Prevention Measures For Helminthiasis, Basic Techniques

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Prevention Measures For Helminthiasis, Basic Techniques
Prevention Measures For Helminthiasis, Basic Techniques

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  • Non-specific prophylaxis

    Cleaning and maintenance of housing

  • Prevention of helminthiasis
  • Protective measures
  • Food Processing
  • Compliance with hygiene measures
  • Preparations for specific prophylaxis

    • Albendazole (Vormil, Nemozole)
    • Mebendazole (Vermox)
    • Pirantel
    • Levamisole (Decaris)
    • Praziquantel (Biltricide)
  • You can defeat parasites!

Infection with parasitic worms can lead to the development of chronic diseases and even disability. The high prevalence of invasions jeopardizes the health of children and adults.

However, there are measures for the prevention of helminthiasis that help prevent the parasite from entering the body and its further reproduction.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>


Non-specific prophylaxis

There are activities aimed at preventing human contact with worms. They are recommended to prevent infection of new individuals or to protect those who have just recovered from helminthiasis. Infectionists claim that it is these methods that are effective for children and adults.

So, the main measures for the prevention of helminthiasis are:

  • processing of premises, things;
  • personal hygiene;
  • proper keeping of pets;
  • food preparation;
  • medical examinations of decreed population groups.

Cleaning and maintenance of housing

To prevent the entry of worm eggs into the body, you should keep your apartment or house clean. Parasitologists recommend:

  • carry out wet cleaning of premises at least 1-2 times a week;
  • wash children's toys and boiling water;
  • treat nursery pots with chlorine-containing products;
  • periodically clean soft, fleecy surfaces (carpets, pillows, sofas);
  • wash and put outdoor shoes in the shoe box;
  • Vacuum the apartment at least 3 times a week if there are cats and dogs in it.

Persons living in a private house must take care that stray animals do not get into the territory, close the sandbox, remove from the street and wash children's toys in a timely manner.

These measures are important for the prevention of infection by geohelminths (ascariasis), contact invasions (enterobiasis).

Pinworm prevention
Pinworm prevention

Prevention of helminthiasis

Primary prevention of helminthiasis is the formation of a healthy lifestyle in a child and an adult, which includes:

  1. social well-being;
  2. the proper level of culture of all family members;
  3. material security.

An important point in the fight against parasites will be the use of only high-quality drinking water that is not infected with worms. The use of personal towels, dishes, and other accessories will help prevent infection with parasites from a sick person.

If there are pets at home, it is required to provide proper care for them, which includes timely vaccination, deworming. In spring and summer, one should not forget about the likelihood of infection with worms after eating dirty vegetables, berries and fruits. The risk of getting sick falls if a person always follows the rules of personal hygiene.

Prevention of helminthiasis requires sufficient heat treatment:

  • fish;
  • meat products.
Does table salt kill opisthorchiasis?
Does table salt kill opisthorchiasis?

When a person has frequent contact with animals, he is in children's groups, works with the land, is fond of fishing, hunting, often travels to exotic countries, he is shown the use of medicines to prevent the disease.

Since helminthiases are parasitic pathologies, an infectious disease doctor deals with their treatment. However, almost always a sick person does not know what is happening to him and therefore he can contact a therapist at his place of residence.

Protective measures

Prevention is a set of measures aimed at eliminating possible risk factors for human infection and contact with parasites. Most often, people become infected with worms by the fecal-oral mechanism. Risk factors include the use of unwashed vegetables, fruits and berries, wild plants, drinking unboiled water.

Infection is possible in other ways:

  • in close contact with wild and domestic animals;
  • when eating poorly cooked meat (pork, bear meat, beef);
  • when using semi-raw or raw fish, shellfish, stroganin, salted caviar;
  • during contact with the ground;
  • when swimming in ponds contaminated with parasites;
  • through household items (toys);
  • through dirty hands.

Prevention of helminthiasis involves the following rules:

  • proper heat treatment of meat, fish and offal;
  • washing hands;
  • exclusion of contact with a patient with enterobiasis and hymenolepiasis;
  • drinking only boiled water;
  • carrying out regular wet cleaning;
  • processing of tools for meat (knives, boards);
  • thorough washing of dishes;
  • exclusion of swimming in dirty waters;
  • refusal to travel to disadvantaged tropical countries.

Preventive measures are aimed at adults and children. The latter get sick more often. This is due to the overcrowding of groups in kindergartens and schools.

How to treat fish for opisthorchiasis
How to treat fish for opisthorchiasis

Food Processing

The development of many helminths occurs in the body of animals and fish, so eating meat and fish for food can be dangerous to health. Prepared food products, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, herbs can be infected with helminth eggs during irrigation or when the soil is fecal contaminated by animals. Fish are often infected with broad tapeworm and feline fluke.

To reduce the risk of infection, the following rules must be followed:

  • carry out a visual inspection of the fish during gutting;
  • cut fish correctly;
  • boil or fry for a long time on both sides;
  • wash hands after work;
  • wash dishes in hot water;
  • if you suspect the presence of parasite larvae, it is recommended to throw out such a product;
  • use separate cutting boards for fish, meat and vegetables (especially for restaurants);
  • salt the fish properly;
  • give up the use of stroganina, sushi and lightly salted caviar.

