The Best Inexpensive Drugs For Parasites - For The Treatment And Prevention Of Worms, Effective

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The Best Inexpensive Drugs For Parasites - For The Treatment And Prevention Of Worms, Effective
The Best Inexpensive Drugs For Parasites - For The Treatment And Prevention Of Worms, Effective

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In choosing drugs for the treatment of parasitic infections, the most important factors are the safety of the drug, its effectiveness and cost. Expensive medicines are often characterized by a good composition that guarantees fewer side effects, but this does not mean at all that inexpensive worms should not be used. Among those that are in the lower price segment, there are fairly high-quality medicines. This article presents the best inexpensive drugs often prescribed for the treatment and prevention of parasites.


  • 1 What is the action based on
  • 2 Forms of release
  • 3 Inexpensive suspensions and solutions

    • 3.1 "Pirantel"
    • 3.2 "Helmintox"
    • 3.3 "Nourished"
    • 3.4 "Nemozole"
  • 4 Tablets

    • 4.1 "Mebendazole"
    • 4.2 "Piperazine"
    • 4.3 "Dekaris"
    • 4.4 "Albendazole"

It is best not to make a choice on your own, but to voice the need to select an inexpensive medicine to the doctor prescribing the treatment. He will be able to determine the anthelmintic drug that is most suitable for its therapeutic effect, dosage and indicate the duration of administration.

What is the action based on

Any drugs for parasites are aimed at the speedy elimination of worms from the body. Taking pills or suspensions at the stage when the larvae have just entered the gastrointestinal tract is inappropriate, since in most cases they do not work on eggs and cysts, therefore it is pointless to take such medications during the incubation period. Some agents affect the hatched larvae, but not all.

The drug effect on adults is reduced to immobilization or inability to perform vital functions, such as breathing, nutrition, etc.

The main mechanisms are as follows:

  • paralysis of muscle fibers;
  • destruction of the outer shells of the parasite's body;
  • disruptions in the work of digestion;
  • destruction of the cellular structures of worms.

Inexpensive drugs for parasitic worms, which are now presented in the pharmaceutical industry, perfectly cope with helminthiases. Often, according to the instructions, a single dose is sufficient, since their effectiveness is quite high, especially when it comes to prevention.

Self-selection of anthelmintic drugs is not recommended due to the fact that the patient is not always able to identify contraindications and foresee the likelihood of side effects. To prescribe the correct scheme, you need to consult a doctor.

Release forms

Anthelmintics for parasites are divided into two categories: tablets and suspensions. As a rule, tablets are cheaper because they contain fewer excipients. They are very easy to transport and have a longer shelf life even after opening the package.

Suspensions, solutions and syrups have their advantages: they are easier to dose in the case of treatment of children or in case of a forced dose reduction, they often contain flavors and sweeteners, which makes them tastier. In addition, some of these medications have a prolonged effect, which makes it possible to reduce the total volume of the substance for the full course of treatment. Among the disadvantages, one can single out a higher risk of developing allergies due to the presence of a large number of auxiliary components in the composition. In addition, the cost of drugs in this form is usually slightly higher than that of tablets.

Inexpensive suspensions and solutions

Among inexpensive suspensions and solutions from parasites, one can find those that are practically not inferior to expensive analogs. Most of them can be purchased at any pharmacy, but if you are puzzled and search through the Internet, you can find an even better price. For this, you can use an online booking, which entitles you to a discount, or ordering through an online pharmacy.


The drug is often prescribed for the treatment of helminthiasis in pediatrics, since Pirantel is allowed to be used from the age of six months. It comes in a 15 ml bottle, which is enough for one treatment course for a patient weighing up to 75 kg. The required dose is always taken once, but at the insistence of the doctor, the course can be repeated after three weeks.


This medication is approved for use in the therapy of pregnant women or during lactation. Before taking pregnant or nursing mothers, it is imperative to consult a doctor, since treatment for worms in this case should be caused only by a real need in comparison with the harm that can cause the health of the child.


The active ingredient - pyrantela embonate - easily precipitates, therefore, the solution must be shaken well before taking it. Effective against both sexually mature and larval individuals. It causes muscle paralysis, which contributes to the rapid elimination of parasites from the body.


It is prescribed for children from six months, and there is no data on taking it by lactating women. Povidone, blackcurrant-caramel flavor and magnesium aluminosilicate present in the composition can cause allergic reactions. Contraindication is liver failure or chronic liver disease.


A very effective medication with which they get rid not only of sexually mature individuals, but also of eggs, destroying their outer shell. It acts on adult worms by inhibiting metabolic processes, which leads to the rapid death of worms.

The drug has a wide spectrum of action, therefore it is prescribed for toxocariasis, giardiasis, cysticercosis, echinococcosis, episthorchiasis, nematodes, ascariasis, etc.


Contraindications are diseases of the retina. This drug is not suitable for people who are planning pregnancy.


A broad spectrum product that has a pleasant fruity taste. Its consistency allows elderly people with swallowing reflex disorders to take "Nemozol". In case of a significant overdose, urgent help is needed in the form of gastric lavage and the use of symptomatic agents.


"Nemozol" is used for children over 1 year old. During the period of admission, it is recommended to provide reliable methods of preventing pregnancy. During breastfeeding, the product is prohibited.


Inexpensive tablets with anthelmintic action differ in composition and principle of action. They can target one type of worm, but they can have a wide range. Among the medicines for parasites in the form of tablets, you can find the best, the safety of which is confirmed by therapists, parasitologists and infectious disease specialists. Another plus - availability - makes them very popular for different categories of patients.


Available in a pack of six tablets in a blister. It is the gold standard of helminthology, since it is less likely to cause side effects. It causes metabolic disturbances in the body of the parasite, due to which its death occurs within a day or two.


It acts most effectively against intestinal nematodes, although it is also active in the treatment of other helminthiases. Has an age limit for admission: the product is intended for children from three years old. With colitis or liver disease, Mebendazole is contraindicated, but suitable for patients with diabetes mellitus.


The packages contain paper blisters of 6 and 10 tablets. One of the best inexpensive drugs for parasites, which is used not only in therapy, but also for the prevention of worms. The excretion of worms is achieved by immobilizing them, after which the dead worms come out together with the feces.


The low toxicity of "Piperazine" makes it possible to prescribe it even to infants and pregnant women, but only the attending physician should calculate the dosage. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor depending on the type of helminthiasis. Most successfully, these pills cope with roundworms and pinworms.


The drug is used in the treatment of noncatorosis, ankylostomiasis and ascariasis. The main active ingredient is levamisole hydrochloride, which immobilizes worms. Within two days from the moment of taking the drug, all the worms are removed from the gastrointestinal tract to the outside. For maximum effectiveness, after one or two weeks, the administration of "Decaris" is repeated to ensure the elimination of worms that have become sexually mature during this period.


These pills have a toxic effect on the liver, therefore, in case of an overdose, symptoms of toxic poisoning occur. A medication containing 150 mg per tablet is not prescribed by pediatricians. Starting from the age of three and up to 12 years, only a medicine with a dosage of 50 mg is used.


A tool that is active not only in terms of intestinal worms, but also in relation to eggs and cysts that affect soft tissues. "Albendazole" is allowed for the treatment and prevention of not only adults, but also children, since it is low toxic.


If the prescribed dosage is exceeded, severe side effects can be observed in the form of dizziness, nausea, urticaria, and in especially difficult cases, impaired renal function and alopecia areata.

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