Demodex Mite On The Face: Treatment Regimen, Drugs, Ointments

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Demodex Mite On The Face: Treatment Regimen, Drugs, Ointments
Demodex Mite On The Face: Treatment Regimen, Drugs, Ointments

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  • Reasons for the appearance of demodicosis on the face
  • How to diagnose the appearance of a tick?
  • Treatment methods
  • Express treatment
  • Face cleaning
  • Mechanical face cleansing
  • Folk remedies
  • Diet for disease
  • You can defeat parasites!

Demodecosis is a skin disease that is triggered by the demodex mite. It is also called an iron pot. It is transparent and invisible to the naked eye.

Normally, this mite lives on the skin surface of any person and is part of the normal microflora. Ticks feed on decay products in the upper layers of the epidermis. In case of malfunctions of the immune system and other negative factors, ticks multiply too actively, and "settle" in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, causing inflammation. In addition to the skin, demodex affects the roots of the eyelashes.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

As an independent disease, demodicosis is not distinguished as a separate disease by most doctors, since this is always preceded by another pathology or a violation of hygiene. The disease often occurs against the background of acne, dematitis and rosacea. Inflammation and vascular pathologies cannot but affect the state of the skin microflora, the balance is disturbed and the mite multiplies more actively.

Demodectic mange can provoke even prolonged exposure to the sun, which is stress for our skin and the cause of a drop in local immunity. Violation of the rules of personal hygiene - a rare change of towels and bed linen, rare washing, someone else's cosmetics.

Too much hygiene is also not worth it - frequent visits to baths and saunas can provoke a vascular reaction that will cause demodicosis. Improper nutrition, prolonged use of hormonal ointments, frequent ARVI affect the general and local state of immunity.

Demodex on the face
Demodex on the face

Reasons for the appearance of demodicosis on the face

Demodectic mange on the face affects a person regardless of gender or age. Demodex mites begin to multiply intensively provided:

  • lowered immunity;
  • hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  • constant stress;
  • using cosmetics with hormonal supplements;
  • bad ecology;
  • disruptions in metabolic processes;
  • changes in hormonal levels;
  • during an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Bad habits (smoking, alcohol, coffee, spicy food), frequent visits to the sauna and solarium increase the development of the disease.

Hormonal changes lead to disruptions in skin PH. A slightly acidic environment becomes alkaline and enhances the growth of microorganisms. The increase that does not have time to absorb the dead individuals and the remains of sebum provokes the appearance of yeast-like fungi, which causes irritation, itching on the skin. When scratching the itchy areas, the cover becomes infected with streptococci and staphylococci.

Reasons for the appearance of demodicosis on the face
Reasons for the appearance of demodicosis on the face

How to diagnose the appearance of a tick?

To identify the demodex mite, a careful examination is necessary. To do this, take a scraping of the epithelium, and examine it under a microscope. When examining, it is not always possible to make an accurate diagnosis the first time.

If there are signs of demodex on your face, you must refuse to wash your face for 3 days, then go for an examination. All waste products and dead individuals will be on the surface of the skin. Sometimes it is necessary to take eyelash and eyebrow hairs for examination. The mite can be found in the mucous membrane of the eye, and can cause a relapse.

Demodex facial symptoms:

  • the formation of enlarged pores (an increased number of microorganisms does not fit in the follicles, causing an external skin defect);
  • the appearance of red acne with purulent filling;
  • increased work of the sebaceous glands;
  • gray skin color.

If the eyebrows and eyelashes are damaged, then their loss is observed, the skin of the eyebrows peels off. The tick causes an unpleasant noise in the ears. The advanced form of the disease is characterized by a puffy skin condition with a yellow-brown tint, sores at the site of acne. After a thorough examination, the doctor will advise how to cure demodex, and how to behave during illness.

Treatment methods

Treatment of symptoms should be prescribed by a doctor depending on the type of bacteria and the severity of the disease. It usually takes 1 to 3 months to get rid of these parasites completely. Patients are prescribed antibiotics and antibacterial agents. Vitamins, lotions, masks, tar soap and even cryomassage are used.

How to treat a lesion with a demodex mite should be decided by the doctor. As a rule, the entire course of treatment is divided into stages. First of all, they destroy the parasites living under the skin, and only then get rid of the consequences of their activity, acne and red spots.

The main difficulty in treating Demodex for bream on the face is that this arthropod is protected by a dense membrane, through which drugs poorly penetrate. That is why several agents are used at once - antibiotics and special ointments, which have both external and internal effects.

How to diagnose the appearance of a tick?
How to diagnose the appearance of a tick?