Meat of sick animals is no less dangerous. For example, you can get teniasis by eating pork. Teniarinhoz develops when using contaminated cattle meat. To prevent this from happening, you need to inspect the product before and after purchase, give up steaks with blood and weakly rare meat, raw minced meat and kebabs.

The temperature inside a piece of meat during cooking must be over 80 ° C. The duration of the cooking is at least 1 hour. Long-term deep freezing gives a good effect. Meat should be purchased only in specialized stores or in large markets, where strict sanitary-epidemiological and veterinary supervision is carried out.

Meat at points of sale is subject to mandatory trichinelloscopy. During it, the presence of Trichinella larvae is determined. These are dangerous parasites, most often affecting pigs, wild boars and bears. Prevention of trichinosis involves refusal to eat meat of wild animals, especially bear meat, its prolonged boiling, cutting into small pieces, refusal from steaks, home-smoked meat and lard, raw smoked sausage. Cook pieces of meat up to 8 cm in size for at least 3 hours.

Compliance with hygiene measures

To prevent most helminths from entering the body, you need to follow the rules of personal hygiene. The eggs of many parasites (pinworms, ascaris, whipworm, echinococcus) enter the mouth through dirty hands. To reduce the risk of infection, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • wash your hands before eating;
  • wash vegetables;
  • treat palms with bactericidal soap and hot water after walking;
  • carry out wet cleaning in an apartment or house.

It has been established that helminth eggs are present in large numbers on money, handrails in public transport, on door handles and on the surface of shopping carts. It is necessary to wash your hands after using the toilet, because a person can be a source of infection and excrete parasite eggs with feces. The toilet also needs to be cleaned regularly.

Some helminthiases (enterobiasis and hymenolepiasis) are contact. This means that you can get infected by shaking hands with a sick person. This is due to the ingress of the eggs of the parasite on the skin of the hands. Most often, children are sick.

Prevention of ascaris
Prevention of ascaris

If there is a sick person in the family (a child or an adult), then in order to avoid contamination of others, it is necessary to change linen more often, wear tight swimming trunks, wash daily, do not take hands in your mouth, do not comb your skin, wash clothes at a high temperature and iron it with an iron. A sick child's toys need treatment.

Preparations for specific prophylaxis

Antihelminthic drugs are aimed at destroying young worms and maintaining general human health. Medicines against worms are not completely safe, so self-administration of drugs without consulting a doctor is not recommended.

Albendazole (Vormil, Nemozole)

It belongs to antiparasitic drugs of a wide spectrum of action, it is effective in mono- and polyinvasions. The active substances of the drug prevent the utilization of glucose in the intestinal tract of worms, which leads to their death.

The drug is available in tablet form, and at the stage of prevention of helminthiasis does not require a special diet or laxatives. The daily dosage of Albendazole is calculated based on the body weight of the child and adult.


Mebendazole (Vermox)

A synthetic drug with a broad spectrum of anthelmintic action. Blocks the formation of adenosine triphosphoric acid - the main source of energy for the causative agent of invasions, which causes irreversible changes in the body of the helminth and its death.

The drug is available in the form of tablets, suspension and syrup. Effectively fights against helminthiasis caused by pinworms, whipworm, roundworms, intestinal eels, hookworm, bovine tapeworm, Trichinella and echinococcus.

Vermox should be taken before or after meals
Vermox should be taken before or after meals


This is the most common pharmacological agent for the treatment and prevention of worms in adults and children. Due to its special composition, the drug is safe even for small patients, it helps to effectively fight, first of all, with roundworms.

The active substances of Pirantel have a paralytic effect on the muscles of helminths, completely immobilizing and destroying them in a short time.

A feature of the drug is its effectiveness only against adult worms. Therefore, treatment and prophylactic measures are carried out in several stages, repeating courses at regular intervals.


Levamisole (Decaris)

It is able to fight several types of parasites at once. Has a paralytic effect on roundworm, hookworm, nematodes, parasitizing in the respiratory and digestive organs of humans. It acts as an effective immunomodulator - it activates the production of multidirectional immune cells, increasing the body's resistance to various types of infectious and parasitic lesions.

Levamisole is available in the form of tablets, treatment and prevention with the drug is carried out under the strict supervision of a physician. It is not recommended for children under the age of three, people with hematopoietic disorders, kidney and liver diseases.

Decaris as an immunomodulator
Decaris as an immunomodulator

Praziquantel (Biltricide)

An antihelminthic drug that is used in the fight against flatworms: Chinese and feline fluke, Mansoni schistosoma, dwarf tapeworm, broad tapeworm, bovine and pork tapeworm.

Once in the body of worms, Praziquantel causes muscle spasms followed by paralysis, and in high concentration destroys the outer cover of flatworms, which leads to their death.

The release form of the drug is tablets. They are used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in adults and children after 4 years.

The drug can affect reaction speed and concentration. Therefore, with caution, it is assigned to workers associated with driving vehicles or managing complex mechanisms.

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