Herbal Antiparasitic Preparations

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Herbal Antiparasitic Preparations
Herbal Antiparasitic Preparations
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  • Synthetic antiparasitic drugs
  • Herbal antiparasitic drugs in pharmacies and herbal preparations: what is the difference
  • Parazinol - a complex antiparasitic biological product
  • Phytocomplex Antiparasite of the Choice company, properties, action

    Properties of the drug Antiparasit

  • Troichetka Evalar
  • Helmostop
  • Libert's complex
  • What is the difference between herbal preparations and herbal antiparasitic preparations?
  • You can defeat parasites!

Herbal antiparasitic drugs are usually sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Are they safe, and whether they give an effect when used, how much better they are from synthetic drugs and why it is worth taking them - these and other questions are disclosed in this article.

The famous parasitologist K. Skryabin often said that antihelminthic drugs are poison not only for the parasite itself, but also for its carrier.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

It is known that chemical anthelmintic drugs are very toxic, harming the liver, changing the composition of the blood; such drugs cannot be used to prevent helminthic invasion, i.e. for a long time.

To get rid of helminthic infestation, there are two types of agents: synthetic (chemical) and plant (natural) origin.

Synthetic antiparasitic drugs

Despite the advances in medicine, therapy with chemical anthelmintic drugs also has the ability to cause considerable harm to the patient, especially if the person has chronic diseases.

Moreover, often the use of drugs becomes impossible due to the presence of chronic diseases, due to the fact that they can cause even greater harm and complications. Due to the fact that synthetic anthelmintic drugs are very toxic, they are used for a short period of time, no more than 5 days. But the stage of development of the parasite is much greater: and can range from one month to seven years! Parasites and their larvae, cysts develop not only in the intestines, but also:

  • in the liver
  • in the heart
  • in the lungs
  • in the brain
  • in the mammary glands
  • in muscle tissue
  • in the esophagus

It is unrealistic to get rid of parasites in a short period, but long-term use of toxic drugs inevitably causes even more harm to the body, poisoning it.

For example, well-known agents such as pyrantel, decaris, vermox have an effect on parasites living in the intestines, but they are powerless for those found in internal organs, circulatory system, lungs or brain. Moreover, after drug exposure, the parasites will respond by increasing their population, and repeated helminthic invasion of the body will occur.

Anthelmintic herbs for humans
Anthelmintic herbs for humans

Herbal antiparasitic drugs in pharmacies and herbal preparations: what is the difference

Herbal antiparasitic drugs in pharmacies differ from conventional herbal preparations. It would seem that herbs are present in both medicines. But there is still a difference:

  1. The herbal remedy sold at the pharmacy is a simple herbal mixture. For cooking, the herb is usually brewed, insisted, cooked in a water bath. Water-soluble substances pass into the solution, and the rest - insoluble - is thrown away. But there are still many useful trace elements, biological sorbents. In addition, most phytoncides and essential oils break down or volatilize when heated and brewed.
  2. If you use an alcoholic tincture, then it will contain only those substances that could pass into alcohol, in oil infusions - oil-soluble substances.

Conclusion: most of the nutrients with antiparasitic properties remain "overboard".

Antiparasitic drugs of plant origin in pharmacies, as a rule, include in their composition in a special way (cryogenic crushing, drying under vacuum) prepared components, without subjecting them to heat treatment, as a result, the substances enter the body unchanged and are perfectly absorbed by it. In such preparations, the content of useful and medicinal substances is maximum.

Drugs in the category - herbal antiparasitic drugs can be found in pharmacies. One of them is a drug of the Choice company - with a self-explanatory name - Antiparasite and a biological product of plant origin Parazinol.

Parazinol - a complex antiparasitic biological product

Parazinol is a natural preparation with a wide spectrum of action in the fight against parasites - from protozoa to helminths. The drug is known for its high efficiency in the fight against giardiasis - here it has no equal.

Like any natural drug, it not only expels parasites, but also improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract by increasing the amount of beneficial microflora, regulates the release of bile, and relieves stomach cramps.

Under what parasitic infections the use of Parazinol is recommended: The biological product is

produced in the form of capsules of 400 ml and in the form of a liquid extract. You can see what the produced liquid extract looks like in the image above.

  • Saussurea willow herb (darling)
  • aspen bark extract
  • horsetail herb
  • bitter wormwood grass

A gelatin capsule contains a dry extract of the listed herbs, a liquid tincture - their alcohol extract.

The duration of the course is 30 days. After a 15-day break, repeat the course of treatment for the complete expulsion of adult parasites, their larvae.


