How To Get Rid Of Malaria At Home: Drugs And Folk Remedies

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How To Get Rid Of Malaria At Home: Drugs And Folk Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Malaria At Home: Drugs And Folk Remedies

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There are several surefire ways to quickly get rid of malaria at home and remove unpleasant manifestations of the disease in a few days. Despite the infectious nature of the disease, its treatment can be carried out at home, without the use of medicines or with the use of drugs of various spectrum of action. How effective is this therapy, and what are the benefits?


  • 1 First aid
  • 2 Treating malaria at home

    • 2.1 Folk remedies and methods
    • 2.2 Diet
    • 2.3 Help tree
  • 3 How to get rid of symptoms quickly?
  • 4 Features of the treatment of children
  • 5 Prevention

First aid

It comes down to the use of medicines and referral to a specialist. The doctor must determine the type of disease and prescribe adequate therapy for the patient.

As part of the emergency care, doctors advise:

  1. Introduce a glucose solution intravenously.
  2. Give the patient a dropper with ascorbic acid.

First aid involves the elimination of toxic substances from the body. Warm water in sufficient quantities will help eliminate toxins

If a person suspects malaria, citrus fruits will help him. You can eat grapefruit. This fruit has a lot of useful properties, it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid.

You can do with grapefruit in another way:

  • cut it, along with the peel;
  • boil in half a liter of water;
  • drink the resulting broth, after filtering it.

Attention! Often, instead of grapefruit, they use lemon, cut it into slices and eat it. This method can be regarded as an emergency.

You can do with orange juice, it is desirable that the product is natural. It is prepared independently, and then given to the patient. If the diagnosis of malaria is confirmed, then doctors advise adhering to such a "diet" for the next week.

The patient is also advised to provide rest and bed rest so that nothing will bother him. When a fever attack occurs, then contacting a doctor will help to stop it.

In the people "malaria on the lips" is called the manifestation of herpes. Fever is treated in several ways, as part of first aid it is recommended:

  1. Treat the affected area with an antiseptic solution.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly or other emollient to your lips (tea tree oil works).
  3. Dry the bubbles with toothpaste, it will reduce unpleasant itching.

You should not try to get rid of the disease on your own, because the manifestations of malaria may indicate the presence of serious complications. Often this dangerous disease leads to coma, and entails the death of the patient.

Home treatment for malaria

If we talk about the treatment of "fever on the lips", then the following remedies will help get rid of it:

  • antiviral drugs;
  • immunostimulants that improve the protective functions of the body.

It is worth starting with medicines that have antiviral activity, drugs containing interferon stimulate the body to fight viruses, as a result of which the immune system quickly responds to the activation of viral agents, produces antibodies and suppresses infection.

Immunostimulants help the immune system work better. These are homeopathic medicines, which allow you to cope with the disease faster, to transfer unpleasant manifestations more easily. Treatment for malaria is more complex and is selected by the doctor on an individual basis.


As part of therapy, it is recommended to take the following funds:

  1. Quinine.
  2. Atovacuon.
  3. Artemether.

Quinine is perhaps the most popular and effective. For some time, medicine abandoned the use of this drug in favor of Chloroquinoma. But after the adverse events associated with the mutation of the infection, the decision was again made to return to Quinine.

But for this, it is necessary to survive the infection with malaria several times, and after that the body will be able to form an immune response.

Folk remedies and methods

It is not so easy to cure malaria, the use of medicines is considered the basis of therapy. But as an auxiliary component, alternative medicine is used. They are not able to provide 100% efficiency, therefore, they resort to their help only as an addition to the use of drugs of various spectrum of action. There are several proven recipes that can help solve the problem.

Orange peel and willow bark

The effect of this recipe is comparable to Quinine, a natural medicine is prepared as follows:

  • chop the orange bark, dry it;
  • and then take the ready-made powder at the tip of a knife, when signs of fever appear.

It is more difficult to prepare a medicine from willow bark, we will describe the recipe:

  1. The bark of a tree is poured with boiling water, in a volume of one and a half liters.
  2. Then they put the infusion on a slow fire and evaporate it for half an hour.
  3. After a specified time, the broth is filtered and honey is added to it.

The medicine is taken throughout the day, only a bitter taste can confuse the patient, which can be easily corrected with the help of honey

Using the bark and leaves of trees

Any leaves and bark of trees have certain properties. They help to reduce the manifestations of the disease. The bark together with the leaves are boiled with boiling water, and then the broth is taken in portions. The best result can be achieved by using the bark of willow or chitinous tree.

Garlic, star anise and mustard

Mustard with wine has an anti-fever effect. A pinch of spices is poured with half a glass of wine, a little salt is added to the medicine. It is recommended to take the resulting mixture throughout the day.


A large head of garlic is chopped into cloves and poured with hot water (1 glass), after 2 hours the infusion will be ready. It is used in portions throughout the day. Star anise, or rather its roots, are ground into powder, a few tablespoons are poured into a glass of water. Then the medicine is filtered and taken in small portions throughout the day.

Sunflower, radish and licorice

Radish insist on alcohol, drink in three doses throughout the day, and in the morning of the next day they carry out an additional procedure. In combination, one to one mix radish juice in the amount of 1 shot and the same amount of vodka.

Sunflower has an antibacterial effect, but we are talking about the flowers of the plant, they are treated as follows:

  • collect and fill one third of the bottle, with a volume of one liter;
  • the rest is poured with vodka, the medicine will be ready in a week.

Licorice will also help to cope with fever, it is brewed, insisted for half an hour, filtered and taken. It is recommended to observe the following proportions: a tablespoon of dry raw materials in a glass of boiling water.


It can be conditionally divided into three phases; diet consists in observing the following rules:

  1. During the week, the patient is advised to consume orange juice.
  2. After that, the diet includes fresh fruits, the basis of the diet: grapefruits, oranges, apples, papaya. This diet is kept for three more days.
  3. In the final stage, you will have to stick to a balanced diet, consisting of fresh fruits and easily digestible foods. A diet is prescribed only on the condition that things go to recovery.

Tree to help

The Indians were well versed in plants and offered to treat malaria with a chitinous tree. The patient was offered a special powder for admission, which successfully eliminated the main symptoms of the disease.

Mode of application:

  • a few hours before the expected attack, the patient takes a teaspoon of powder;
  • in the morning, on an empty stomach, you will have another dose of medicine;
  • such therapy is adhered to for a week.

How to get rid of symptoms quickly?

Basil leaf juice can help in the quick elimination of unpleasant symptoms. And also worth using:

  1. Fenugreek seeds.
  2. Cinnamon.

But the recipe of several components is most effective, it is necessary: ​​mix the juice of the basil with black pepper and cardamom, and then drink the drink. The main thing is not to overdo it with spices.

Features of the treatment of children

If the child has signs of malaria, then you should immediately transfer the baby to a diet of orange juice and clean water. Compliance with these rules will help the baby to more easily endure the unpleasant manifestations of the disease.


As part of preventive procedures, it is recommended to use repellents, and also to strengthen the immune system. If a person plans to visit a country in which he may encounter this infection, then he is advised to consult a doctor.

Malaria is a dangerous disease with severe complications. In order not to treat meningitis, renal failure and liver failure after a mosquito bite, it is worth taking timely measures and contacting a doctor.

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