Decaris As An Immunomodulator: Regimen, Reviews And Side Effects

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Decaris As An Immunomodulator: Regimen, Reviews And Side Effects
Decaris As An Immunomodulator: Regimen, Reviews And Side Effects
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  • What is an immunomodulator
  • How Decaris affects immunity
  • Scheme of taking Decaris as an immunomodulator
  • Possible side effects
  • You can defeat parasites!

Decaris is one of the most common drugs to combat helminthic invasion. However, few people know that Decaris has pronounced immunomodulatory properties.

The drug is produced in the form of tablets, for children they are distinguished by the presence of a flavoring agent with food coloring. For effective treatment, you need to know the characteristics of the drug and how to take it.

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Decaris as an immunomodulator
Decaris as an immunomodulator

What is an immunomodulator

These are drugs on a natural or synthetic basis that are able to regulate the functions of the immune system.

According to their characteristics, they are divided into two types, which are obtained using genetic engineering, chemical synthesis from plant and animal tissues:

Immunostimulants They have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of cells, tissues, and promote the activation of the body's immune cells.
Immunosuppressants It is used to suppress the functions of the immune system during the treatment of allergies, autoimmune diseases, and certain inflammations.

How Decaris affects immunity

Despite the immunomodulatory properties, today Dekaris is extremely rarely used to raise immunity, since there are a large number of more effective analogues on the market, with a mild effect on the body.

Earlier, when the range of drugs with similar properties was small, Dekaris was prescribed for therapy:

  • herpes;
  • chronic hepatitis B;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • stomatitis;
  • ARI in children;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • Reiter's disease.

The drug promotes the activation of the regulatory function of T-lymphocytes, which is the reason for its immunostimulating effect.

Feature of the drug - increases the activity of weakened immunity, inhibits the functions of too strong, does not affect the normal immune system.

Scheme of taking Decaris as an immunomodulator

To provide an immunomodulatory effect, you need to take 150 ml of the drug daily for three days.

Release form
Release form

After a break is made for 14 days and the therapy is repeated again. A break is not always taken, it can be replaced with a one-time intake of 150 ml once a week.

Before using the drug, it is important to read the instructions for use and its contraindications. It is also better to exclude the possibility of self-medication.

It is better to visit a medical institution, consult a doctor and choose the most relevant dosage based on individual characteristics.

Possible side effects

Taking medication may be accompanied by the manifestation of side symptoms. However, this does not mean that each drug intake will have negative symptoms - they simply need to be taken into account, since each organism is individual and reacts differently to one or another medication and its components.

From the digestive system From the nervous system
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • stomach ache;
  • development of stomatitis is possible.
  • increased body temperature;
  • headaches;
  • convulsions;
  • dizziness;
  • sleep disorders;
  • confusion of consciousness.

Also during treatment may manifest:

  • various kinds of allergic reactions in the form of a skin rash;
  • impaired renal function;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • agranulocytosis.

If any side symptoms develop, you need to stop treatment and consult a doctor to correct the treatment or replace the drug.

Dekaris as an immunomodulator is an effective anthelmintic agent. It is extremely rarely used as an immunomodulator, since today there are a huge number of more effective drugs with similar properties.

Before starting therapy, it is better to consult a doctor, otherwise side effects may develop that require urgent drug treatment.

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