Analysis Of Feces For Worm Eggs: How To Collect And Donate Correctly

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Analysis Of Feces For Worm Eggs: How To Collect And Donate Correctly
Analysis Of Feces For Worm Eggs: How To Collect And Donate Correctly

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Analysis of feces for worm eggs is a direct way to determine them. It is possible to identify the worms themselves and their simplest forms - cysts, larvae and vegetative forms. If, upon detection, helminths and their simplest forms were found, additional studies are prescribed in rare cases.


  • 1 Analysis container
  • 2 Rules for the delivery of feces

    2.1 Delivery and storage

  • 3 How much analysis is done
  • 4 In what cases can a study be conducted
  • 5 When appointed
  • 6 What the analysis result says

    6.1 Analysis features

  • 7 Conclusion

After a certain number of eggs has been identified, they try to determine the type of worms and the presence of invasion by natural specifics. A single examination reveals a small percentage of parasites - only 30%. Unfortunately, a negative result does not always indicate the absence of parasitic organisms. Even repeated testing does not exclude the presence of worms.

Analysis container

Each person has encountered the procedure for taking feces for analysis at least once in his life. It's very easy to make. The procedure itself is simple, but there are a number of certain rules, following which will provide a more accurate result.

  1. The analysis of feces for worms begins with the preparation of instruments. Sterile dishes are not a critical requirement for retaining stool. Special jars can be purchased at the pharmacy or you can prepare them yourself.
  2. To make the dishes sterile, some moms scald them with boiling water. To save money, bowel movements can be placed in a regular glass jar. Even plastic dishes are suitable for this purpose.
  3. To ensure good sealing, it is imperative to have covers. They can always be purchased at the pharmacy, if there is no desire to make something by yourself.
  4. Pharmacy containers have spoons in the set. With their help, excrement is placed in a container, which simplifies the collection of feces.
  5. Some clinics that analyze feces for worm eggs give out such jars for free, while taking a fee for the procedure itself. In such containers, you can safely store feces for some time before the start of the analysis.
  6. The laboratory will not examine the collected stool if it was brought in boxes of cardboard paper or similar.

Feces delivery rules

Of course, it is easy for an adult to do this, but even such a simple procedure requires you to follow the rules of delivery.

  1. Before donating feces, you should refuse to take laxatives, do not do enemas and do not put candles - this affects the reliability of the result.
  2. The collected feces, which will be sent for analysis, should not contain foreign liquids - waste water, urine, personal hygiene products and any other secretions. To exclude the ingress of various liquids, you need to use a small tray.
  3. Many people do not know how to properly collect feces and make mistakes. Material for analysis is collected from various sites. The finished amount should not exceed two teaspoons.
  4. It is better to collect the analysis after the person has urinated. This is especially true for young children.
  5. You can collect feces from babies directly from the diaper.
  6. Before the procedure, you must prepare a small container with a lid, and then collect the feces, close the lid and sign. It is enough to indicate the initials and the date of collection.

Delivery and storage

It is best to do the analysis on the day of feces collection, but not all people can boast of the regularity of the process. Unlike urine, feces last longer. They do this in the evening - a day before the study. You can store feces on worm eggs only in a closed container at a temperature of 5 to 8 degrees.


In winter, storage on the windowsill is suitable, and in the summer in the refrigerator. Thereafter, the delivery of the material to the laboratory should be carried out as soon as possible.

How much analysis is done

Stool analysis is done in the laboratory. It may take several days to study. The finished result is indicated on a special form, which will indicate the presence or absence of worms. After receiving the results, the patient prepares for further research.

Often only one type of parasite can be found in the laboratory. Several procedures may be required to obtain a reliable result.

When can a study be conducted?

Consider how to take feces tests for worm eggs and in what cases it is necessary.

  1. If the person is unable to go to the toilet, the lower intestines should be checked. Perhaps this is the first sign of diarrhea associated with the presence of helminths. Since there are a large number of reasons that cause diarrhea, it is recommended to take an enterobiasis test in parallel with other tests. Feces sowing is mandatory. Regardless of how much analysis is done, it detects disease-causing bacteria.
  2. This is how much control of the effectiveness of antiparasitic therapy occurs.

When appointed

  1. The study of feces for protozoa and helminth eggs is carried out with close contact of a person with an infected person. Traveling to countries with a warm climate is not excluded - for example, to China or Latin America.
  2. Feces for eggs of worms are examined if a person has consumed contaminated water and food.

Enterobiasis, which is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • mucus and blood in stool;
  • urge to vomit;
  • nausea;
  • stomach ache.

What the analysis result says

The validity of the feces analysis for worm eggs is limited, so it is important to carry out the procedure on time and get a valid result. Decoding is not difficult - even an ordinary person can understand what the analysis turned out to be. The attending physician makes an indication of "Found" or "Not found" on the form.

When a parasite is found, they try to determine its name in order to find an effective treatment. The analysis of feces for helminth eggs most often reveals the following worms in the stool:

  • roundworms that cause enterobiasis;
  • tapeworms;
  • nematodes.

This is not the entire list, but these representatives of parasites are most common. In order to monitor the effectiveness of treatment, it is advisable to undergo a re-examination after 3-4 weeks. In this case, you need to save all analyzes to see if there are any improvements.

If the result is negative, the study of feces for protozoa and helminth eggs is repeated 2 more times every 4 days. Only then can the final result be considered.

Analysis features

Types of worms can be called differently, but they are united by the fact that they are all parasites.


The study of feces for protozoa and helminth eggs using a microscope indicates that the disease is in the intestinal stage. Feces on the eggs of the worm, the larvae of which are in the sputum, indicate the phase of migration. A high content in the blood - an increased level of specific antibodies.

Duodenal contents with ascaris eggs - the presence of helminths in the pancreatic ducts.


When analyzing for enterobiasis, it is not necessary to use the fecal method. But how do you collect the material? In fact, everything is very simple: you need to use a special cotton swab. This procedure is called scraping the perianal folds. Enterobiasis is set if pinworm eggs were found as a result of the analysis.


The analysis of feces for helminths helps to identify lamblia. After the delivery of feces, a second microscopic examination is carried out.


We examined in detail how to take a feces test for eggs of worms. The procedure is simple, but this does not mean that you can forget the collection rules. Remember how much feces can be stored before testing.

If a person is aware of all the nuances of the disease and knows how much the analysis is valid, then the treatment itself will be successful.

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