Intoxic: Truth Or Divorce? We Ask Doctors

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Intoxic: Truth Or Divorce? We Ask Doctors
Intoxic: Truth Or Divorce? We Ask Doctors

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Intoxic: Truth or Divorce? We ask doctors

Intoxic is a novelty among antihelminthic drugs. It is only sold online. Positive reviews draw people's attention to it. By analyzing the information provided, you can decide whether this is a good drug.

Reviews of doctors

Reviews of specialists about Intoxic plus are divided into 2 categories - those left on sites as advertising and written by people on their own initiative.

Numerous positive reviews make many suspicious of their veracity. People worry that they are written for money by those who have not bought or seen the drug.

Negative reviews are based on distrust of the new drug and the form of its implementation. Proponents of standard parasite treatments have greeted Intoxic with suspicion and open indignation. Some people think that this is just another divorce and extortion of money from sick people.


Barinov Artem Semyonovich

Anthelmintic agent "Intoxic" is a new drug. It takes time for it to come into use. I believe that the remedy is no less effective than pharmaceutical drugs. The composition is good enough and I think that with prolonged use, some parasites will leave the human body. Few will support my opinion, but nevertheless, well-developed dietary supplements are better than independent treatment with folk remedies. People are poisoned with tinctures of poisonous herbs on cognac, and in the finished preparation, at least the dosage is calculated accurately. If this is really a good drug, I think it will eventually appear in pharmacies. It is this event, and not reviews, that distinguishes another divorce from a sensible medicine for me.

Goryunova Ksenia Alekseevna

As a proponent of homeopathic medicine, I find Intoxic to be worth considering. Let's pay attention to the composition:

  • bear bile;
  • Dzungarian ferula;
  • sumach fruit juice;
  • 20 additional components.

Bear bile is a well-known remedy for "everything" in folk medicine. It is used to stimulate cleansing processes in the body, eliminate parasites and treat serious diseases.

Dzungarian ferula is used by herbalists to increase hemoglobin, treat tuberculosis, kidney stones and other diseases. This herb is rarely used, but reviews about it are only positive.

Sumac is useful for diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is used as a styptic.

It would be interesting to know about the last 20 components, but the manufacturer does not disclose this information. You can only decide if this is another divorce by purchasing the drug. But I think that dietary supplements with such a composition will be beneficial for health.

Ivanov Alexey Alekseevich

I learned about Intoxic from a patient. He purchased it after the main treatment for a whole "bouquet" of worms, but noted an improvement in health. I think that such dietary supplements are really useful for restoring the body.

It is easy to become infected with parasites, so prevention is necessary for everyone. Natural remedies are best suited for this role. It is embarrassing that the full composition of the drug is not indicated. I think it's on the instructions in the box. These components really have medicinal properties.

Terimov Arkady Ivanovich

Intoxic is positioned as a remedy for parasites of all kinds. The opinion of doctors about such drugs may be different, but I have doubts about these manufacturer's statements. The composition claims good components, but are they really there? If there is, then why not register the dietary supplement properly for sale in pharmacies? In any case, the instructions for use could really be framed more competently. There are 3 names of components out of 23. This is bad for a medicine that is supposed to be taken by mouth. The remedy is advised to be given to children, and has anyone tested it for its effect on a growing organism? The company hurts itself and spreads the same type of positive feedback - all this does not increase the level of trust in the company.

Maybe there are good reasons for this style of selling the drug, but I'm not going to use it in medical practice until I see a full description, real reviews and normal documents.

Vasin Egor Sergeevich

My opinion is that the remedy deserves consideration. A new drug does not have to be a money scam. Intoxic got me interested in its natural and unusual composition.

The instruction recommends taking the drug throughout the month. From the point of view of doctors, it is worth getting an in-person consultation before long-term treatment.

Divorce in the field of medicines is now popular, so I do not recommend prescribing medicines for parasites without the participation of a doctor - therapist or parasitologist. The specialist knows better which remedy is suitable in a particular case - a herbal tincture or a drug from a pharmacy.

Bernikova Anna Yurievna

Anthelmintic drugs are toxic in nature. This also applies to folk recipes based on medicinal plants. Intoxic has a relatively harmless composition.

Bear bile, which is declared as a component of the composition, has a positive effect on the human body. This is not a divorce, because the tool has a centuries-old history. Bile contains acids that increase immunity, have anti-inflammatory properties and are used to prevent many diseases of the liver, kidneys and gallbladder.

I think that in the absence of contraindications to the intake of herbs and bear bile, you can try drugs such as Intoxic for preventive purposes. It is worth noting that not all parasites are sensitive to herbal treatments. Before treatment, the type of parasites must be found out.

Shonnikova Ekaterina Alexandrovna

I believe that if it is possible to treat with natural remedies, it is worth giving preference to them. Parasites of different species are sensitive to certain plants, so Intoxic may well be used in a number of cases.

In the composition, I was interested in the Dzungarian ferula, which is also called omik. This plant is not popular, sometimes because of this it is perceived as another divorce. I know for sure that this herb really works. It has a positive effect on the state of blood vessels, has a choleretic and parasitic effect. Omik is even used to treat pneumonia, however, only as an adjuvant.

Unreasonable self-medication is another matter. If it seems that there are parasites, you need to go for tests, and only to a hospital or laboratory. If they are found, listen to doctors and be treated with prescribed means. When it seems that there are worms, but the analyzes do not show them, then the problem is of a psychological nature. With the wrong treatment, you can poison yourself with anything, and then express dissatisfaction that there is another divorce around.

Artyukhina Anastasia Mikhailovna

Intoxic is a herbal remedy that either suffers from excessive advertising or is simply a divorce.

The manufacturer chose the active ingredients that are effective, judging from the standpoint of treatment with alternative methods. If you are sure that you got the original of this drug and the composition corresponds to the one stated, then I consider it possible to use it for the prevention or treatment of non-dangerous worms.

I have formed an opinion about the drug, but I do not prescribe it to patients yet - I am waiting for more complete information. Treatment for worms is a responsible business, especially when it comes to children. For preventive purposes, I recommend special pills, and I prescribe treatment only according to the result of a blood test.

Troshina Lidia Vasilievna

The Intoxic tool interested me. When new drugs come out, I hope they will be better than the old ones. The composition included three plants and other components

. These herbs have tonic and antihelminthic properties. It's a pity that we haven't been able to see the full lineup yet. Proponents of treating parasites with bitterness should appreciate the remedy. My opinion is that it is easier to use a ready-made herbal remedy than to prepare it yourself.

The opinions of doctors about the medicine "Intoxic" were divided. It is difficult to distinguish real customer reviews from advertisements. In all likelihood, the drug is still little bought and in medical practice it is currently not used. Doctors believe that another divorce will not be able to gain popularity in the medical field, and if the drug really turns out to be good, it may enter widespread use.

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