Enterobiasis: How Is The Analysis Taken In Children And Adults

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Enterobiasis: How Is The Analysis Taken In Children And Adults
Enterobiasis: How Is The Analysis Taken In Children And Adults
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  • Algorithm of examination for enterobiasis
  • Taking scrapings for enterobiasis
  • Scraping analysis: as taken in adults
  • Scraping for enterobiasis: how is it taken from children
  • How to prepare for the delivery of scraping for enterobiasis
  • Decoding the results

    Analysis validity period

  • Enterobiasis treatment
  • You can defeat parasites!

Enterobiasis is a disease that does not develop immediately, symptoms appear after 1-2 months. The reason for the incubation period is the passage of the eggs of the nematode class worms through the gastrointestinal tract. Not all worms reach the intestines; helminthiasis can be prevented with stomach acid. After the activation and reproduction of pinworms, symptoms of enterobiasis begin to appear:

  • itching of the anus and a burning sensation mainly at night (the intensity depends on the number of worms);
  • trauma around the sphincter due to scratching;
  • accession of a secondary infection;
  • dermatitis of the sphincter area;
  • dyspeptic disorders (bloating, flatulence, nausea, vomiting);
  • defecation disorders are quite an important indicator of enterobiasis (constipation, diarrhea).

When these signs appear, it is necessary to do a scraping for enterobiasis.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

The difference between pinworm infection from other types of helminthiasis is in the violation of stool formation. It can be liquid with an admixture of blood. Or, on the contrary, constipation appears, the feces acquire a dark color.

Tests for worms in children
Tests for worms in children

The cause of infection is a sick person. He combs the anus, helminth eggs fall on the skin, nails, clothes. Upon contact with it, the worms move to the body of the new owner.

Worms are characterized by the ability to penetrate the mucous and vascular walls. This is fraught with the entry of parasites into the blood and brain. Therefore, you should consult a doctor on time, undergo an analysis for enterobiasis and start treatment.

Algorithm of examination for enterobiasis

Analysis of feces for enterobiasis is a mandatory test during a medical examination, admission to educational institutions. The technique of taking the material is painless.

An analysis for enterobiasis is prescribed by the attending physician. It is allowed to eat and drink in front of it, food does not affect the number of pinworms in the host's body. They pass scraping for enterobiasis before 10 am. The sample is taken in the morning before bowel movement has occurred. Women should not urinate before taking the test.

A week before the analysis for enterobiasis, drugs that affect the test result are canceled: laxatives, antihelminthics, antibiotics.

When passing the examination in a medical institution, you do not need to buy a container, all the instruments are available from the laboratory assistant.

The sampling of material and the delivery of feces analysis for enterobiasis depends on the patient's age.

The skin of adults is rougher, so a cotton swab moistened with glycerin is used when collecting. The person is standing or lying on his side. The nurse spreads his buttocks and makes a scraping on all sides of the sphincter and a little inside it. The swab is placed in a sterile disposable container and handed over to the laboratory.

Passing tests for demodex
Passing tests for demodex

Taking scrapings for enterobiasis

How to get tested for pinworms and enterobiasis? Tests for enterobiasis are prescribed by a pediatrician or parasitologist (in adults). How is the test for enterobiasis taken and how long is the test for enterobiasis?

All questions can be easily answered by the attending physician. The speed in establishing a diagnosis under conditions of reproduction of parasites inside the body is especially important. Taking a scraping is as follows:

  • sterile gloves are used to take the scraping;
  • collected with a cotton swab dipped in water;
  • taking a scraping with a tape for enterobiasis will allow you to get more accurate results.

The simplicity of such a process as taking an analysis helps to quickly and with a high probability determine the diagnosis - enterobiasis. At home or in the laboratory, in any conditions, it is necessary to comply with all the rules on how to get tested for pinworms. Sterile products and transport of biomaterials guarantee accurate results.

Scraping analysis: as taken in adults

Adults can perform scraping both in the clinic and at home. In order to take a scraping test yourself, you need to purchase a special kit at the pharmacy or use a cotton swab, saline solution and a sterile container.

Enterobiasis analysis-scraping how to take at home:

  1. Scraping is done in the morning before urination and bowel movements.
  2. Do not wash for several hours before scraping.
  3. To take the material, it is necessary to moisten the ear stick in saline or ordinary water if it is not available.
  4. Then the ear stick must be carefully drawn along the folds of the anus.
  5. Place the obtained sample in a sterile container and take it to the hospital for further research.

Usually, the result is reported within two to three days.

