Dill Seeds From Parasites And Worms: Recipes, How To Take

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Dill Seeds From Parasites And Worms: Recipes, How To Take
Dill Seeds From Parasites And Worms: Recipes, How To Take

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Everyone knows a delicious seasoning for many dishes - dill, but not everyone is familiar with the healing properties of its seeds, which are useful for many diseases of the digestive system. Dill seeds are often used against parasites, because they have antihelminthic properties.


  • 1 How dill affects helminths
  • 2 In what cases can dill seeds be used
  • 3 About contraindications
  • 4 About the methods of using dill seeds

    • 4.1 Seed decoction
    • 4.2 Cumin and dill seeds
    • 4.3 Dill with tansy and yarrow
    • 4.4 Dill seeds with wormwood tansy and chamomile
    • 4.5 Dill seeds, wild carrots, wormwood with valerian and mint
    • 4.6 Method of treatment according to Professor Ogulov

Traditional medicine knows many recipes on how to take dill seeds. They differ from other medicinal plants in that this remedy is not independent and gives the greatest effect in the fight against parasites in combination with other herbal remedies.

Dill seeds can be used at any stage of helminthic disease. The recipes are safe to use not only for adults but also for children

How dill affects helminths

Each component of dill seed affects the worms in a special way.

Let's dwell on this in more detail:

  1. Polyunsaturated fats and acids. Their main action is to neutralize the enzymes that parasites release. Together with this, they help to create conditions that are unpleasant for the life of worms. At the same time, microflora is brought back to normal, which plays an important role in preventing the development of helminths.
  2. The presence of essential oils allows you to stop the work of important systems in sexually mature individuals, which leads to their death. No effects on helminth eggs have been identified.
  3. Protein fractions. They help to form immunity in the place of a large accumulation of helminths. Restores damaged cells and mucous membranes.

In what cases can dill seeds be used

You can apply the beneficial properties of dill seeds in the following cases:

  1. To normalize the outflow of bile. When infected with lamblia, the patient's liver initially suffers, and it is because of this that the outflow of bile is impaired. The infusion of dill seeds has a choleretic effect, in addition, it has a strong negative effect on the helminths that live in the liver.
  2. To restore the correct functioning of the digestive system. Dill seeds have an amazing bactericidal effect, which prevents putrefactive reactions in the intestinal area and helps to form a beneficial microflora. During ascariasis, enterobiasis, in the presence of a tape or round worm in the body, it is very important that the mucous membrane is in order, intestinal peristalsis is normalized. All this together helps to remove helminths from the body.
  3. To restore sleep. When parasites are affected, a person experiences psycho-emotional stress. As a result of the disease, sleep is disturbed, mood often changes, and chronic fatigue appears. Dill seeds have shown positive properties due to which the nervous system calms down. In addition, they create a slight sedative effect, restoring the ability to sleep normally.

About contraindications

For some ailments or a special condition of the body, you cannot use dill seeds against parasites:

  • with peptic ulcer or gastritis;
  • with cirrhosis of the liver;
  • with hypotension (dill can lower blood pressure);
  • if there is an increased sensitivity of the body to any components of dill;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

About the methods of using dill seeds

Seed decoction

If the disease has an early stage, characterized by recent infection, when the helminths have not multiplied and have not fixed, the seeds are used to prepare a saturated broth.

You will need:

  • dill seeds - 1 tablespoon;
  • boiling water - 200 ml.

The broth should be infused for two days, after preparation, it is used in the amount of one tablespoon four times a day before meals.

Caraway and dill seeds

Both ingredients are taken in equal parts and mixed. They do not need to be crushed or processed in any way. The mixture is applied dry in the amount of one tablespoon once a day. Be sure to drink plenty of water! It is this type of seeds that allows them, while passing through the intestines, to improve peristalsis, to remove toxins with toxins, as well as helminths along with larvae.

Dill with tansy and yarrow

This herbal collection is most effective for advanced helminthiasis. Each component is taken in equal parts, then everything is well mixed.


To prepare the broth, you need one tablespoon of herbs and boiling water in an amount of 200 ml. Let it brew for several hours. Taken 1 table falsely before breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 weeks.

Dill seeds with wormwood tansy and chamomile

Each ingredient is taken in the amount of two teaspoons, put in a thermos and 400 ml of boiling water is poured. Then let it brew for at least 12 hours, and then the broth is filtered.

If helminthiasis has an initial stage, then the tincture is taken twice a day for a third of the glass. In the case of an advanced disease, the same dosage will be required, but three times a day. The course of therapy is 3-5 days.

Dill seeds, wild carrots, wormwood with valerian and mint

Each ingredient is taken in equal proportions. For brewing, you need one teaspoon of the mixture and a glass of boiling water. The product is brewed and then applied before meals.


You will need to drink all the liquid completely. Some people replace tea with medicinal broth, drink it in the morning and evening. The treatment lasts four days.

Treatment method according to Professor Ogulov

An equally common recipe in which dill seed is used for worms is the method proposed by Professor Alexander Timofeevich Ogulov.

The treatment has an amazing effect in the fight against worms and is as follows:

  1. After two and a half hours after dinner, you need to take 2 tablespoons of dill seeds, pre-mixed with honey in a small amount. Drink with water. For maximum effect, the seeds are ground in a coffee grinder. This form of use contributes to the beginning of the fight against parasites already at the level of the small intestine. If you take the remedy in its entirety, then work will begin in the large intestine.
  2. After three hours, castor oil is drunk, and Efremov's suppositories are inserted into the anus, which have a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Then you need to go to bed.
  3. The next day Troychatka is taken three times, one capsule at a time.

The above scheme should be repeated for three days.

The treatment of helminthiasis by the Ogulov method has many supporters, the most important thing here is to follow the method of treatment suggested by the doctor step by step, and at the same time remember about possible contraindications so as not to harm health

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