Tablets For Worms For Dogs: What And How To Give

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Tablets For Worms For Dogs: What And How To Give
Tablets For Worms For Dogs: What And How To Give

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Worms cause a lot of harm to the dog's health. They are especially dangerous for puppies. Unfortunately, it will not work to get rid of worms forever. Re-infection will occur through contact with other animals through food, feces. But you can control the number of worms, for this, worm pills for dogs help.


  • 1 How often should a dog be treated for worms
  • 2 How to know that an animal has worms
  • 3 The best remedies for worms

    • 3.1 Dirofen
    • 3.2 Milbemax
    • 3.3 Drontal
    • 3.4 Pratel
  • 4 How to give a pill
  • 5 Side effects
  • 6 Recommendations for the purchase of tablets from worms
  • 7 How to protect your pet from infection with worms

How often should a dog be treated for worms?

For adult dogs, it is sufficient to treat two to three times a year. Each course of treatment consists of two procedures, between which there should be an interval of two weeks. Anthelmintic drugs kill only adults, and their eggs remain intact. Therefore, during the first procedure, only sexually mature worms die. After two weeks, new parasites are removed from the eggs, which are not yet able to lay eggs. It is at this time that the second pill intake should be taken.

The treatment regimen for puppies is different from the plan for deworming adults. Already at birth, puppies may have worms. They start taking medication for worms from the time the puppy turns three months old. The procedure is repeated when the puppy reaches the age of five months, and one more time a tablet for worms is given to the dog before the second vaccination.

When calculating the dose, it is important to strictly follow the instructions and avoid an overdose of the drug. Excessive doses can damage the animal's health, and sometimes even cost its life. Some tablets are only for adult dogs.

How to know if an animal has worms

Worms adversely affect the health of pets. They significantly reduce immunity, as a result of which the animal's body is at risk of contracting an infectious disease. In addition, the intestines and circulatory system are affected. There are such types of helminths that settle in the brain or liver and conduct their destructive activity there.

You can find out about the presence of worms by the following symptoms:

  • swollen belly;
  • the animal's hair takes on a dull, painful appearance;
  • mucous membranes turn pale;
  • discharge appears from the eyes;
  • decreased appetite;
  • in the feces, the presence of worms can be observed.

A dog with worms in its body may be inactive, since worms weaken the immune system and the general condition of the animal.


Sources of infection with worms are other animals, raw meat, fish, grass, feces. Some insects can carry parasites. An animal can become infected with worms by swallowing a flea.

The best remedies for worms

Anthelmintic drugs are of two types. Some means fight different types of worms, others destroy only certain types of parasites.

Preparations for worms in dogs, capable of destroying various parasites, are referred to as universal remedies. Their purpose is prevention. Specialized means are prescribed according to the results of the examination, when the presence of any particular type of parasite is revealed in the dog.

To get rid of worms, the animal is given antiglust preparations in tablet form:

  • Dirofen;
  • Milbemax;
  • Drontal;
  • Envire;
  • Pratel.


Dirofen tablets are intended for puppies and small dogs. The medicine is a preventive medicine. It destroys nematodes and cestodes. The tablets are given once every three months.

The drug is given to the animal in the morning before meals. The dose is calculated for puppies based on the weight of the animal: one tablet per kilogram. For prophylactic purposes, pregnant dogs are advised to take pills three weeks before giving birth. In the first half of pregnancy, Dirofen should not be given.


Milbemax Dog Tablets are designed to treat adult dogs against parasites. This drug is effective against tapeworms and roundworms. You need to give tablets at the rate of 1 tablet per half a kilogram of the weight of an adult animal. For large dogs, a separate type of medicine is produced.


Drontal is an excellent drug intended for both the treatment and prevention of worms. It is effective at all stages of worm development in the dog's body. The drug paralyzes helminths, which leads to their death. The advantage of these tablets is their low toxicity. This means that they are not harmful to health. In addition, the tablets taste like meat, so the dog will swallow the medicine without much hassle on the part of the owner.

Drontal for dogs is given in strict accordance with the instructions, where it is prescribed how to give medicine to the dog.


The drug, called Pratel, has a paralytic effect, as a result of which the parasites begin to die within the next day. The medicine is used as a prophylactic agent for helminths.

The dosage is calculated as follows: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight of an adult animal.


It is important not to exceed the dose. In case of an overdose, increased salivation, weakness and trembling are observed. It is not necessary to give medications often, this can harm the health of the animal.

How to give a pill

If this method is unsuccessful, the dog will have to be given a pill for worms by force. To do this, the dog is fixed in one position, holding it in the chest area. With the other hand, they take her muzzle and tilt it slightly back, while opening the jaw. The tablet is placed on the root of the tongue, slightly pressing it down; to induce the swallowing reflex, the pet needs to be stroked on the neck.

Side effects

Anthelmintic drugs are highly toxic. If the dosage is incorrect, they can harm your pet. You can determine the body's reaction to pills by the following symptoms:

  • after taking the pill, the dog refuses to eat;
  • the animal does not drink water;
  • the dog cannot go to the toilet;
  • increased salivation;
  • staggering gait;
  • slowing down the pulse.

These symptoms may indicate body poisoning. Therefore, the first step in the animal is to induce vomiting and give an absorbent preparation. An injection of gamavit works well. You can give an injection of glucose to strengthen the body. If these measures do not give a positive result, the dog needs to be urgently shown to the veterinarian.

Recommendations for the purchase of tablets for worms

When purchasing pills for worms, you must follow the advice of veterinarians:

  • all medications are given to the animal only as directed by the veterinarian;
  • you need to purchase medicinal products in veterinary pharmacies, while checking the expiration date;
  • it is important to pay attention to contraindications;
  • for the effectiveness of the procedures, it is better to change the drugs periodically so that the body does not get used to them;
  • before starting treatment, it is better to pass tests for parasites, if the animal does not have so many of them, you should not often carry out antihelminthic therapy;
  • it is important to protect the animal's body from the harmful effects of anthelmintic drugs, for this the dog is given sorbents, they will help remove toxic substances from the body that can harm the dog's health;
  • make sure the dog swallows the tablet.

How to protect your pet from infection with worms

To reduce the risk of worm infestation, you must carefully choose the place for walking the animal. You should not choose places for walking where flocks of stray dogs gather.


You cannot put the vaccine on an animal without first having carried out preventive deworming procedures. Antihelminthic tablets for dogs are given two weeks before vaccination. Before starting treatment, it is important to consult with your veterinarian and learn how to properly administer the medication if vaccinations are to come.

Compliance with basic rules will help keep your pet healthy.

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