Tablets For Worms For Humans For Prevention: Drugs For Adults And Children

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Tablets For Worms For Humans For Prevention: Drugs For Adults And Children
Tablets For Worms For Humans For Prevention: Drugs For Adults And Children

Video: Tablets For Worms For Humans For Prevention: Drugs For Adults And Children

Video: Tablets For Worms For Humans For Prevention: Drugs For Adults And Children
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Worms, or helminths, are called parasitic worms that can inhabit the human body. Many species of these parasites live in the digestive system and feed on food that comes from outside. However, you can find worms that affect other vital organs. There are many pills for worms for humans for prevention. Before using such drugs, you need to familiarize yourself with their description and application features in more detail.


  • 1 Features of preventive courses

    • 1.1 Why do we need prophylaxis against worms?
    • 1.2 The opinion of doctors on the prevention of helminthiasis
    • 1.3 When are deworming prevention measures warranted?
  • 2 Preparations for preventive measures

    • 2.1 Decaris
    • 2.2 Nourished
    • 2.3 Pirantel
    • 2.4 Vermox
    • 2.5 Embonate pyrvinium
    • 2.6 Albendazole
    • 2.7 Nemosol
  • 3 Medicines suitable for pregnant women to prevent worms
  • 4 Criteria for the selection of drugs
  • 5 Possible side effects
  • 6 Contraindications
  • 7 Conclusion

Features of preventive courses

Before proceeding with the prevention of helminthiasis, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the features of conducting preventive courses to prevent the appearance of worms.

Why do we need prevention of worms?

Most adults doubt the need for preventive measures to prevent the appearance and development of helminthiasis.

According to WHO statistics, most of the world's inhabitants at least once in their life were infected with helminths, due to which, over time, signs of helminthiasis appear. Therefore, if you do not follow the rules of prevention, the likelihood of infection with worms increases significantly.

The opinion of doctors on the prevention of helminthiasis

Representatives of modern medicine cannot unequivocally answer whether prevention is needed against the appearance of worms. Some experts are sure that no medication is needed until the presence of helminths is confirmed. It is worth taking medications only after confirming the diagnosis and determining the type of parasite that the patient is infected with.


However, there is an opposite point of view, according to which people should take anthelmintic drugs at least twice a year, which will prevent tapeworm infection. For prevention purposes, doctors advise using medications that do not have many contraindications and do not cause side effects.

Particular attention should be paid to the prevention of helminthiasis in young children, as they are more likely to become infected with parasites than adults. Once in the child's body, they affect the lungs, brain and intestines. Helminths begin to secrete toxins, which gradually poison the body and contribute to the development of chronic pathologies.

When are anthelminthic prevention measures warranted?

Anthelminthic preventive procedures are carried out 2-3 times a year. At the same time, it is better to take medication in the middle of spring and autumn, since it is during these seasons that the best conditions for the penetration of parasites into the body.


Experts advise people who have animals to regularly drink anthelmintic medicines. Pets are often infected with worms, and become the main source for infecting people with dangerous parasites. Before using any drugs, you should consult a doctor.

Preparations for preventive measures

Before you start preventing the appearance of helminths, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of drugs that you can use. There are several medications that are used to protect the body.


To protect yourself from worms, some experts recommend using Decaris. This drug has an anthelmintic effect, thanks to which it is possible to get rid of parasites. With regular use of Decaris, parasitic worms slow down the process of energy production, after which signs of paralysis appear. The worms stop moving and gradually die.


In most patients, Decaris does not cause side effects. However, sometimes taking the medicine is accompanied by disturbed stools, vomiting, nausea, and cutting pains in the abdomen.

Before using Decaris, the dosage of the medication is determined. Adults should take about 0.2 grams daily. The dosage for children is halved.


Vormil is a chewable tablet that uses albendazole, magnesium, corn starch, fruit essences, magnesium stearate, and other ingredients to help get rid of worms. The effectiveness of Vormil is due to the fact that it contains albendazole, which is effective against helminth larvae and adults. This component disrupts metabolic processes in the body of parasites, which leads to their death.


Before using Vormil, you need to familiarize yourself with its main contraindications. The medicine should not be taken by pregnant women, newborns and patients with an allergy to albendazole. It is recommended to determine the dosage for the medication in advance so that no side effects occur. Every day you need to drink one tablet before meals.


Among anthelmintic drugs, Pirantel is distinguished, which, when exposed to parasitic worms, damages their muscles, which is why the parasites cannot move normally. The drug is highly effective, as it allows you to quickly get rid of young and adults.