Phytocomplex Antiparasite of the Choice company, properties, action

This is a unique highly effective tool developed by Ukrainian scientists. The drug has shown excellent results in tests and is highly effective in cleansing the body "clogged" with helminths.

The drug is a capsule with herbal composition. The raw materials are processed using a unique technology, and the preparation contains the maximum content of nutrients in a form accessible to the body. The preparation contains exclusively natural substances and components.

Chemical preparations have a detrimental effect on the body, already weakened by helminthic invasion. Phytocomplex Antiparasit is absolutely harmless to the body. The antiparasite has beneficial properties and is effective in anthelmintic therapy. The action of the drug has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

Phytocomplex Antiparasite of the Choice company, properties, action
Phytocomplex Antiparasite of the Choice company, properties, action

Properties of the drug Antiparasit

Everyone who has ever used the Antiparasit drug will remember its effective properties in the fight against various parasites. Here they are:

  • phytocomplex has a pronounced antiparasitic effect
  • it has a detrimental effect on fungi and microorganisms
  • has a mild laxative effect with a bactericidal effect
  • improves the functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract of the liver, gallbladder
  • has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis

An important fact is that Antiparasit has no side effects!

The drug has a lot of positive reviews, which were sent to the manufacturer by grateful and cured patients. Among them are not only adults, but also children.

Troichetka Evalar


  • Dry tansy extract.
  • Common tansy.
  • Dry wormwood extract
  • Common wormwood.
  • Common carnation.

Troychatka Evalar is a cure for parasites, it is not a remedy, but a dietary supplement to your food. Helps remove parasites from the human body. You can buy this medicine at the pharmacy.

Composition No. 2
Composition No. 2


Helmostop is a very good anti-parasitic treatment. Helmostop is suitable for everyone over 12 years old who wants to destroy the worms in their body without problems and harm.

The composition of helmostop includes these components:

  • Richfiber.
  • Indol asset.
  • Atlant plus.
  • Hercules.
  • Uncaria.
  • Hepatocholan plus.
  • Vitaspectrum XL.

Together, these components provide a formula for the active elimination of different types of parasites from the human body.

The presence of parasites in the body can cause allergic reactions to appear on the skin. The preparations included in the Helmostop program will help you get rid of allergies and provide the body with vitamins, which will help drive out parasites even faster.

Also, the program is able not only to expel adult parasites from the human body, but also to rid it of the larvae. Quickly restore tissue damaged by parasites. To prevent further entry of new parasites into the body, strengthening the immune system.


Libert's complex

One of the best dietary supplements for the removal of parasites is the "Liberta" complex. This complex has the ability to destroy different types of helminths without harming the body. This supplement is extremely safe for health, as it consists only of natural ingredients.

General information:

  • Reduces congestion in the gallbladder, kidneys and liver.
  • Eliminates enzyme deficiencies.
  • Improves the vital functions of your body.

Also, supplements "Liberta" are allowed for children, as they have a beneficial effect on the human body. You can buy Liberta complex without a doctor's prescription.

When the medicine enters the body, then, under the influence of nutrients, it begins to cleanse itself of parasites and lamblia. In addition, the drug helps the digestive system and improves bones.

What is the difference between herbal preparations and herbal antiparasitic preparations?

Since ancient times, people have been fighting against parasites in the body. To do this, they make various herbal preparations. This is traditional medicine. And this is exactly the main difference between herbal preparations and antiparasitic preparations of herbal origin.

But no one says that since this is traditional medicine, then these components cannot be purchased at a pharmacy. On the contrary, you will find them anywhere. Herbal preparations do not have any side effects, by the way, this is also one of the differences from herbal antiparasitic preparations.

Also, you can prepare the herbal collection yourself, at home, and anti-parasitic herbal medicines are made by professionals in the laboratory, after which the medicine is delivered to the pharmacy, where you buy it ready-made.

Here is one of the recipes for making herbal tea at home:

  • We need:

    • Tansy flowers.
    • Pumpkin seeds and citrus seeds.
    • Wormwood leaves.
    • Roots of ginger and male thyme.
    • Garlic.
    • Common centaury.
  • Also take plants that give a mild laxative effect, these are:

    • Sage.
    • Agrimony.
    • Mint.
  • Recipe: mix centaury and wormwood equally. You need to pour 2 teaspoons of the collection with cold water, boil for 15 minutes. This broth should be taken once a week in the morning on an empty stomach.

Herbal antiparasitic preparations, of course, will give the best effect than herbal preparations, since these preparations are made by professionals in their field.

So, summing up, we can say for sure that all the drugs and funds listed in the article are the best products in their field, the most effective and fast-acting.

These medicines will help you get rid of this unpleasant ailment in a short period of time, without knocking you off the daytime regimen and without harming your body.

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