Express treatment

Not every patient will be morally disposed to long-term treatment for the demodex subcutaneous tick when he finds out that parasites are crawling under his skin. Despite the fact that any inflammation must be treated in a comprehensive manner, there are several methods that make it possible to significantly speed up and simplify this process.

We are talking about such procedures:

  • Cosmetological face cleansing (mechanical acne removal). The pros are in the quick relief of Demodex symptoms. The downside is that the pests themselves cannot be destroyed by cleaning. Even after cleaning, the mites will continue to exist and reproduce.
  • Highly concentrated means of destruction. This technique literally allows you to get rid of the damaged upper layers of the facial skin. Burns similar to sunburn are formed on it, the skin begins to peel off. In the process of regeneration, the upper layers come off, and the lower ones become clean. However, the effect does not last long, because over time, the tick again makes itself felt.

If you apply these methods in combination with other procedures (how to treat a demodex mite on the face, described in detail above), you can get rid of parasites much faster and more efficiently. That is why it is worth considering these methods in more detail.

Face cleaning

Facial cleansing is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to quickly get rid of most visible skin imperfections, including acne and blackheads. Facial cleansing is of two types - manual and mechanical. If the first has been known since the times of the USSR, then the second appeared relatively recently and raises some doubts among the majority of visitors to beauty salons.

Mechanical cleaning is possible only if there are no open or closed comedones on the patient's face. Comedone is a kind of "plug" that forms due to blockage of the hair follicle. This is preceded by accumulations of dirt and sebum that block the pores.

If there are no comedones on the face and there are no other medical contraindications (individual intolerance to the drugs used), mechanical cleaning can be performed.

Mechanical face cleansing

Quite often, mechanical cleaning is mentioned as one of the ways to treat the symptoms of demodex mites on the face. However, as it has already become clear, with its help you can only get rid of the consequences of demodicosis, and the destruction of the parasite itself is somewhat more complicated.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look at this cosmetological procedure, because it can be done not only to eliminate shortcomings, but also as a prevention of their occurrence. Mechanical face cleansing takes place in several stages:

  • First of all, the patient's face is treated with a composition that expands the pores. This can be a special cream, lotion or mask. After the desired effect is achieved, the beautician proceeds to the next stage of treatment.
  • With the help of sterile processed instruments, mechanical cleaning of the face is carried out - removal of blackheads and other formations. This procedure is also called comedone extraction.
  • The final stage includes disinfection and application of skin soothing agents. As a rule, various tonics and lotions are used for this. Different cosmetologists can practice products of different cosmetic brands in their work.

Do not apply makeup immediately after cleaning. After a while, the procedure must be repeated. The duration of the course is determined by a specialist and depends on the individual characteristics of the client.

Mechanical face cleansing
Mechanical face cleansing

Folk remedies

For successful treatment, the following recommendations must be followed:

  • Daily facial cleansing with a special gel for problem skin;
  • Wash with warm water, then treat with lotion;
  • After that, you can apply medicinal creams and ointments;
  • Do not touch your face with your hands;
  • Closely monitor the cleanliness of the skin, avoid contamination;
  • Avoid direct sunlight;
  • Get rid of the bad habit: squeeze acne.

There are several effective treatments that can be done at home without medication on hand:

  1. Mask with clay and herbs - dilute white or blue clay in a decoction of herbs (chamomile, calendula, nettle). Apply to cleansed skin, after drying (about 20 minutes), wipe off and rinse your face with cool water;
  2. Herbal preparations - use petals of mint, string, plantain, nettle. They are crushed, poured with boiling water and infused. Drink 3-4 times a day before meals;
  3. Herbal infusions - used to wipe and cleanse the skin (tincture of calendula, wormwood, elecampane root);
  4. Tar soap - for washing (1-2 times a day).

It should be remembered that the skin of each person has its own characteristics, therefore, an individual approach to treatment is required.

You need to be careful in using traditional medicine methods, because if they are used incorrectly, you can aggravate the course of the disease.

Diet for disease

Proper nutrition in the treatment of demodicosis is one of the key places. Nutrition is not only energy, but also macro- and microelements, vitamins and many other substances that our body needs to fight disease.

You need to adjust the diet as follows:

  • Refuse foods that contain large amounts of salt and sugar;
  • Exclude fried, smoked, fatty foods;
  • Avoiding alcohol;
  • Increase the content of vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • Add foods containing a large amount of fiber (bread, wheat, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, apples, carrots);
  • A sufficient amount of fermented milk products (kefir, yogurt, milk).

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