Experts recommend using Pirantel when signs of enterobiasis, ascariasis, or ankylostomiasis appear. The advantages of the drug include the fact that it is well absorbed by the human body, therefore, after its use, side effects rarely appear. Only a few patients occasionally complain of digestive problems.


Pirantel is drunk every day after eating. In this case, the medicine is consumed no more than 1-2 times a day. Chew the tablets thoroughly before swallowing them.


Doctors advise using Vermox for patients who suffer from trichocephalosis or enterobiasis. When it enters the body, the anthelmintic agent reduces the amount of glycogen, thereby slowing down the development of parasites. Vermox is poorly absorbed by the intestines, so it is quickly excreted. The kidneys are responsible for the withdrawal of the absorbed part of the drug.

Like many other drugs against parasites, Vermox has a list of contraindications that you should familiarize yourself with before starting prophylaxis. The medicine should not be taken by newborns, people with ulcers, impaired liver function and Crohn's disease.


To get rid of enterobiasis, just take one tablet once. Next time, Vermox is drunk only after 2-3 weeks, to prevent re-infection.

Embonate pyrvinia

This drug is used only when pinworms appear in the human intestine. For the treatment of other intestinal parasites, Embonate pyrvinium is not used, since it has no effect on them. This anthelmintic agent is well tolerated by most patients. However, there are cases when patients complain that after the application of Embonate pyrvinium vomiting, dizziness, tingling in the lower abdomen and problems with digestion appear.


Doctors recommend drinking Embonate Pirvinia once. In this case, it is necessary to correctly determine the dosage of taking the medicine. One tablet is consumed per 10 kilograms of body weight. If a single use was not enough to clear the intestines from worms, the drug is taken again after a month.


Among the effective anthelmintic drugs, a drug such as Albendazole is distinguished. Penetrating into the shell of the worms, the agent stops the production of tubulin. This leads to the fact that the digestive system of the parasites is less able to absorb glucose. Also, due to the lack of tubulin, the transportation of organelles is suspended. Regular use of Albendazole helps cleanse the intestines and other organs of parasitic worms. Albendazole has several contraindications that everyone should be familiar with.


The drug is prohibited to treat infants under two years of age, pregnant women, people with intolerance to albendazole. Also, the remedy is contraindicated in people with cirrhosis of the liver. The medicine is taken after a meal, one tablet at a time. The daily dosage should not exceed 300-400 milligrams.


To cleanse the intestines of parasites and their larvae, you can use Nemozole. In the manufacture of drugs, benzimidazole is used, which gradually destroys the intestinal tract of worms, which is why they die. Nemozol is used not only for the prevention of helminthiasis, but also for the elimination of mixed invasions.


Nemozol should not be used by people with damaged retina. Also, it is forbidden to drink tablets for allergy sufferers who are hypersensitive to benzimidazole and other trace elements from the composition of the drug. Doctors recommend drinking no more than 350 milligrams of the drug daily. The duration of the medication is about a week.

Medicines suitable for pregnant women to prevent worms

Pregnant girls, for the prevention of helminths, cannot use all existing medicines.

There are two drugs that can be used during pregnancy:

  1. Piperazine. The preparation contains many active ingredients that protect the body from parasitic worms. Also, the substances from the Piperazine composition help get rid of worms. Regular use of such tablets makes the worms weak. Over time, they stop moving, die and are excreted from the intestines along with feces.
  2. Helmintox. The drug is advised to use only at an early stage of pregnancy. When used at a later date, Helmintox should be used more carefully so as not to harm the fetus. Doctors recommend drinking the remedy only after a complete examination of the body.

Drug selection criteria

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the main criteria for choosing drugs against parasites in advance. When choosing pills, one must take into account the type of worms from which prevention is carried out. Also, when choosing, they pay attention to the health and age of the person for whom the drugs are bought. Elderly people should not use medications that interfere with kidney and liver function.

Possible side effects

Taking most of the pills for worms is accompanied by side effects that significantly worsen the state of health. Often these complications arise from the misuse of medication.

Common side effects include:

  • deterioration of the protective functions of the body and weakening of the immune system;
  • allergic reactions;
  • insomnia;
  • general weakness;
  • digestive problems;
  • vomiting.


Not everyone can use anthelmintic drugs, since there are certain contraindications to the use of such drugs.

Contraindications include:

  • viral diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • sensitivity to trace elements from the composition of the product;
  • diseases associated with the digestive system;
  • renal failure.


To protect yourself from parasites, you must regularly take preventive medications. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the list of tools in advance that will help prevent infection with helminths.