Drops On The Withers From Worms For Dogs: A List Of The Best, Instructions For Use

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Drops On The Withers From Worms For Dogs: A List Of The Best, Instructions For Use
Drops On The Withers From Worms For Dogs: A List Of The Best, Instructions For Use
Video: Drops On The Withers From Worms For Dogs: A List Of The Best, Instructions For Use
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  • Benefits of worm drops for dogs
  • The principle of action of drops on the withers
  • The best drops on the withers from worms for dogs
  • You can defeat parasites!

It is not necessary to use pills to combat worms in dogs. Drops are considered an effective modern anthelmintic agent. The risk of infection of a dog is extremely high, regardless of its place of life, age. The parasite larvae are found everywhere, spread over long distances.

The pet is always sniffing, licking, in contact with other animals. Therefore, it is important to follow preventive measures that will protect your pet from unwanted guests. For these purposes, drops on the withers from worms for dogs are well suited.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

Benefits of worm drops for dogs

Drops are a humane treatment, as there is no need to feed the dog with pills that are not tasty. It is enough to put a few drops on the withers of the animal. The drug has a complex effect:

  • fight worms;
  • eliminate ticks, fleas;
  • treat dermatitis.

Fleas can live on the skin of an animal, which are the main carrier of cucumber tapeworms. The insect feeds on the eggs of the parasite, and then infects its host with them. Insect control is an excellent prevention of many infections, helminth infestation.

Drops from worms for dogs
Drops from worms for dogs

The principle of action of drops on the withers

Drops are considered the best way to deal with worms. The active substance of the drops spreads on the surface of the dog's skin and coat, therefore it helps to fight various types of insects.

Some drugs are absorbed into the skin in just a couple of hours and are not toxic to others. Others can be dangerous for several days.

Before using medicines, it is important to read the instructions for their use. If necessary, it is better to isolate the animal from others for the period of treatment.

Drops have a mechanism of action similar to tablets. The active substances of the drops promote the release of chlorine, which is contained in the tubules of helminths, thereby opening them.

As a result, the parasite develops paralysis. This prevents him from moving, attaches to the mucous membranes, so that the worms are excreted from the body during bowel movements.

Drops are considered safer than tablets. They are quickly absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream, thereby spreading to all internal organs, providing a therapeutic effect.

The concentration of the active substance in the blood increases over several days. The effectiveness is provided by a long period of action - the drug is excreted from the body after 4 weeks.

How to properly treat an animal from worms in the video below.

The best drops on the withers from worms for dogs

Among the huge variety of medicines, there are several of the best options to choose from:

Drug name Description
Lawyer, Bayer (Germany)

Lawyer, Bayer
Lawyer, Bayer
They differ in the presence of two active substances that have a complex effect. One substance is distributed only on the surface of the skin, wool. It negatively affects the health of insects, eliminates dermatitis.

The second component penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream. After 4-9 days, its concentration in the blood becomes maximum. Does not negatively affect the health of the dog, leaves the body in a month. Effectively copes with various types of nematodes, microfilariae.

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Suitable for use in pregnant women - only under the supervision of a veterinarian. Compliance with the dosage is not accompanied by side effects.

Stronghold, Pfizer (USA)

It is effective for the treatment of various groups of worms that are found in the area of ​​any internal organs. The drug is rapidly absorbed under the skin - 2 hours after use, the dog can be bathed. In rare cases, baldness may occur in the areas where the drops are applied. Suitable for treating dogs starting from six months.
Helmintal, "Ecoprom" (Russia)

An effective combined agent for the therapy and prevention of nematodes. Suitable for the treatment of fleas, ticks, lice. The active substances are moxidectin, praziquantel. It is excreted from the body on its own after a month, can be used for puppies from seven weeks of age. Not suitable for nursing and pregnant bitches.
Dironet Spot-On, NVC Agrovetzashita (Russia)

Dironet Spot-On
Dironet Spot-On
Effective against most insects, roundworms and cestodes. It rarely causes side effects. Suitable for treating dogs from 2 months of age. Drops are contraindicated during pregnancy, and some dog breeds:

  • bobtail;
  • sheltie;
  • collie.

When using drops, it is important to follow the instructions:

  • any anthelmintic agents are contraindicated for the treatment of animals with a weakened body due to infectious diseases;
  • the area for applying the product should be inaccessible for licking;
  • drops are applied to the area below the neck or between the shoulder blades on the skin, spreading the coat;
  • it is imperative to apply potassium to healthy, without damage, wounds, irritations;
  • the package must contain pipettes, the number of which is determined by the dosage. The dosage is determined based on the age, weight of the animal;
  • for large animals, drops are applied to 3-4 different points on the body;
  • can not be used on wet dermis;
  • the drug is applied evenly over dry skin, you do not need to rub in the drops.

Some drugs may have a persistent unpleasant odor that does not disappear for several days. If drops get on damaged skin, mucous membranes, they should be immediately rinsed with plenty of water. Before using drops, be sure to read the instructions.

It is impossible to protect a pet from infection with worms. However, with the observance of preventive measures in the form of regular bathing and worming with drops, the risk of helminth infestation is significantly reduced.

Drops will be the best means of preventing and treating worms and various insects, which has a beneficial effect on the well-being and health of the pet.

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