Pomegranate Peels From Worms: Recipes And How To Properly Treat

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Pomegranate Peels From Worms: Recipes And How To Properly Treat
Pomegranate Peels From Worms: Recipes And How To Properly Treat

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  • How pomegranate peels affect worms
  • Useful properties of pomegranate peels
  • Contraindications to the use of pomegranate peel
  • How to properly treat: recipes from pomegranate peels
  • You can defeat parasites!

It is not difficult to become infected with parasites, and the disease itself remains invisible to people for a long time. Helminthiasis is considered a common disease, it is observed in all countries of the world. The complete absence of timely treatment leads to great problems with the body and can be fatal.


What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

For every person, pomegranate has ceased to be considered an exotic fruit and has confidently entered the normal diet. Many people do not realize that the fruits of this tree are useful and proven in the practice of treatment to combat helminths.

Many people find that only the grains of the fruit are beneficial in this fruit. But its shell also contains useful substances for the human body.

The fact of a healer has been proven by Chinese scientists, they have studied this fruit for more than one year, and experiments have confirmed its usefulness in the treatment of worms. This article will discuss how to properly use pomegranate peels for worms.

How pomegranate peels affect worms

Treatment with infusions on the peel of the pomegranate fruit is recommended by doctors as an affordable way to treat traditional medicine. It is considered a powerful remedy for worms. The broth, when it enters the stomach, kills the worms in two hours.

A decoction of pomegranate peels is used in the treatment of tapeworms, tapeworms and lancelets. But this remedy is not so effective in the fight against roundworms (roundworms and pinworms), it helps to get rid of this species, but it takes a long time to fight.



If there are flukes (schistosomes, giant flukes and liver flukes) in the body, it is possible to treat the skin of the fetus, but this remedy is considered insufficiently effective for a complete solution to the problem.

The bark of the fetus kills unicellular worms in the human intestine, namely lamblia.

Useful properties of pomegranate peels

The peel of the fruit has established itself in folk medicine for its characteristic healing properties.

The pomegranate peel contains:

  • useful vitamins;
  • tannin;
  • natural antioxidants and other useful components.

The fruit is rich in plant polyphenols, they are healing and practical in the fight against human parasites.

Advice: before home treatment, seek medical advice and strictly observe the dosage. The infusion contains useful properties, but we must not forget about contraindications.

Pomegranate peel
Pomegranate peel

Contraindications to the use of pomegranate peel

The fruit of the tree itself has a large number of harmful substances, and all the consequences must be foreseen before using.

The fact is that the peel contains nitrogen-containing compounds - alkaloids, peltierins, isopeltierins and methylisopelterins.

The consequences of intoxication and how they are expressed

  • dizziness and frequent headaches;
  • attacks of nausea and vomiting;
  • deterioration of vision;
  • cramps in the limbs and loss of consciousness.

When the first symptoms appear, you should immediately go to the hospital to see a specialist or call an ambulance.

Apply the infusion of pomegranate peels carefully, be sure to adhere to the proportions.

Consider all contraindications:

  • chronic constipation;
  • anal fissures;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • hepatitis and nephritis.

If the patient has these problems, then treatment is categorically not recommended by specialists. The doctor confirms the disease, and he decides to use the patient's treatment with decoctions on pomegranate peels or not.

When doctors prohibit the use of fruits in therapeutic treatment:

  • when using other anthelmintics;
  • with acute fevers;
  • pregnant women;
  • during the menstrual cycle.

Any decision begins after passing tests and a qualified consultation of a specialist, then you can not be afraid of the consequences or complications for the body when treating with folk medicines.

How to properly treat: recipes from pomegranate peels

To prepare a decoction or infusion, dried or fresh pomegranate peels are used. The fruit is thoroughly washed, dried and the peel is cleaned from the white part, it does not contain useful substances.

How to properly heal with a pomegranate
How to properly heal with a pomegranate

You can grind pomegranate peels with a coffee grinder or simply grind in a hand-held mortar. For the broth, we need 40-50 grams of the cooked product.

You need to fill it with 400 milliliters of water, let it brew for 5-6 hours in a cool dark place. After the expiration of time, the agent is boiled over low heat until half of the liquid evaporates.

The resulting broth is filtered and taken on an empty stomach for 1 hour in small portions. After taking this remedy, it is highly recommended to drink a laxative to cleanse the dead parasites. Repeat treatment after 10 days.

After 4–5 hours from the procedure, make an enema so that the helminths that have died in the human body do not leave behind their decay products.

Strong immunity does not protect a person from this disease. Personal hygiene must be strictly observed and food must be handled carefully. And if such a disease has already begun to show symptoms, contact an infectious disease specialist or gastroenterologist.

Many leading doctors recommend pomegranate peel as a healing and simple home remedy.

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