Vermox: How Worms Come Out, Admission Rules, Course Of Treatment

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Vermox: How Worms Come Out, Admission Rules, Course Of Treatment
Vermox: How Worms Come Out, Admission Rules, Course Of Treatment

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How to take Vermox for adults if worms have been found in the body? Every person faces this at least once in his life. Parasites are common and shouldn't surprise anyone. Pharmaceutical companies have developed many medicines to combat worms. Vermox is considered one of the best.


  • 1 For what diseases to take
  • 2 Release of parasites from the body
  • 3 Admission rules
  • 4 Negative manifestations
  • 5 Effectiveness of treatment
  • 6 Reception of Vermox in pregnant and lactating women
  • 7 Overdose
  • 8 How to determine the effect of a drug

For what diseases to take

The active ingredient of Vermox is mebendazole. According to the instructions for use, it is customary to use in the following cases:

  • ascariasis;
  • enterobiasis;
  • strongyloidosis;
  • alveococcosis;
  • teniasis;
  • capillariasis;
  • echinococcosis;
  • ankylostomiasis.

Vermox is used for toxocariasis. After a successful cure of the patient is observed.

Release of parasites from the body

How does the drug work on the parasite? Specific substances that make up the drug are capable of suppressing glycolysis. This leads to disruption of metabolic processes. Due to the fact that the helminth can no longer absorb nutrients, it has nowhere to take energy from.


After taking Vermox, the action of mebendazole leads to muscle paralysis, destruction of the body and early death. However, patients are interested in the question of how worms come out after vermox? The release of parasites depends on the species to which they belong, body length and other factors.

Some species lend themselves to partial destruction. Any helminth leaves the intestines already dead, along with digested food waste.

Some worms leave the body intact. Their length can vary from small to medium. Then a person will definitely find them in feces. Usually, the tapeworm is released within one day after taking the drug. The components of the medicine also leave the body in urine or feces.

In order for the worms to leave the body faster and not poison with toxins, it is recommended to take a laxative. There is usually a significant improvement in general condition after this.

Admission rules

To get rid of ascaris and other parasites, you must follow the treatment recommendations. How to take Vermox correctly in order to avoid negative consequences and achieve maximum results from treatment:

  1. For patients aged 2 to 10 years, the dose should not exceed 25 mg per day. In case of complications or severe invasion, it can be doubled.
  2. Children over 10 years old and adults - 100 mg per day.

Vermox's instructions do not indicate whether it should be taken before meals, after meals or during. If this information is not available, then drink the medicine in the middle of a meal. The medication is taken within a day. For several days of treatment and after it, fatty foods and alcohol are excluded from the diet. You should also stop eating sweets.

Negative manifestations

The usual side effects of the medication are rare. Most often they are associated with incorrect admission or neglect of the doctor's recommendations. But there are a number of contraindications that can provoke a deterioration in the patient's condition:

  1. Disorder of the digestive system. The substance kills the parasite, but does not remove it from the body. In this case, helminths accumulate in the intestines, provoking obstruction. As a result, the patient suffers from diarrhea, and frequent vomiting is observed.
  2. Violation of the functionality of the nervous system. It is characterized by dizziness and migraine.
  3. Liver disease. Vermox tends to affect the liver. A side effect in this case is the yellowness of the skin.
  4. People who are prone to allergies suffer from all sorts of rashes.

If the helminthic invasion is very strong, it is still necessary to start treatment. A person for whom Vermox is contraindicated is treated under the strict supervision of a doctor. In this case, it is necessary to frequently take blood and feces tests to monitor the condition.

If the components are intolerant, the patient may be prescribed another drug.

The effectiveness of the treatment

Vermox relieves a person of parasites after the first dose. But therapy should take place not only in the infected person, but also in all family members. The disease is easily transmitted through household items, so it is necessary to treat all residents.

Treatment will be of no use if the person does not follow simple hygiene measures. Not only at the time of treatment, but throughout his life, a person must carefully monitor cleanliness. No wonder they say that worms are a disease of dirty hands.

Hand washing is done after walking in the street, visiting a public place and toilet, as well as before eating or doing any work. Food must be thermally processed before use. Pour boiling water over raw fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to change underwear twice a day, and bed linen - once every 2 weeks.

Clothes should be washed at high temperatures. Treat things with hot steam during ironing. To prevent the spread of worms, young children should not lie down in their pajamas.

Reception of Vermox in pregnant and breastfeeding women

How to take Vermox for pregnant women? Drinking Vermox, like other toxic drugs, is prohibited for women who are expecting a baby. Anthelmintic drugs can harm a developing fetus.


It is better to start taking Vermox from worms after the birth of the baby. In a serious form, treatment should only take place under the strict supervision of a physician. Worm pills work instantly, so there is a chance of unexpected side effects.

To get the worm out, it is worth drinking just one tablet of medicine. This applies to women who are breastfeeding. But at the same time, feeding will have to be postponed. Mebendazole can enter the infant's body through milk.


For adults and children, overdose symptoms differ only in the degree of manifestation. As a rule, it is vomiting, nausea, loose stools - an upset of the digestive system. If a person has taken too much of the medication, it can affect the condition of the liver.


How to determine the effect of a drug

After the end of taking Vermox, it is necessary to pass tests to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. To do this, examine the patient's feces for the presence of parasite larvae. If adults, their waste, larvae or eggs were found, then the treatment is repeated. In this case, a person can use the same drugs.

A person should not be afraid of how the worms come out from Vermox. Moreover, the patient will not feel anything. In most cases, helminths leave the body unnoticed by the host. This happens on the first day after using the drug. To eliminate the possibility of intestinal obstruction, it is better to do a cleansing enema or take a laxative.

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