Alveococcosis Of The Liver, Lungs In Humans: Diagnosis, Treatment Symptoms

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Alveococcosis Of The Liver, Lungs In Humans: Diagnosis, Treatment Symptoms
Alveococcosis Of The Liver, Lungs In Humans: Diagnosis, Treatment Symptoms

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  • Causative agents of alveococcosis
  • General symptoms of alveococcosis in humans
  • Alveococcosis of the liver
  • Alveococcosis of the lungs


  • Analyzes
  • Prevention
  • Alveococcosis of animals: cats and dogs


  • You can defeat parasites!

Alveococcosis - helminthiasis. Belongs to the group of cestodes, (tapeworms).

Causative agents of alveococcosis

The causative agents of this formidable disease are the larvae of the alveococcus. The larvae are a messy environment of small bubbles, collected in one ball. These bubbles are so close to each other that some have even grown together. The bubbles are formed by the budding method.

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Inside, they are filled with a viscous yellow liquid or just a dark mass. Alveococcus larvae are called oncospheres. There are up to 3 embryo heads inside the vesicles. With sufficient growth of the node, bubbles break off and they are carried throughout the body.



General symptoms of alveococcosis in humans

Oncospheres penetrating through the oral cavity into the esophagus find refuge in the liver. They live in its right lobe.

While the oncosphere is small, no signs of the disease are observed in humans. Upon reaching a large node, it begins to manifest itself with a dull pain. In this period, this node (cyst) is already palpable. The pain gets worse over time.

The intoxication of the body is growing, weakness appears, the urge to vomit, the skin turns pale. Unfortunately, a person receives these symptoms of intoxication from any helminthic invasions. Therefore, they cannot serve as a sign of alveococcosis.

With the subsequent development of the cyst, pathological sensations intensify.


  • constant pain under the right rib;
  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • bitterness in the mouth;
  • vomiting reflex;
  • itchy skin;
  • colic attacks occur.

In this state, the uneven, hard, lumpy surface of the organ is well felt.

With delayed treatment, jaundice, purulent cholangitis occurs. In this case, the patient is in a fever, chills. The liver rapidly increases in size and becomes painful. An abscess is not excluded. Metastasis to the lungs is possible.

Without timely started treatment, alveococcosis ends in death. Moreover, the slow extinction of life goes on for several years, but when jaundice appears, death occurs within 2 - 3 days.

Alveococcosis of the liver

Alveococcosis of the liver has the features of a malignant tumor. When the human body is infected with liver alveococcosis, there are four stages of the development of the disease.

Stages of the disease Symptoms
Early A slight decrease in weight, not pronounced gastrointestinal disorders.
Uncomplicated Pain in the liver, belching, diarrhea, loss of appetite., Migraine, irritability, constant fatigue.
Heavy The feces are discolored; the urine darkens; sclera, mucous membrane turn yellow; a rash occurs. Metastases spread to various organs and blood circulation.
Terminal Does not respond to treatment. Leads to abscesses, renal failure, cachexia.

Treatment for liver alveococcosis disease occurs mainly by surgery. In the early stages, it is conservative. Anthelmintic drugs are prescribed.

Alveococcosis of the liver
Alveococcosis of the liver

Alveococcosis of the liver

Alveococcosis of the lungs

Lung damage occurs due to metastasis of cysts from the liver. The introduction of oncospheres with blood flows is possible.

There are several forms of alveococcosis of the lungs:

  • focal;
  • nodal;
  • infiltrative;
  • strip;
  • pneumonic;
  • mixed.

The listed forms show how difficult it is to correctly diagnose the disease.


  • chest pain;
  • cough with purulent sputum (or mixed with blood).

In any form of the disease, it is necessary to examine the liver, since it is it that is the root cause of the disease.

Alveococcosis of the lungs
Alveococcosis of the lungs

Alveococcosis of the lungs


To establish an accurate diagnosis of alveococcus, it is necessary to pass tests. Approximate indicators of analyzes for alveococcosis.

Analyzes Indicators
Blood formula Eosinophilia, ESR increased.
Biochemistry Bilirubin increased, thymol test increased
Analysis of urine Increased protein, blood in urine, increased white blood cell count


Strict adherence to the rules of individual care!

Alveococcosis of animals: cats and dogs

The course of the disease in animals is not very different from the disease in humans.


Severe symptoms become apparent in the later stages of the disease. Attention is drawn to the asymmetry of the abdomen. On palpation, nodes with an uneven surface are easily detected. With the growth of cysts, the animal refuses to eat, vomiting often occurs, the state is depressed

In case of any deviations in the behavior of pets, you should contact your veterinarian.

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