Remedy For Worms For Cats: The Best Anthelmintic Drugs

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Remedy For Worms For Cats: The Best Anthelmintic Drugs
Remedy For Worms For Cats: The Best Anthelmintic Drugs

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If you have a fluffy pet in the house, you need to take care of its health. In the event that the cat has lost its appetite, it vomits, it looks lethargic, infection with worms should be excluded. If the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment should be started urgently. They not only begin to multiply and feed on the tissues of the cat's body, but also release toxic substances that are dangerous to her life. Worms are freely transmitted from animal to person. Anthelminthic drugs for cats are available in various forms, the main thing is to choose the right remedy.


  • 1 Ways of infection
  • 2 How to make the right choice
  • 3 How to use the product correctly
  • 4 Preventive measures

Infection routes

If a pet goes outside, then it can get infected everywhere. Where do worms come from in cats that do not leave the room?

  1. The larvae of helminths enter the house along with the dirt on the soles of the shoes, and then move to the pet's paws. It is common for a cat to lick its fur, including its paws. This is how the larvae enter the body.
  2. Together with raw meat or fish.
  3. They are transmitted from an adult female to her kittens.
  4. Often the appearance of fleas is accompanied by the development of helminthiasis. Fleas are carriers of some kind of helminths.

Even if the cat does not go outside, in order to prevent serious illnesses in the pet and to protect household members from infection, it is necessary to carry out not only treatment, but also prevention. Treating worms in cats is best done after visiting your veterinarian.

Symptoms that tell you that the animal has worms:

  • loss of appetite, lethargy, lack of activity;
  • six loses its smoothness and shine;
  • the shell of the eyes changes;
  • there is a cough and frequent sneezing;
  • itching in the anal area (the cat often licks the inflamed area);
  • in the feces, worms themselves or blood impurities can be found.

How to make the right choice

There are many preparations for worms for cats, but you need to know exactly what type of worms have inhabited the pet's body. Most drugs are capable of killing a particular species. There are medications that can be active against a whole group of parasites, but they have many contraindications and side effects.


Broad-spectrum drugs negatively affect the work of internal organs, cause nausea, frequent vomiting and reduce immunity. It should be remembered that the dose recommended by the instruction must not be exceeded - this can lead to serious illness or even death.

All types of helminths can be divided into three main groups.

  1. Roundworms are nematodes. This includes roundworms, and they are most common in cats.
  2. Flat (sucking) worms are trematodes. It is rarely found in pets and enters the body together with raw river fish.
  3. Tape - cestodes. All types of tapeworms are transmitted by fleas and lice. If you give the drug only for worms, but do not use a flea remedy, then the problem will not be eliminated.

Consider the most popular cat anthelmintic drugs.

  1. The best remedy for parasites is Milbemax. It kills not only large individuals, but also the eggs laid by them. Give enough once with the exact dosage, which depends on the weight of the animal. The remedy is contraindicated for kittens under six months of age.
  2. Drontal. You need to give the cat one 4 kg tablet in the morning on an empty stomach, after which do not feed for an hour. Contains two active ingredients and quickly fights the problem. The medicine is capable of killing and removing worms at any stage of their development.
  3. The medicine Prazicide helps to cope well with the problem. Worming is allowed even in small kittens. With the help of a syringe, the required amount of the substance is collected and given to the animal in the morning with food once.
  4. Profender. The agent is produced in the form of drops that drip onto the withers. Can not be offered to cats younger than five months of age.
  5. Prazitel. It is an effective and harmless broad spectrum agent. Copes with every type of helminth at any stage of development. It is produced in the form of a suspension with a convenient dosing syringe.
  6. Dirofen. These anthelmintic tablets or suspensions are capable of killing round and tapeworms in a short time. It contains two active components. One tablet is designed for 5 kg, 1 ml - for 1 kg of the cat's weight.
  7. Polyverkan. For cats from worms, sugar cubes of a wide spectrum of action can be recommended. Dissolve one cube or half of it in water and pour it into the pet's mouth with a syringe. For medicinal purposes, it is enough to give one cube for two days, and after 12 days the course is repeated. As a preventive measure, it is enough to give once every three months.
  8. The inspector drops can drive away not only worms, but other parasites as well. This remedy for fleas and worms, as well as ticks, accumulates in the skin and hair follicles. Long-term action protects the pet from new infection.
  9. Febtal tablets. It is recommended to give the cat once a day in the morning for three days in a row. For 3 kg, you need to take one tablet. It has a pleasant taste for the animal, so there will be no problems with reception.
  10. Caniquantel. The pills that paralyze the muscular system of parasites have practically no side effects. The drug is contraindicated in pregnant individuals.
  11. Helminthal. Drops on the withers, intended for an adult cat. It fights not only against worms, but also other parasites that live in the pet's fur. Approved for use after two months of life. As a preventive measure, repeat every two months.
  12. Pratel. Effective against roundworms. Within two days, you can get rid of the problem forever.

