Parasites And Cancer: Which Worms Can Cause Cancer

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Parasites And Cancer: Which Worms Can Cause Cancer
Parasites And Cancer: Which Worms Can Cause Cancer

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  • The essence of the parasitic cancer theory
  • Parasite infestation symptoms
  • Representatives of the current
  • Cancer-causing parasites
  • Methods for the treatment of helminthiasis
  • You can defeat parasites!

Parasites living in the human body can provoke cancer and at the same time inhibit tumor development.

About a million parasite species are helminths. In the people, they are called simply - worms. These small creatures can settle in the human intestinal tract, blood, or urinary tract.

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They become provocateurs for the emergence of many diseases, including cancer. Some types of trematode worms (types of flat worms) have been identified as the main culprits in the formation of oncology. In Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, flukes are responsible for the majority of liver and bladder cancers. It is in these organs that worms like to settle most of all.

The parasites damage the host's tissues as they make their way through the organs and lay eggs. Because of this, a person develops chronic inflammation. The body is trying to recover, so the cells begin to divide more vigorously. It happens that mutations occur, which then lead to the formation of cancer.

Experts say that worms are not always the culprit of cancer. One of the species of the family of trematodes, the fluke, on the contrary, inhibits the growth of a malignant tumor. And tapeworms of echinococcus are least often associated with the appearance of oncology in humans. Scientists even argue that the proteins produced by these two types of helminths can enhance the host's immune response to tumor growth.

The essence of the parasitic cancer theory
The essence of the parasitic cancer theory

The essence of the parasitic cancer theory

Today in modern medicine there are various research methods, with the help of which the theory of the American scientist H. Clarke, who believes that oncology and parasites are closely related, is increasingly being confirmed. In her opinion, cancer cells multiply in the human body from the penetration of helminths.

After all, worms or a tumor are very serious pathologies that threaten a person's life, therefore, in any case, it is easier to prevent the disease than to deal with serious consequences afterwards.

The essence of H. Clark's theory that helminths cause malignant formations is as follows. It is believed that Trichomonas settle in the tumor, and when putrefactive microorganisms that decompose tumor pieces are found in nature, it is likely that it will be possible to destroy the cancer. Our nature is rich in various putrefactive bacteria, among which, one way or another, one can identify active and absolutely safe for the human body. Then it will turn out to make a biological agent for the treatment of such a disease as parasitic cancer.

Parasite infestation symptoms

When worms enter the body, a person can observe the following changes in the state. The following signs appear:

  • general weakness;
  • loss of appetite;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • dry dermis;
  • dizziness;
  • intestinal pain;
  • bloating;
  • rashes on the integuments of the skin;
  • stool disorders.

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Representatives of the current

Parasites as a cause of cancer have been considered by scientists since ancient times. Research has been carried out by many scientists and traditional healers in various countries of the world. The greatest contribution to the study of parasitic cancer was made by M.

Nevyadomsky, he inoculated human malignant tumors in mice and, as a result of his developments, concluded that a cancer tumor is a settlement of parasites. Studied the relationship "parasites and oncology", and also revealed that the structure of the tumor contains microorganisms, the microbiologist Svishchevsky and the hematologist Kozmina.

They also made the discovery that human blood is not a sterile material, as all doctors previously believed. Therefore, the treatment of many diseases began at advanced stages, when the ailments passed into a chronic form, into a septic process, and even in the last stages of cancer.

Cancer-causing parasites

Modern research methods have made it possible to determine that malignant tumors are caused by one type of parasite - trematodes. It settles in the intestinal tract and provokes such diseases:

  • colitis;
  • granulomatous enteritis;
  • irritable bowel syndrome.
Fluke worms (trematodes)
Fluke worms (trematodes)

If the fluke enters the uterus, liver or kidneys, then the damage from it becomes more significant and then the flatworms cause malignant formations. The cancer-causing parasite goes through developmental stages before it is affected.

At the first stage, an egg is born, in an adult trematode the number of eggs reaches millions. They are excreted from the human body when the rectum is emptied, but the adult continues to inhabit the intestinal, uterine, hepatic walls.

In the second stage of development, larvae are formed, equipped with cilia, which allow them to move. Once in the liver, whose function is to neutralize toxins, the larvae will be destroyed, but provided that the body is healthy and has good immunity.

Methods for the treatment of helminthiasis

Tumors and parasites are closely related, so it is important to start antihelminthic therapy on time. Modern diagnostic methods make it possible to quickly identify helminths in order to start treatment without delay. The pharmaceutical drug Pirantel is capable of getting rid of worms, but it is worth remembering that anthelmintic drugs are toxic and not suitable for everyone, therefore, only a specialized physician should prescribe drugs.

In the treatment of parasitic diseases, in addition to anthelmintics, choleretic drugs are prescribed. Unfortunately, treatment is not always effective and therefore it is better to prevent the development of a tumor from parasites, observing simple preventive measures.

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