Pirantel For Pinworms: Instructions For Use, How To Take

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Pirantel For Pinworms: Instructions For Use, How To Take
Pirantel For Pinworms: Instructions For Use, How To Take
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Pirantel for pinworms is one of the most popular drugs. The medicine has a detrimental effect on this type of parasitic worms.


  • 1 What are pinworms
  • 2 How Pirantel works
  • 3 Composition and release form of the drug
  • 4 Dosage

    • 4.1 Tablets
    • 4.2 Emulsion
  • 5 Use of Pirantel during pregnancy and lactation
  • 6 Features of taking the drug
  • 7 Why the drug didn't help

What are pinworms

Enterobiasis (pinworms) is detected when small roundworms enter the human gastrointestinal tract. Children are more infected, but parasitic worms can "visit" an adult. Infection can occur from a person who has worms. The worm larva enters the body through contact with human clothing and directly to the hands.

Infection symptoms:

  • abdominal pain;
  • decreased appetite;
  • inflammation and itching of the genitals.

How Pirantel works

The drug, getting into the body, instantly acts on parasites. The medicine has the ability to reduce the activity of worms to a minimum, thereby preventing them from holding onto the walls of internal organs. By blocking the muscles of the worms, the drug does not allow parasitic worms to stay on the suction cups.

Composition and release form of the drug

The medicine is produced in two forms:

  1. In the form of oval tablets, yellow. Available in 3 pieces in each package.
  2. Suspension. The consistency is homogeneous. Has a yellow tint. The bottles are presented in dark color. The pack is cardboard, contains one bottle of the product.


  1. Pirantel - 1 tablet contains 250 mg of active ingredient. The same amount of the substance is presented in 5 ml of suspension.
  2. Tablet components - gelatin, purified talc, corn starch, magnesium stearate.
  3. Additional substances in the suspension are polysorbate, sucrose, methylparaben, chocolate flavor and others.


Before using the drug, it is necessary to pass tests that will show what kind of worms are in the body. The medicine acts only on the following diseases: ascariasis, enterobiasis and hookworm infection. When infected with other parasitic organisms, Pirantel does not help.


Pirantel tablets are more effective when crushed. The dosage for treatment is prescribed on an individual basis.


The amount of the medicine depends on the age and weight of the patient: 10 mg of the substance is needed per kilogram. The course of treatment in duration differs depending on the type of invasion: in case of detection of ankylostomosis, it will be 3 days, in other cases - one.

For kids

A child aged 3 to 6 years should drink 1 tablet (250 mg of active ingredient). 2 tablets are prescribed for children from 6 to 12 years old (each tablet contains 500 mg of the substance). From 12 years and older take 750 mg of Pirantel. If the invasion has caused complications, it is recommended to double the doses. For the purpose of prevention, this medicine is given to babies carefully, adjusted for the age and weight of the small patient.


A destructive dose for parasites is 1000 mg, suitable for adults weighing more than 75 kg.


This dosage form of Pirantel is taken based on the weight and age of the person. If you have pinworms, you need to consume about 10 ml per kilogram of weight. The drug is taken once.


It is allowed to take the drug from 6 months. From six months to 2 years, 2.5 ml is attributed to the inside. Babies in the age period 2-6 years can take 5 ml of the suspension. At 6 years of age and older, crumbs are consumed in an amount of 0.5 g of the active ingredient, which is equivalent to 10 ml of the drug. Upon reaching the age of 12, the required amount of the drug increases to 15 ml.



A person infected with pinworms, weighing 75 kg or more, consumes 20 ml of suspension (1 g of the active element). When the patient's weight does not reach or is equal to 75 kg, it is necessary to take 15 ml of medicinal liquid.

The use of Pirantel during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, almost all drugs are contraindicated, including anthelmintic drugs. The ban is due to insufficient research in this area. Animal studies have shown that there are no negative effects of Pirantel on the body of the pregnant female and the fetus.

It is known that the drug has a low ability to penetrate into the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, the woman's condition will not be adversely affected. As for the baby, the embryo is protected by a placental barrier, and a small fraction of the drug can enter the fetus.

You can breastfeed your baby no earlier than a couple of hours after taking the drug.

It is possible to determine the possibility of taking the drug only after consulting a doctor.

Features of taking the drug

You need to pay attention to the features of taking Pirantel:

  1. The maximum effect of taking the drug can be achieved with the morning intake after eating.
  2. Laxatives are contraindicated in conjunction with Pirantel.
  3. When one family member is infected, all relatives living in the same room must undergo a course of prophylaxis with Pirantel against pinworms.
  4. The course should be repeated after 10 days. This is to prevent re-infection.

Why the drug didn't help

The opinion that the drug is ineffective is quite widespread. People sometimes, taking a drug, are sure that it is only a drug.

But there are factors that affect the action of Pirantel:

  1. If Pirantel did not help, then perhaps the person does not observe hygiene. Regular hand washing after every meal and before meals can help protect against pinworms.
  2. The habit of biting your nails and putting your fingers in your mouth can trigger the appearance of worms.
  3. Hygiene in the apartment plays a very important role. It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning every day.
  4. Bad eating habits. Who hasn't tasted an apple from under a tree without washing it? If fruits and vegetables are improperly processed or not processed, the risk of worms in the body is high. Products must be washed thoroughly before use. It will not hurt to process vegetables and fruits with hot water.
  5. A complex approach. This factor implies the use of foods that are able to fight pinworms.
  6. Clothing and household surfaces that are untreated after contamination are a source of re-contamination. Pinworm larvae are able to survive for a month without a host.

It should be remembered that any treatment with a drug of a particular group requires a doctor's consultation.

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