What Foods Can Serve As A Source For Ascariasis

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What Foods Can Serve As A Source For Ascariasis
What Foods Can Serve As A Source For Ascariasis

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  • What products can you get infected with ascariasis?
  • Infection mechanism
  • The main possible routes of infection in practice
  • What you can and cannot eat
  • What foods can become a source of parasites
  • Nutrition for roundworm: basic principles
  • You can defeat parasites!

Ascariasis is a common and dangerous type of helminthiasis. Its appearance is facilitated by parasites that can penetrate into various systems and organs of the human body.

Roundworms parasitize in the host's body for 6-24 months. Worms secrete toxins, clog ducts, and leave pustules after they die.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

Ascariasis in adults is treated with medication. But for the therapy to be as effective as possible, the patient should follow a special diet. Thus, an unfavorable environment for parasites is created in the human body, which prevents them from living and developing.



What products can you get infected with ascariasis?

What foods can serve as a source for ascariasis? Poorly washed food is a source of infestation. Often, the eggs and larvae of parasites are found on vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs that were not sufficiently washed before eating.

In addition, particles of infected soil can be found on the fish. Therefore, raw seafood dishes (Japanese cuisine, planes) almost always become a source of helminths.

There is an opinion that roundworms do not like spicy food. Therefore, many recommend, in the absence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, to add onions, garlic and pepper to the patient's diet to remove parasites. However, doctors warn that in this case, helminths do not die, but move, populating other organs and systems.

What foods can serve as a source for ascariasis
What foods can serve as a source for ascariasis

Infection mechanism

The main mechanism of infection with ascariasis is fecal-oral, which means that the larvae of pathogens enter the body through the oral cavity. A person can become infected with this disease through the use of unwashed vegetables, fruits, on which fragments of soil are present. You should also not forget about unwashed hands, which play an important role in the mechanism of infection with ascariasis.

As a result of the ingestion of the larvae of ascariasis pathogens into the human gastrointestinal tract, they are introduced into the walls of the small intestine. In the process of progression, the larvae are introduced into the walls of blood vessels, followed by their dispersal with the blood flow throughout the body. Considering the physiology of human circulation, one of the first organs after the intestines, which is affected by ascariasis, is the liver.

The further path of the causative agents of ascariasis (larvae) lies in the direction of the heart, after which they enter the lung tissue through the small circle of blood circulation. Part of the ascaris larvae, secreted by humans, dies in the external environment, and part goes back to the gastrointestinal tract, where they are transformed into an adult.

There is also an alternative life cycle, in which there is a migration of ascaris larvae in the direction of the liver and pancreas, followed by a delay in these organs. The migration routes of ascaris larvae can lie in the veins of the neck and head, as a result of which the salivary glands, the brain, and also the nasal sinuses can become the place of their localization.


Cases have been recorded in which the spread of pathogens of ascariasis occurs not only at the larval stage, but also at the adult stage. The accumulation of helminthic invasions in various organs provokes a persistent violation of the natural outflow of organic fluids (saliva, pancreatic juice, bile).

The formation of a ball of ascaris in the intestinal cavity can cause the development of chronic intestinal obstruction. The pathological process caused by the ingress of ascariasis pathogens into the body has a number of specific features, among which the formation of a kind of immunity can be distinguished. If, after suffering ascariasis, a person is re-infected, the course of the disease will be less pronounced.

The lifespan of an adult ascaris is no more than 1 year, after which it dies, followed by excretion from the body with human feces. The causative agents of ascariasis have a multifaceted effect on the human body.

The waste products secreted by roundworms are powerful allergens in chemical structure, therefore, their release into the human body forms the development of a hypersensitivity reaction. The constant mobility of adult helminths is the cause of perforation changes in the intestinal wall and blood vessels, as a result of which slight bleeding from the intestinal lumen may occur.

The main possible routes of infection in practice

  1. Through the soil (unwashed vegetables, greens), which got the eggs of ascaris along with the feces of an infected person.
  2. Through contaminated water, into which eggs ripened in the soil got into along with feces. This can happen when swimming in a body of water, when an outdoor toilet / sewer is located close to a well or shallow well.
  3. When flies transfer eggs to food.
  4. It is unlikely, but possible, that larvae are transmitted through saliva or phlegm when they migrate by the body and pass through the lungs, throat and mouth of an infected person before entering the intestine.

