Herbs From Worms And Parasites In Humans: Which Are More Effective

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Herbs From Worms And Parasites In Humans: Which Are More Effective
Herbs From Worms And Parasites In Humans: Which Are More Effective
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There are many ways to get rid of parasites. The safest are considered the means offered by traditional medicine, which include natural ingredients. Herbs for worms and parasites can be used in the form of decoctions and infusions, make enemas from them.


  • 1 Advantages of herbal preparations
  • 2 Most Effective Herbs
  • 3 Collection of several herbs

Advantages of herbal preparations

Any medicinal herb that is properly harvested and dried is beneficial. Some species are aimed at fighting parasites. The main action is to increase the body's own strengths.

  1. Herbal treatment for worms and parasites in humans not only leads to their elimination, but also restores strength, improves the work of internal organs. Pharmaceutical drugs are highly toxic, which negatively affects the condition of the liver and other organs.
  2. Herbs remove toxins, reduce intoxication.
  3. Dried herbs can be found at the pharmacy or collected by yourself. Infusions or decoctions are prepared quickly and without special skills.
  4. Herbal preparations are allowed to be taken by children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

When preparing broths and infusions, you need to consider some points. If the worms live in the small intestine, then they will not have the desired effect. Broths are quickly absorbed by the intestines, and substances do not reach the source of the problem. In this case, dry leaves of plants that need to be eaten for 7-10 days up to 5 times a day can help.


What is the healthiest and most effective herb? Antihelminthic herbs that are included in famous recipes are selected for specific properties:

  • burning taste raises the temperature inside the body;
  • a pungent taste relieves itching, paralyzes parasites, disinfects the surface of internal organs;
  • herbs against worms with a bitter, burning taste are able to dilate blood vessels and remove harmful substances remaining after the vital activity of worms.

There are also disadvantages. It is possible to treat helminthic invasion only with herbs in the early stages of the development of the disease. In the future, drug therapy should be connected, otherwise the condition may only worsen.

Most effective herbs

The most popular and effective herb for humans from worms of any kind is wormwood. It has a bitter taste that parasites don't like.


Getting into the digestive tract, the bitterness of the grass begins to fight the larvae and adults of the worms. Their muscular system is paralyzed. Parasites stop moving, they have no opportunity to feed and reproduce. But this condition is temporary, so it is important to continue treatment. Best combined with foods that have a laxative effect.

Pumpkin seeds, which have an anthelmintic effect, improve the work of peristalsis. The green septum contains a substance called cucurbitin, which destroys microorganisms.

Folk recipes, which include wormwood.

  1. Dried wormwood leaves are combined with cloves and flax seeds for 5-7 g. Chop and mix everything thoroughly. You need to take two weeks every morning and evening. Drink with sour juice (orange, grapefruit, pomegranate). Cloves have a pungent, pungent taste, stimulate the circulatory system and help eliminate worms.
  2. You can prepare a tincture. Pumpkin seeds and wormwood (in a ratio of 1: 3) are useful. The components must be ground to a powder state, filled with vodka and infused for several days. You need to take 50 ml before meals.
  3. You can make a decoction of wormwood for an enema. Boiling water (200-250 ml) must be poured into 10 g of dry raw materials. Cook over the fire for another 15 minutes. Cool and strain before introduction into the rectum.

Flowers of common tansy have an anthelmintic effect. They are especially effective against roundworms and pinworms. They are round, yellow flowers that taste bitter and toxic, so the dosage must be strictly observed. You don't even have to brew tea or a decoction, but swallow 2-3 dry flowers. You don't even have to chew.


To prepare the broth, take 40 g of the dry mixture and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Then steam for another 10 minutes. Leave to infuse for about an hour, strain and squeeze. Drink a medicinal drink before meals, 30 ml each.

An enema with a decoction of tansy helps with worms in adults. The cloves of one head of garlic are peeled and chopped, poured over with milk and boiled for 15-20 minutes. Add 40 g of tansy flowers to the mixture and bring to a boil again. Cool and strain before drinking. An enema is done in the evening, preferably before bedtime. Keep inside for 5-7 minutes.

