Spregal Spray: Where To Buy In Moscow, Pharmacy Price, Instructions For Use

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Spregal Spray: Where To Buy In Moscow, Pharmacy Price, Instructions For Use
Spregal Spray: Where To Buy In Moscow, Pharmacy Price, Instructions For Use

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  • What is Spregal spray
  • Composition of the preparation
  • Instructions for use
  • Application during pregnancy
  • Spregal for children
  • Adverse symptoms with contraindications
  • The cost
  • You can defeat parasites!

Getting rid of scabies is not so difficult if you buy Spregal spray at the pharmacy. The package with the drug contains instructions for use, pharmacological properties, contraindications.

Sregal is a popular and quite effective drug that allows you to get rid of itch mites and rosacea in a short time.

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What is Spregal spray

This is one of the best remedies for scabies. However, this spray is also effective for various dermatoses, lice treatment. The product is sold without a prescription. The contents of the spray are light pink, odorless, applied externally.

Suitable for treating children and adults. You can find out where to buy Spregal from your doctor; it is often sold in almost every pharmacy.

Spregal scabies spray for adults and children
Spregal scabies spray for adults and children

Composition of the preparation

Active substances:

  • piperonyl butoxide;
  • esdepalletrin.

They have insecticidal properties, affect the membranes, nerve cells of the parasite.

The spray also includes:

  • ethanol;
  • esbiol;
  • diethylene glycol;
  • oleic ether.

After application, the contents of the can is quickly absorbed into the skin and enters the bloodstream. After a day, the substances that make up the drug are partially excreted from the body along with urine. After 2 days, they are completely impossible to detect in the body.

Instructions for use

Spregal is used to combat the scabies mite and the symptoms that it provokes. Before use, it is important to check the drug for intolerance to its components.

If an allergic reaction is observed, it is necessary to look for Spregal analogues. If everything is in order, the spray is prescribed for therapy.

Instructions for use of the drug are in the package. Usage guidelines include the following rules.

  1. For maximum effectiveness, apply the product in the evening. All family members must undergo skin treatment.
  2. It is necessary to use the spray away from a heat source, since its contents have an oily consistency, and the can is under high pressure.
  3. The agent must be distributed over all damaged surfaces, excluding contact with the mucous membranes, scalp. For better distribution of the spray, it must be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the skin.
  4. The torso should be processed first, then the limbs. Particular attention is paid to the elbow and knee bends, armpits, and the spaces between the fingers.
  5. In parallel with the use of Spregal, it is important to disinfect things (bed and underwear, furniture, household items).
  6. After 12 hours after use, you must take a shower, thoroughly rinsing the body with soap and water.

Application during pregnancy

The drug is absorbed and is in the plasma for a long time, therefore, its use during pregnancy or breastfeeding is carried out exclusively under the supervision of a doctor and with maximum caution.

Often, the spray should not be sprayed on the skin, but applied to a napkin and then wiped over the affected areas. If there is a risk of infection of the fetus, then doctors may prescribe Spregal treatment of the whole body.

Application during pregnancy
Application during pregnancy

Spregal for children

This drug should not be used in children who have congenital lung pathologies, respiratory problems.

In other cases, the use of the spray should be carried out in compliance with the following recommendations.

  1. If it is necessary to treat the skin of a baby under 5 years of age, it is imperative to cover his mucous cavities with a handkerchief in order to exclude the possibility of getting the drug on them.
  2. After changing diapers, the buttocks are re-processed.
  3. It is better to handle the face with a cotton pad.

Adverse symptoms with contraindications

Side effects can occur extremely rarely and only if you ignore the contraindications, the rules for using the spray.

Among the side symptoms are:

  • burning allergy;
  • itchy skin;
  • redness;
  • high temperature.

Spregal spray contraindications:

  • pregnancy, lactation (under medical supervision);
  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • obstructive bronchitis.

The cost

The price of Spregal spray is different in each pharmacy and depends on the type of pharmacy chain, region. The average cost for a drug is 900 rubles. In addition to the pharmacy, the drug can be ordered from the online store with home delivery.

Spregal spray is one of the best and safest treatments for scabies and some dermatological diseases.

The drug can be found in almost any pharmacy at an affordable price. It is not recommended to independently choose remedies for the treatment of scabies; it is better to consult a doctor first.

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