How Worms Are Transmitted From Person To Person

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How Worms Are Transmitted From Person To Person
How Worms Are Transmitted From Person To Person
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Most of the inhabitants of the planet have intestinal and other parasites in their bodies. Worms poison the human body and "supply" it with toxins. There are a lot of ways to get infected with worms, up to their introduction through the skin.


  • 1 Ways of getting worms into the body

    • 1.1 Ingestion of eggs and larvae
    • 1.2 Transdermal method
    • 1.3 Transmission method
    • 1.4 Transplacental method
  • 2 Ways of infection with worms by contact with a sick person

    • 2.1 From child to child
    • 2.2 Bedding
    • 2.3 From mother to child
    • 2.4 Mother's milk
    • 2.5 Sexual contact
    • 2.6 Airborne method
    • 2.7 Kissing
    • 2.8 Cookware
    • 2.9 Contact and household
  • 3 Symptoms and treatment of helminthic invasions
  • 4 Prevention of infection and preventive measures

Let's take a closer look at how worms are transmitted from person to person.

Ways of getting worms into the body

Are worms more often transmitted from person to person or from animals?

In contrast to the established opinion, it is people, and not pets, that are the main vectors of invasions. Children of primary school and preschool age are at risk.

There are four main ways of infection by helminths and their penetration into the human body.

Swallowing eggs and larvae

From the body of an infected person or pet, worms come out along with the feces. Most of the helminths do not die, but live in stool and, under certain circumstances, enter a new organism. For example, if you eat unwashed vegetables or fruits that have been in direct contact with feces or contaminated soil.

Worms can enter the human body through dirty water if you swim in a pond and accidentally swallow it. Some helminths can enter the human body exclusively through fish or livestock. Children can become infected most often due to the frequent presence of various objects in their mouths. Also, worms can penetrate through the dirt that is under the nails, or through saliva.

Transdermal method

This option, how worms can be transmitted, involves their penetration into the body through the skin - for example, by touching contaminated soil or water.

Transmission method

In this case, the transmission of helminthic invasions into the body occurs through an insect bite (house flea, mosquito).

Transplacental method

In this case, the worms are passed from mother to child through the bloodstream.

Ways of infection with worms upon contact with a sick person

Depending on the type of helminth, the time of development of the parasite in the body is different.


From child to child

If a child is not taught to wash their hands regularly, then helminth infection between children occurs quickly. It is impossible to diagnose "by eye" the presence of worms in a baby. Most often, roundworms and pinworms are transmitted through contact with an infected child or person.

Bed dress

Worms can be transmitted through someone else's bed, although the statistics of such infection is low. However, it is always recommended to iron the bed linen after washing.

From mother to child

This option is possible if a pregnant woman has worms that can pass into the placenta through the bloodstream.

Mother's milk

It has not been confirmed exactly whether the worms are transmitted through mother's milk. However, infection can occur due to non-compliance with basic hygiene rules by the mother.

Sexual contact

If one of the partners is infected, then the probability of infection of the other partner is almost 100%. Giardia is transmitted in this way.

Airborne method

Such a transmitted infection option is completely ruled out.


Only negligence in personal hygiene or contact with the things of an infected person can lead to infection


The method of transmitting helminthic invasions through kisses is rather complicated. In fact, helminths should accumulate in the mouth of a person, and this situation is unlikely. Through the mouth, you can get infected more quickly if you eat dirty vegetables or fruits.


Can you get infected with worms through clean dishes? The likelihood is almost nonexistent. But even if there is infected fish on a clean plate, you can get infected.

Contact and household

This method, as they become infected with worms, is the most common and is associated exclusively with non-compliance with hygiene procedures. If there is an infected person in the family, then the infection of the rest of the family members occurs quickly.

Symptoms and treatment of helminthic invasions

As a rule, the infected person loses weight quickly, constantly pale. He is constantly worried about itching in the anal area. Minor symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and bloating. They can break joints, increase body temperature. The patient becomes nervous, he is worried about insomnia.

If you observe such symptoms, see your doctor immediately! Don't count on regular over-the-counter pills to help. First of all, you need to understand exactly how the worms enter the body, what kind of helminthic invasions "settled" in you.

Any medications are quite toxic, and their uncontrolled use will only lead to side effects. In addition, there are many folk remedies that are really effective. But before using them, you should still clearly understand what kind of helminths are in the body.

Prevention of infection and preventive measures

As a rule, you can save yourself from infection by following the rules of hygiene.

  1. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after coming home. The same should be done before eating and after going to the sanitary room.
  2. Try to cut your nails short, or at least clean them constantly.
  3. It is recommended to change your underwear twice a day, be sure to iron your panties after washing.
  4. Cleaning of the toilet and toilet bowl should be done regularly and using disinfectants.
  5. Try to mop your floor every day.
  6. If an infection occurs, avoid sexual intercourse and wear tight underwear to prevent worms from breeding.
  7. Try to explain to your child that you should not pick up objects from the floor, much less put them in your mouth. Teach children to wash their hands, vegetables and fruits regularly.
  8. When a pet lives in the house, be sure to carry out regular antiparasitic treatment. Avoid close contact with your pet. Sometimes it is enough to kiss him for the transmitted worm to end up in a person. If you have the slightest suspicion that the animals are infectious, immediately contact your veterinarian for a thorough treatment.

Remember: there are no vaccinations against helminthic infestations, but you can get infected at any age and any number of times

Regarding drug prevention, some doctors believe that perhaps these measures can help. Another part of doctors claims that such treatment only leads to intoxication of the body, but in no way prevents the appearance of worms. It is still easier to adhere to hygienic rules, and then there will be no danger from the worms.

Knowing how you can get infected with worms from a person will allow you to avoid a possible problem in the future.

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