Black Walnut From Parasites: Useful Properties, Methods Of Application, Contraindications

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Black Walnut From Parasites: Useful Properties, Methods Of Application, Contraindications
Black Walnut From Parasites: Useful Properties, Methods Of Application, Contraindications

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  • Medicinal properties
  • The value of black walnut in the fight against parasites
  • How to use
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Is it possible to make a tincture at home
  • You can defeat parasites!

Black walnut is an increasingly popular remedy for parasites. Its Latin name is Juglans nigra, it grows in the North American continent.

The name "black walnut" is erroneous, these are different species, although they belong to the same family and with a rather similar chemical composition.

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However, black walnut contains more nutrients, it itself is much denser and heavier in weight, and its shell is much harder.

If the walnut is widely used in cooking, then the black one is actively used by folk medicine, in particular, by the Indian tribes of North America.

This plant was brought to Russia in the middle of the 18th century, but it took root mainly in the southern regions of the country, where today it is industrially harvested for the needs of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicinal properties
Medicinal properties

Medicinal properties

Black walnut contains many substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body: this is a number of macro- and microelements (silicon, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium), as well as bioflavonoids, tannins, vitamins (according to the content of vitamin C, for example, it is 50 times superior to citrus fruits, which determines its high antioxidant properties).

It has established itself as an effective drug not only against parasites, but also for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, thrush and even, according to the latest research, as a component of a comprehensive treatment of tumors, not only benign, but also malignant.

A special role is played by the substance juglone contained in its composition, which effectively acts on fungi, yeast infection and other parasites, including helminths.

Black walnut against parasites is effective in three ways:

  • destruction of helminths and their larvae in the intestines;
  • cleansing the body from the toxic effects of their waste products and decay;
  • strengthening the body's defenses against viral, infectious and parasitic diseases.

It is generally accepted that shells and peels are mainly used in black walnuts, and only from an unripe fruit.

Nut properties
Nut properties

However, its leaf also has a pronounced anthelmintic effect and, in addition, helps to normalize metabolism and lower cholesterol levels, which helps not only to cleanse the body, but also to get rid of excess weight.

The use of black walnut is diverse, and preparations based on it are produced:

  • in capsules and tablets - they are useful for treating respiratory diseases and colds;
  • the oil is used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (dysbiosis, gastritis, colitis, ulcers), as well as skin and diseases of the female genital organs, hemorrhoids;
  • ointments for skin diseases;
  • candles for the treatment of gynecological diseases, ulcers, hemorrhoids;
  • Dietary supplements (dietary supplements) help the overall strengthening of the body.

The value of black walnut in the fight against parasites

Scientific research has shown that the substances contained in these fruits in the form of a concentrate are a natural antibiotic capable of destroying more than 100 varieties of parasites and even those pathogenic bacteria against which many synthesized drugs are powerless.

For medical purposes, including from parasites, only unripe fruits are used, from which a tincture containing many glycosides is made.

It has a stimulating effect on intestinal peristalsis, as a result, food is absorbed faster and better, slags are more actively removed from the intestines.

Due to the fact that tincture of black walnut prevents the growth of pathogens, the process of decay does not occur in the intestines.

Black walnut also contains a lot of tannins. These tannins, with the help of their astringent effect on proteins, form a kind of protein protective film, which prevents the penetration of parasites into the human body and their subsequent reproduction.

These same properties made the fruits of this plant almost the only natural substance that has the ability to get rid of such parasites as nematodes (roundworms).

As you can see, the action of black walnut is diverse, and as a result, the whole body is healed by improving the quality of blood, purified from toxins. But it is especially appreciated for parasites.

The value of black walnut in the fight against parasites
The value of black walnut in the fight against parasites

True, the question immediately arises: where to get the "right" fruits - unripe, green, since only they will give the desired effect.

The best time to collect them is the beginning and the first weeks of September, when the formation of fruits has already ended, but they have not yet ripened.

