Ascaris In Infants (1.2 And 3 Years Old): Symptoms, Treatment And Causes

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Ascaris In Infants (1.2 And 3 Years Old): Symptoms, Treatment And Causes
Ascaris In Infants (1.2 And 3 Years Old): Symptoms, Treatment And Causes

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  • Causes of infection in infants
  • Infection symptoms
  • The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky about roundworms in a baby
  • Treatment
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Ascariasis is a fairly common disease in children, especially young children. Timely diagnosis of this ailment is rarely carried out, as a result of which roundworms in infants are mainly detected in the presence of serious complications.

The situation with the identification of the first signs of infection with parasites is completely dependent on the parents, so they need to know the symptoms of ascaris in order to draw the attention of the attending physician to them.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, we recommend reading this article. This article details the methods of dealing with parasites. We also recommend contacting a specialist. Read the article >>>

Causes of infection in infants

Infection occurs easily and quickly, because there are many factors around us that suggest this, not even sparing a newborn organism.

Reasons for infection
Reasons for infection

Ascaris larvae can enter the fetus through the placenta along with the blood stream or during childbirth, when the baby passes through the birth canal.

Thus, only having been born into the world, the child is already a carrier of helminths, but it is not always possible to determine this in the first days of a baby's life.

As for other methods of infection, there are a lot of them.

Worm larvae can be found on any object or surface. There comes such an age in a child, when he, studying the world around him, begins to pull everything into his mouth.

In this way, the eggs of the worms enter the child's mouth and through the stomach into the intestines, where they are activated, since all the optimal conditions for their life and development are created there.

Infection symptoms

Determining helminthic invasion in newborns is not easy, but possible. There are a number of symptoms, the presence of which should alert parents and become a reason to make an appointment with a doctor.

The symptoms of helminthic invasion are as follows:

  • Weight loss;
  • Constant itching in the anal area;
  • Bruxism;
  • Early caries;
  • Drooling while sleeping;
  • Morning sickness;
  • Regular constipation
  • Unreasonable pain in the navel area;
  • Small persistent rash on the thighs;
  • Pale skin and bruising around the eyes;
  • Bad breath may occur;
  • Dizziness and headaches.

If you find more than five of the above symptoms in a baby, this already suggests a helminthic invasion.

The same symptoms can be applied to other diseases. But doctors will insist on further examination of the child for the presence of worms. After all, the population of a small organism with parasites can lead to irreversible consequences.

Worms in feces
Worms in feces

With ascariasis, parasites can go out with feces.

Immunity in young children is still imperfect, so it cannot fight on its own and will require additional help and treatment.

The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky about roundworms in a baby

Dr. Komarovsky
Dr. Komarovsky

Helminthiasis is always an unpleasant topic for a person, especially if parasites are found in children, because this is a problem for parents.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, the most dangerous age when the body is susceptible to helminthiasis is from 1.5 to 5 years.

During this period, children actively study the world around them, play with the surrounding objects, take them in their mouths, and can touch not only pets, but also street animals.

Komarovsky, a well-known children's doctor, has repeatedly stressed that a small organism is easily susceptible to various parasites.

In particular, the doctor noted the danger of roundworms, which are found everywhere.

Unfortunately, many parents do not pay attention to the fact that the child has become less mobile and often refuses to eat. Dr. Komarovsky believes that parents need to pay attention to any changes in the baby's behavior in order to identify the ailment that has affected their child as soon as possible.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, there are two ways to determine if a baby has helminths:

  • Pay attention to the condition of the child and identify if he has certain symptoms;
  • Seek help from a doctor who can perform tests;
  • Naturally, the second option is the most relevant, since it will make it possible to detect ascaris with a 100% probability, if the child has them.

The main symptoms indicating the presence of ascaris in children:

  • Pain in the navel, as well as in the right hypochondrium. Pain can appear unexpectedly, regardless of food intake, more often at night and in the evening;
  • The appearance of nausea, which may be accompanied by vomiting. This usually happens after a meal, especially one that the helminths do not like (spicy and spicy foods with a strong smell);
  • Appetite problems, it may disappear altogether, or, on the contrary, increase. In this case, the child must necessarily lose weight, although the opposite situation is initially possible;
  • Problems with activity, if earlier the baby had increased activity, and now he is sluggish and dull, the probability of detecting helminthiasis is high. By the way, Dr. Komarovsky believes that helminths can cause, and vice versa, excessively increased activity;
  • Headaches that appear after prolonged dizziness. But it is not a fact that these are helminths, an urgent check is needed, since other serious diseases are possible in children;
  • Changes in mood, the baby may become more moody and whiny, and he will also be more irritable. This is due to the intoxication of the body and the effect of harmful substances on the nervous system.

Allergic reactions are also a sign of helminthiasis. Since helminths emit a lot of toxins, it constantly poisons the body, the immune system tries to fight it, but it fails. The only thing that remains for him is to signal the danger with allergic reactions.

Allergic reaction
Allergic reaction

Allergic reaction caused by ascaris

In an interview, Komarovsky noted that grinding teeth in a dream does not always mean the presence of helminths. Of course, this increases the chances of detecting parasites, but does not directly indicate them.

Parents need to understand that the above symptoms can be both single and multiple at the same time, so it is better to seek help from the clinic and not self-medicate.


As a treatment for ascaris in infants, antihelminthic drugs are used. The type, dosage and duration of taking the drug is selected individually by the pediatrician. The effectiveness of treatment with antihelminthic drugs is about 80-100%. A month after taking the drug, the child is re-examined.

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