In everyday life, in contact with a person who has fresh ascaris eggs on his hands, which had previously come out with feces, infection is impossible. Since it takes 16-17 days and favorable conditions for the larva to ripen inside the egg, they should immediately lie in the soil.

Get tested for worms

Symptoms Answer Itching in the anal area Yes Not Dysbacteriosis Yes Not General weakness Yes Not Dry cough Yes Not The appearance of allergic reactions Yes Not Weight loss Yes Not Headaches Yes Not Dizziness Yes Not Increased irritability Yes Not Swelling of the face and eyelids Yes Not

What you can and cannot eat

People infected with worms must adhere to a certain diet for full recovery, giving up many of their usual foods.

What can you eat with ascariasis:

  • brass pies stuffed with apples, cottage cheese, minced meat, fish;
  • stale wheat flour bread, rye bread;
  • lean meat: chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey;
  • lean fish varieties;
  • light soups with lean broth;
  • kefir, low-fat milk and cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, low-fat and mild cheese;
  • egg omelet, soft-boiled egg, adding 1 yolk to food;
  • well-washed vegetables and fruits (boil, stew, cut into salads), dried fruits, marmalade, jelly, compotes, jelly.

It is allowed to drink tea, coffee with milk, juices from vegetables, berries, fruits, rosehip broth.

What can not be eaten with ascariasis:

  • buns, pies cooked in a pan, fresh pastries, pasta;
  • fatty meat and fatty fish, smoked, canned food, salted and smoked fish;
  • meat, fish, mushroom soups, okroshka, green cabbage soup;
  • fat milk, cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, cream, fermented baked milk;
  • scrambled eggs, boiled eggs;
  • radishes, garlic, herbs, mushrooms, any pickled vegetables;
  • chocolate, ice cream, sugar.
Pork meat contains parasites
Pork meat contains parasites

A certain sequence of food intake is very important. You need to start with a glass of water, which will increase the digestibility of food. The first course is salad or other plant foods, then meat and other components of the diet.

Laxative foods in the diet that speed up body cleansing:

  • raw fruits, vegetables;
  • dried fruits;
  • vegetable juices, compotes, yogurt, kefir;
  • buckwheat, oatmeal, barley groats;
  • sour cream.

What foods can become a source of parasites

The source of worms is always poorly washed food. Usually, the food source of contamination is fruits, vegetables plucked directly from the bush in the garden and unwashed, tried on the market, as well as poorly washed products from the store.

Fish can carry parts of contaminated soil, so eating poorly washed raw fish is extremely dangerous (this is especially true for Japanese cuisine: sushi, etc.).

An important point is the existing opinion about the fear of spicy food ascaris. Traditional methods of treatment suggest removing them from the body by adding especially hot ingredients to the diet, as well as garlic, onions, etc. The danger is that roundworms do not die, but begin to migrate to other organs even more actively, parasitizing there.

Proper nutrition
Proper nutrition

Nutrition for roundworm: basic principles

As a rule, with ascariasis, patients are advised to adhere to diet No. 5. Its main principles are avoiding alcohol, limiting fat intake and increasing the amount of protein. At the same time, it is important that the patient carefully observes hygiene rules: do not drink raw water, wash vegetables, berries, fruits and greens.

The diet for ascariasis helps to restore the functioning of the liver and bile ducts, which have been damaged by the vital activity of parasites. The general characteristics of nutrition for roundworms are as follows:

  1. enrichment of the diet with cereals, fruits and vegetables;
  2. limited fat intake, while maintaining the balance of carbohydrates and proteins;
  3. refusal from sweet carbonated water, chocolate and other sweets;
  4. saturation of the body with amino acids and pectins;
  5. elimination of purines, oxalic acid and pasteurized food from the diet, which forms a favorable environment for helminths.

Also, with diet number 5, do not recommend eating cold dishes, and stringy meat must be chopped. Food can be baked, boiled, and sometimes stewed, but not fried.

Also, with ascariasis, it is advisable to abandon foods rich in extractives and coarse fiber, which contributes to intestinal bloating and the secretion of digestive juices. In this case, you need to limit the amount of salt consumed (up to 10 g) and drink the required amount of liquid per day (from 1.5 liters).

Food should be taken in small, equal portions at least 4 times a day. It is recommended to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach.

So, the daily diet of a patient with ascariasis includes proteins (80 g), half of which are of animal origin, carbohydrates (about 400 g) and fats (80-90 g), where 30% are of vegetable origin. Energy value ranges from 2400 to 2800 kcal.

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