Helps to cope with roundworm and tapeworm, as well as increase immunity, elecampane essential oil. 100 g of chopped elecampane root must be poured with boiling water (250 ml), wrapped and infused for an hour. Drink 35 ml in the morning before meals.

The centaury plant is effective against whipworms. To prepare the infusion, you will need 30 g of the dried plant, which is poured with a liter of boiling water. Insist for about 30 minutes, strain and drink 80 ml before breakfast and dinner.


Butterbur tincture is easy to prepare. It is necessary to pour 10 g of dry raw materials with 200 ml of boiling water and insist, wrapped in warmth for about an hour. Assign to drink 40 ml up to 3-4 times a day.

Common chamomile is drunk to increase immunity, cleanse the intestines, remove toxins and restore strength.

Marshmallow root has a powerful anthelmintic effect. This herb contains radioactive uranium, which has a detrimental effect on all parasites. The infusion is prepared quickly: take 20 g of herbs and pour boiling water over it, leave to infuse for 40 minutes. Having previously filtered, take up to 6 times a day, 40 ml.

You can drink a decoction of yarrow or do enemas. Yarrow is considered a broad spectrum herb. It is added to recipes that help to cope with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, infectious and inflammatory diseases. As an anthelmintic agent, it is enough to take 40 g of the plant and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Then hold for 30 minutes over steam of hot water, drain and cool. You need to take 30-40 ml three times a day.


Calendula flowers help to get rid of worms and restore damaged intestinal walls. They need to be poured with boiling water and after 20 minutes you can drink like tea.

A decoction of thyme helps to expel parasites and strengthen the immune system. 10 g of dry raw materials must be poured with 200 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes. Drink 60 ml three times a day. Each time you need to prepare a new broth.

Dandelion is known for its bitter taste. The herb contains a special substance called taraxacin, which has anthelmintic properties. Dandelion decoctions have a choleretic and mild laxative effect. Use crushed leaves and plant root. Take 60 g of grass, pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave for about two hours. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, 100 ml.

Humanity has long been treated with nettles. They made lotions, medicinal shampoos, decoctions based on this herb. Nettle root will help cleanse the body of toxins. Pour 40 g of dry mixture with cold water. Transfer the liquid to a water bath, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Leave to infuse for 2 hours, strain before use. Drink before breakfast and dinner.

Worms most of all love meat and dairy products, as well as flour, fatty and sweet foods. By using these products, a person promotes reproduction and their favorable development. It is important to follow a strict diet during the treatment period, excluding all these dishes.


The bitter and pungent taste of food is not to the liking of parasites, and they die from them. All foods and herbs that taste like this will be beneficial to humans.

Collection of several herbs

The effectiveness of anthelminthic herbs increases if you combine several plants with each other.

  1. Troichatka is popular. You need to take 30 g of wormwood, 60 g of cloves and 100 g of tansy. Grind and mix all ingredients well. Take 2 g before meals. Herbs not only remove worms, but are also antiseptics.
  2. "Monastic collection" includes many herbs. For cooking, you will need 5 g of tansy flowers, yellow gentian root and chamomile. Add 10 g of wormwood and 15 g of buckthorn bark. Before use, 5 g of the mixture is poured with chilled boiled water. You need to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
  3. To prepare an antihelminthic drink, you need to take 150 g of hibiscus tea leaves and mix with buckthorn, tansy and oak bark (all take 5 g). You need to drink tea before meals for three weeks.
  4. An effective composition of 100 g of calendula flowers, 50 g of dried calamus root and 50 g of caraway seeds. You need to take 2 g 2 times a day before meals for 10-14 days.
  5. The herbal collection of chamomile and buckthorn bark helps. These herbs are taken in equal amounts (for example, 20 g each) and 250 ml of boiling water are poured. Let it brew and filter.

It is recommended to alternate anthelmintic herbs, and it is better to take it simultaneously with pharmaceuticals. Be sure to observe personal hygiene and adhere to a special diet. Each herb has contraindications that need to be consulted to avoid allergic reactions.

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