Treatment Of Leptospirosis In Humans And Animals, The Course Of Treatment Of The Disease

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Treatment Of Leptospirosis In Humans And Animals, The Course Of Treatment Of The Disease
Treatment Of Leptospirosis In Humans And Animals, The Course Of Treatment Of The Disease

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  • Symptoms of leptospirosis in humans
  • The course of treatment for leptospirosis in humans

    • Etiotropic therapy
    • Pathogenetic therapy
  • Drugs for the treatment of leptospirosis
  • Treatment of leptospirosis in animals

    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Horses, cows, pigs
  • You can defeat parasites!

Leptospira is the causative agent of the disease leptospirosis, which occurs in the body in a febrile form. These microorganisms belong to the spirochete family. Leptospirosis is characterized by damage to the liver, kidneys, NS, which occurs against the background of intoxication of the body.

Leptospira enter the body through mucous membranes, injured skin. In this article we will consider what the symptoms of the disease are and what is the treatment of leptospirosis in humans and animals.

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Symptoms of leptospirosis in humans

Infection with leptospirosis occurs while a person is bathing in a polluted reservoir, eating contaminated meat, milk, drinking contaminated water. After penetration into the body, leptospira settle in the lymph nodes, after which the process of active reproduction starts.

Then the spread of the pathogen is observed to other internal organs and systems. In the process of life of leptospira, necrotic, degenerative changes in internal tissues occur.

Employees of livestock farms, veterinarians, people working in wetlands are more susceptible to the disease. In most of the infected, the disease manifests itself and is diagnosed during the warm period. Optimal conditions for the reproduction of infection in August.

In a latent form, the disease lasts 4-14 days. Further, sharply, in an acute form, symptoms characteristic of it begin to appear:

  • severe attacks of headache begin;
  • problems with sleep appear - insomnia torments;
  • a person is worried about severe muscle pain;
  • hypertonicity of muscle cells, accompanied by redness of the skin;
  • swelling of the face, neck, redness;
  • periodic attacks of chills;
  • there is a prolonged increase in body temperature;
  • intense thirst arises;
  • appetite disappears.
Severe redness of the skin is one of the symptoms of leptospirosis
Severe redness of the skin is one of the symptoms of leptospirosis

Severe redness of the skin is one of the symptoms of leptospirosis

If in the first 4 days a person has not consulted a doctor, already on the 5th day the skin becomes icteric. The work of the heart is disrupted, pathological changes in the respiratory tract begin.

Another obvious symptom of the disease is a skin rash. The initial place of its localization is the trunk. Gradually it spreads to the legs and arms. The rash can resemble rubella, measles, scarlet fever. They differ in appearance. May be in the form of round pink or small red spots.

Skin rash in a child
Skin rash in a child

Skin rash in a child

The course of treatment for leptospirosis in humans

After diagnosing leptospirosis, the necessary treatment for leptospirosis in adults and children is prescribed. All therapeutic measures are carried out in a hospital setting. Outpatient treatment will not allow the doctor to control the situation.

The patient needs constant monitoring. Laboratory tests are regularly carried out in order to record the presence or absence of positive dynamics of treatment according to the indicators obtained.

Etiotropic therapy

Antibacterial drugs should be prescribed to a person at the first manifestations of the disease. It depends on how effectively they will affect the body. Taking them at the first symptoms allows you to stabilize the condition in a short time, stopping the disease.

If therapy was prescribed at a later time, it is no longer so effective. In the case of taking medications after the temperature has started to rise, they will be ineffective. Experts recommend taking:

  • Penicillin;
  • Ampicillin;
  • Doxycycline;
  • Amoxicillin;
  • Tetracycline;
  • Ceftriaxone.
Tetracycline medicine
Tetracycline medicine

Gamma globulin is prescribed without fail. It contains antibodies to the bacteria that infect a person. Intramuscular injections are recommended for a period of 3 days. If gamma globulin is prescribed at the beginning of the development of the disease, it is possible to avoid serious damage to internal organs, to achieve relief of the general condition. The disease is milder.

Pathogenetic therapy

To detoxify the body, appoint:

  • sodium chloride in solution;
  • 2% sodium bicarbonate;
  • 5% glucose.

Doctors control the water balance during this period. Excessive introduction of fluid into an infected body can cause pulmonary and cerebral edema, and cause acute heart failure.

Leptospirosis affects the kidneys; to fully restore their functioning, the following are prescribed:

  • means for improving renal blood flow;
  • diuretics;
  • in the absence of positive dynamics from drug treatment, hemodialysis is recommended.

Blood transfusion is often necessary if severe blood loss is present.

Drugs for the treatment of leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is strictly forbidden to treat yourself at home. In this case, no one can guarantee a favorable outcome. The therapy is carried out in an infectious and intensive care unit.

The list of recommended drugs includes:

  • Amoxicillin;
  • Dioxycycline;
  • Ceftriaxone;
  • Cefotaxime;
  • Benzylpenicillin.

The dosage and duration of therapy is set by the attending physician.

Treatment of leptospirosis in animals

Treatment of leptospirosis in animals
Treatment of leptospirosis in animals

More than 100 animal species are susceptible to leptospirosis. They become infected through water, food, grass in pastures.

In cattle (cattle), pigs, sheep, there is a high probability of infection through sexual contact, as well as through the placenta.

In the future, leptospira are excreted together with urine, milk, sperm, and sexual secretions. They are found in aborted fetuses. Cattle are more likely to get sick during the warm period, while grazing on pastures.


It is forbidden to treat cats on your own. This is fatal in most cases. With the rapid development of the disease, doctors recommend euthanizing the animal. For treatment, it is prescribed:

  • hyperimmune serum;
  • antibiotics;
  • electrolytes for intravenous administration;
  • immunomodulators;
  • vitamins;
  • glucose.

Additionally, dietary food is prescribed. Processing of the room where the animal lives.


Treatment of the dog is carried out in a comprehensive manner. This allows for a positive outcome.

  1. At the first stage, the pathogen is destroyed.
  2. Further, drugs are prescribed to strengthen blood vessels, heart.
  3. It is necessary to eliminate intoxication by stopping bouts of vomiting, diarrhea.
  4. Medicines are prescribed to restore the functioning of the kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract.

During treatment, the animal must be in an inpatient unit. Self-medication is prohibited.

Horses, cows, pigs

For horses, pigs, cattle it is assigned:

  • hyperimmune serum;
  • antibiotics: Streptomycin, Tetracycline.

After the first stage of treatment, after 15 days, it is necessary to re-analyze the urine. If leptospira is present, veterinarians change the regimen using other medications.

To stabilize the digestive tract, it is necessary to prescribe diuretics, laxatives. Additionally, it is recommended to wash the wounds - if present. It is also necessary to carry out quartzing.

Leptospirosis is a dangerous disease causing serious harm to human and animal health. Self-medication is prohibited! It is necessary to seek qualified help immediately after the first unpleasant symptoms appear. This will help speed up the healing process with minimal damage to health.

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