As already mentioned, black walnut grows in the southern regions of our country, but a layman is unlikely to be able to distinguish it from walnut.

Therefore, the most reliable way is to buy. Where can I buy? Of course, in the pharmacy, because otherwise you get, as they say, a pig in a poke: it is not known whether the fruits were collected at the right time, and whether this is the nut at all.

How to use

According to the reviews, the best result is obtained by combining such a tincture with other natural ingredients.

If the question of how to get rid of roundworms (pinworms, roundworms, etc.) along with their larvae and eggs is relevant for you, then such a treatment will certainly interest you.

Please note that the ingredients are not mixed as usual, but taken separately, so purchase wormwood and cloves immediately in powder form.

The triad reception scheme is as follows:

  • 1st day: take 1 g of wormwood and cloves and wash them down with small sips of 100 ml of water with 1 drop of tincture diluted in it;
  • 2nd day: the dosage of all components, except water, is doubled;
  • 3rd and subsequent days: continue to increase dosage.

The course of treatment is 2 weeks, after which, for prophylactic purposes against parasites, it is recommended to take the composition once a week in the same dose as on the first day.

It is important to correctly calculate the dosage: if the weight exceeds 70 kg, then for every 10 kg of excess weight, the volume of the ingredients should be increased by 25%.

How to use
How to use

It is better for children to choose another anthelmintic agent, since it is difficult for them to take bitter and pungent powders, like wormwood and cloves. Adults, on the other hand, should follow exactly this order of admission, which ensures the effectiveness of the triad.

It is necessary to carry out anthelminthic measures at the same time in all family members, including pets, in order to avoid re-infection.

To speed up the process of getting rid of worms, it is advisable at this time to follow a diet with the exception of sweet and starchy foods, which are a breeding ground for parasites.

During the course, it is also recommended to take laxatives for the prompt removal of dead parasites from the intestines, so that they do not poison the body with their decay products.

It is also possible to use one such tincture against parasites, but in this case, the treatment will take about six months. It consists of three-week courses with a mandatory one-week break. The dosage regimen is as follows: dissolve 5 drops in 0.5 glasses of water and take before meals.

Each subsequent day, the number of drops increases by 5, and the volume of water - arbitrarily, but within 1 glass. The final volume of drops should reach 2 teaspoons, and if the patient's weight exceeds 75 kg, then up to 2.5 teaspoons.

Black walnut extract is also effectively used to heal a weakened body.

As a rule, different manufacturers indicate the same dosage:

  • drops: mix 20 drops with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water and take 4 times a day before meals for 4 weeks;
  • capsules: 1 capsule three times a day with food.

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Contraindications and side effects

Like any effective remedy, black walnut has contraindications.

It cannot be accepted:

  • children, regardless of age;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with gastritis and gastrointestinal ulcer;
  • with alcoholism;
  • with cirrhosis of the liver;
  • with a high level of prothrombin in the blood.

This may be due to an incorrect dosage calculation, so it should be minimized and, if side effects are not observed, recalculated.

The uncontrolled intake of large quantities of this tincture from parasites suppresses the normal microflora in the intestine, so it will be useful to eat foods rich in bifidobacteria to restore it.

To avoid constipation, which is also one of the side effects, it is recommended to eat more food containing coarse fiber and vegetable oils - this will help to regularly remove toxins and toxins from the body.

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Is it possible to make a tincture at home

It is possible, but impractical, since all the rules are observed in pharmaceutical preparations: both the collection time and the processing technology, not to mention the quality of raw materials.

But if you are firmly convinced that you have the right raw materials, you can make the tincture yourself.


Unripe fruits, collected in the first weeks of September, without splitting or peeling, put as tightly as possible in a glass container and pour vodka so that it completely covers them.

Close the container tightly and put it in a dark place. After 2 weeks, the tincture is ready. Store it in the same container in a cool place.

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