Can psychosomatics be the cause of worms?

Psychosomatics studies the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence of bodily (somatic) diseases. Like any other disease, helminthiasis has a number of physical and psychological causes.

It is worth noting that they do not act separately from each other, therefore, it is necessary to treat worms in a complex, i.e. at the same time eliminate psychological factors and carry out drug treatment.

Usually people turn to psychosomatics when the disease recurs repeatedly. They are worried why, despite the recommendations of doctors and thorough therapy, the disease does not go away or comes back again?

Psychosomatics explains this by the fact that a person has incorrect attitudes, fears or blocks that affect his psyche for a long time, making the body vulnerable to certain diseases.

Worms are no exception. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this disease once and for all, or to save a loved one, you should pay attention to the psychological causes of its occurrence and work them out.

Psychological causes of worms and parasites

The disease does not start just like that, says psychosomatics, the disease shows that in a person's life, something is going wrong. It is possible to determine what exactly, depending on what kind of ailment worries. Consider the causes of worms and parasites:

  1. Refusal of authorship over one's own life, from responsibility, shifting responsibility for making decisions on others, allowing other people to have complete power over oneself.
  2. Devaluation of oneself, one's own life, oppression of one's personality, allowing others to oppress oneself.
  3. Pretense. A person does not play his role, he does not live the life he would like; does not set goals of his own.
  4. The manifestation of excessive cruelty to oneself and to people, the use of others, hatred.

What should be done and how to fix the situation?

You can often find information on psychosomatics that in order to heal you need to repeat affirmations. These are phrases that are fixed in the subconscious with constant repetition, replacing the usual incorrect attitudes. But, in fact, they will not work just like that. If the disease has come, then the reasons are deep and they need to be worked out deeply, and the affirmations should be used as an addition.

If it is not possible to consult a psychologist, you can try to eliminate the psychological causes of worms and parasites on your own (in conjunction with drug treatment!). What do you need to do for this?

  • Determine the reason. Usually it lies on the surface, and a person recognizes his problem by reading about it.
  • Try to understand why this negative attitude is present in your subconscious mind. Often the root cause lies in childhood. When the personality is not yet fully formed, it is easy to influence and easily break. Incorrectly built parent-child relationships, psychological trauma, adolescent difficulties can be factors in the emergence of self-dislike, insecurity, cruelty and hatred. And these characteristics provoke the appearance of worms.

Be sure to work on the root cause. Sometimes it is enough to understand, and the disease recedes, but when this is not enough, do the following exercises:

  • A letter to the past. Take a blank sheet of paper and an envelope, write a letter to all the bad things that happened to you and still disturb you. Forgive the people who hurt you, ask for forgiveness of those you hurt. Write that the past no longer bothers you, you are starting a new life in which you are an author and creator. Put in an envelope and burn the letter.
  • Make a large poster titled “1000 Reasons Why I Should / Should Love and Respect Myself”. Write down 10 reasons each day. If you don't want to make a poster, get a notebook. Start your day with this exercise. List every little thing.
  • Make a plan for the future. The plan should include all of your dreams and goals. Put in the first place what you can do now, but have been denied yourself for a long time. Do it.
  • Surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Tell them how you feel. Spend more time together. If there are people with whom you would like to end the relationship, distance yourself from them.

Psychosomatics is an interesting branch of medicine and psychology that allows a broader look at the causes of diseases. Treatment of worms and parasites with traditional methods, combined with the methods offered by psychosomatics, can help you get rid of this disease much faster.

Worms: psychosomatics and symptoms

Worms are a common occurrence, information about which can often be found in the media. This leads to the fact that many people begin to think about whether they have worms?

In some cases and with a certain character, such concern turns into a serious psychosomatic phenomenon.


This is a direction in science, located on the border of psychology and medicine. It studies the relationship between the psychological characteristics of a person and character traits with somatic, that is, physical diseases that arise in the body.

Psychosomatics is popular in alternative medicine and is based on the idea that any disease is associated with a person's psychological state. Researchers often establish a connection between constitutional characteristics, emotional internal conflicts and types of behavior and certain diseases.

In the general understanding, psychosomatic disorders are conditions, the development of which is influenced by psychological processes occurring in a person. Sometimes the inverse relationship is also investigated - the influence of diseases on the psychological state of a person.

In psychosomatic therapy, specialists are based on the effect on the body of such phenomena as:

  • Suggestion - a person convinces himself that he has any disease;
  • Self-punishment - the unconscious attribution of illness to oneself as punishment for an oversight;
  • Identification - unconscious ascribing to oneself a symptom that a loved one suffers;
  • The experience of the past is an illness that was suffered earlier and seriously traumatized mentally;
  • Motivation - diseases that can bring benefits to the person who suffers them;
  • The conflict between the conscious and unconscious parts of the personality;
  • Body language - the disease is caused by one of the figurative phrases, like "this is a constant headache" or "I can't stomach it."

A psychosomatic illness is diagnosed when it has arisen as a result of depression, stress or emotional distress, and also when official medicine, after all research, cannot establish the physiological cause of the disorder.

Worms and psyche

Some people may believe they have worms (although they are not infected).

Psychological prerequisites: why a person is sick
Psychological prerequisites: why a person is sick

Parasites in the body develop as a result of infection by larvae or eggs, from which, as a result, adults, capable of reproduction, develop.

As can be seen from the description, such a disease cannot be psychosomatic, since it develops as a result of external influences.

However, this disease may have a psychosomatic component. This is a condition in which a person subconsciously looks for symptoms of infection in himself and attributes all, at least slightly similar symptoms, to him.

In this condition, the patient may doubt the test results that indicate that he is healthy and insist on treatment.

In severe cases, this condition leads to nervous disorders, psychosis, prolonged depression due to the inability to "get rid of the disease."

Constant stress can lead to the appearance of specific symptoms, such as constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, and rash.

From this, the patient only becomes stronger in his suspicion of worms.

How to remove worms forever: the main psychological causes of worms

Worms are understood as parasites that enter a child's or adult's body during the migration of larvae. At the moment, about 150 varieties of helminthiasis are known. Most often, patients have to deal with infections with tapeworm, pinworms, roundworms, lamblia.

To avoid the disease, it is important to know the main causes of worms. Often parasites enter the body by eating contaminated food, including dirty fruits and vegetables; through unwashed hands. Dangerous carriers of worms are flies, which carry eggs of worms on their paws.

After the larvae of the worms enter the intestines, their movement through the circulatory system begins. There are lesions and damage to the mucous membranes and vein walls. Then the worms spread throughout the body.

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