How to get tested for enterobiasis
How to get tested for enterobiasis

Scraping for enterobiasis: how is it taken from children

The collection of material must be carried out in a medical institution or a nurse's office in educational institutions. Scraping is usually done in the morning. A few hours before the procedure, you should not wash the child in order to get the most reliable result.

In order to take a scraping test for the presence of pinworms in the child's body, the health worker takes the following steps:

  1. The tape, on which a special adhesive solution is applied, is applied to the anal area and carefully glued to collect as much of the necessary material as possible.
  2. Adhesive tape is glued to the glass and signed.
  3. The scraping analysis is sent to the laboratory, where it is stored at a temperature of no more than eight degrees.

The procedure is completely painless, so it can be done to children several times without hindrance. For a more complete picture, it is recommended to take a scraping test three times within a short period of time. This is due to the fact that pinworms do not always lay eggs, for which the scraping is examined.

How to prepare for the delivery of scraping for enterobiasis

The diagnosis of enterobiasis is beyond doubt if pinworms are found. They can be seen in the evening or at night in the anus or on folds of skin or on bedding. Sometimes you can see worms in the feces (usually this indicates a large number of them).

Scraping for enterobiasis - a study to detect pinworm eggs (swab from the folds of skin around the anus or sticking a sticky cellophane tape) may not "detect" the disease if there was no oviposition the day before.

Therefore, such an analysis-scraping must be taken in the morning without washing the child, just after such a night, when he could not sleep for a long time, he slept restlessly.

It is advisable, if the result is negative, to repeat the scraping several times within 1 - 2 weeks, since even if all recommendations are followed, there remains a significant chance of not detecting worm eggs in the analysis.

With a serious suspicion of enterobiasis, treatment can be carried out even if pinworms or their eggs are not found.

Analysis of feces for lamblia
Analysis of feces for lamblia

The material can be taken in various ways:

  1. For analysis for enterobiasis, scraping is made from the perianal folds in the morning, before bowel movements, in women, before urination with an ear stick moistened with water (preferably in saline). The material obtained during scraping is placed in a special container (for urine) and delivered within 2 hours.
  2. Apply a piece of adhesive tape to the perianal area, then attach the tape to clean, degreased glass and deliver it to the laboratory in this form.

Before being sent to the laboratory, the material should be stored in a refrigerator at 4-8 ° C.

A 3-fold study is recommended.

Decoding the results

The conclusion about the study of scraping is issued after a day. It can be positive or negative. If the result is positive, pinworms are found in the intestine and, depending on the severity of the parasite infestation, there are three degrees of pinworm infection:

  1. Weak. It is indicated when single helminth eggs are found and is indicated in the help "+".
  2. Average. When several dozen pinworm eggs are detected. "++" is put in the help.
  3. High. When a large number of larvae and eggs of worms are found, "+++" is noted.

In this situation, it is required to check for the presence of helminths in the surrounding people and close relatives in contact with an infected patient.

This is especially important when the child is attending kindergarten or school.

Analysis for opisthorchiasis
Analysis for opisthorchiasis

If the result is negative, this indicates the absence of helminths in the intestine or that the collection of material was done in violation of the procedure.

When collecting, a large number of factors should be taken into account, including the fact that the female pinworm has not yet laid eggs on the skin.

Children are recommended to be tested at least 3 times at weekly intervals. In this case, the reliability of the research is about 90%. Taking tests once gives a result with a 50% confidence. If there are no symptoms of infection, then a negative assessment is correct.

The study may show a negative result, but if symptoms of infection are present, then the attending physician will usually recommend several more times, after which he will prescribe treatment or preventive measures. However, some parents, in order not to be tested several times, on their own initiative give their children antihelminthic drugs for preventive purposes. This can not be done categorically, since not all antihistamines can be used in the treatment of children due to the strong toxic effects on the body. The decision to prescribe any drugs in the treatment or prevention of helminthic infestation should be made only by a qualified doctor.

Confirmation of enterobiasis allows you to start treatment, which consists of adhering to a special diet and the use of anthelmintic drugs. The course of therapy is prescribed by the doctor due to the characteristics of the organism, the age of the child and his body weight.

Analysis validity period

Also, do not forget that the period of validity of the scraping, or rather its results, should not exceed 10 days from the date of delivery. Otherwise, a certificate of the absence of enterobiasis with a date of analysis over ten days for presentation to kindergartens, schools or sports facilities will be invalid.

Enterobiasis treatment

The principles of treatment include:

  • relief of pathological processes;
  • preventing the development of complications;
  • prevention of recurrent and chronic course.

Treatment for this helminthiasis includes:

  • drug treatment (etiotropic and symptomatic therapy, normalization of intestinal microbiocenosis);
  • compliance with the hygiene regime;
  • diet.

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