What can be given to little kittens against worms? For such individuals, the same drugs are usually prescribed, only the dosage is significantly reduced. The kitten drinks the suspension easier. But there are drugs that cannot be given even after lowering the dosage. You can purchase medicines such as Prazicide, Pirantel, Troncil-K.

How to use the product correctly

Getting a cat to drink worm medicine is not easy. Worm medicine can cause a negative or even aggressive reaction in cats, so you need to prepare. There are several ways to help you do this.

  1. For kittens under 7 months old, the drug is purchased in the form of a suspension. It is necessary to collect the required amount of the substance into a syringe without a needle and pour it over the pet's cheek. After that, squeeze the jaws a little so that he does not spit out the medicine back.
  2. If the medicine for worms is given to the cat in tablet form, then before use you need to dissolve the tablet in a small amount of water and draw it into a syringe.
  3. If the cat has a calm character, you can try to give the pill as a whole. The pet is put on its knees, the jaw is unclenched and the pill is placed on the tongue. The jaws are closed and held so that he cannot spit it out. After that, you need to stroke the neck with light pressure. The cat begins to develop a swallowing reflex.
  4. If the cat has an aggressive disposition, then before the procedure, it should be wrapped in a blanket, leaving only the head free.
  5. There is an option to grind the tablet and mix it with your favorite treat.

Chasing worms out of the animal's body, after taking the medicine, you need to observe the behavior and condition of the pet. The production of copious foam and saliva is a normal reaction. If, after taking the medication, the cat becomes lethargic, diarrhea or vomiting opens, it must be urgently shown to the doctor. Intoxication can be removed only in the hospital with injections and droppers.

A prerequisite is that anthelmintic drugs are given in the morning on an empty stomach. After 20-30 minutes, the cat should go to its tray - along with the feces, worms come out. If this does not happen, then you can give a laxative drug - for example, Duphalac 5 ml.

To reduce the toxic effect of anthelmintics, after a few hours, you need to give adsorbents - for example, an activated carbon tablet or 5 ml of Enteros gel.

If anthelmintics were chosen for treatment, which act only on adults, then the therapy is repeated two weeks later, otherwise it will not be possible to completely remove the worms. This is how long it takes for new worms to appear from the eggs.

Independently, without a doctor's prescription, it is impossible to give a drug against worms to small kittens under a month, pregnant females, and also after lambing during the first month.

Preventive actions

Prevention of worms in cats is carried out every three months. Without fail, preventive measures are carried out two weeks before vaccination or mating.

  1. It is recommended to first give a remedy for fleas, and after 3-4 days use a medicine against worms.
  2. You should not feed with raw meat, only boiled water should be given.
  3. Keep outside or avoid contact with other street animals.
  4. Observe the hygiene of the places where the cat eats and goes to the toilet.
  5. Do wet cleaning in the room periodically.

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