Folk Recipes Against Worms In The Human Body

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Folk Recipes Against Worms In The Human Body
Folk Recipes Against Worms In The Human Body

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Folk recipes against worms in the human body

Any parasites harm human health. They provoke many diseases and generally worsen the quality of life. If you suspect an infection with worms, you should take tests to determine the type of parasite and immediately begin treatment.


Any parasites harm human health, as they provoke many diseases and worsen the quality of life.


The symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are varied. These include:

  • a sharp change in weight;
  • loss of appetite;
  • craving for sweet foods;
  • weakness and dizziness;
  • nervousness;
  • upset stool;
  • allergic skin rashes, urticaria;
  • itching in the anus;
  • teeth grinding in sleep and drooling;
  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • frequent headaches.

Not every person has parasites in the body, even if there are some symptoms of their presence. It is most often possible to draw a conclusion about the need for treatment only after an examination.

The symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are varied. These include a sudden change in weight
The symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are varied. These include a sudden change in weight

The symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are varied. These include a sudden change in weight.

When infected with parasites, a person experiences weakness and dizziness
When infected with parasites, a person experiences weakness and dizziness

When infected with parasites, a person experiences weakness and dizziness.

A sudden onset of nervousness may indicate that a person is infected with parasites
A sudden onset of nervousness may indicate that a person is infected with parasites

A sudden onset of nervousness may indicate that a person is infected with parasites.


Some of the helminths have a short lifespan. They live in the human body, do not reproduce without self-infection, and die after a few weeks. Cases of self-healing occur most often with pinworm infection. Colon cleansing helps speed up healing.

Treatment Precautions

Some parasites are dangerous, drug resistant and large in size. It is imperative to fight against them, but under the supervision of specialists.

Accordingly, cleansing may require not only the intestines, but also the liver. Improper treatment or lack of it can lead to serious consequences. For example, taking cholagogue infusions helps with some of the worms, but can lead to blockage of the bile ducts by the body of the parasite.

Before starting treatment, it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is very difficult to get rid of some parasites, so a complex of medicines and folk remedies is often used.


Before starting treatment with folk remedies, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Folk recipes

The main plus of folk remedies is that among them you can choose a safe method of prevention. Preparations for worms are quite toxic. If the presence of parasites is not confirmed, it is best not to use them.

Most often, folk remedies, like most medicines, help to get rid of only adults. A full-fledged fight against parasites requires a course of treatment, and not just a bowel cleansing.

Folk remedies can remove many parasites. When choosing a recipe, you need to remember about the individual characteristics of your body. Many herbs have contraindications.

Treatment with plant seeds, nuts

Ingredients Recipe Admission rules Coriander seeds The seeds must be calcined in a pan without adding oil and grind in a coffee grinder. The finished powder should be taken 1 g 3 times a day. Watermelon seeds and milk The seeds should be grinded in a coffee grinder and mixed with milk in a ratio of 1:10 before use. It is advised to take the remedy 2 times a day, one glass. Pumpkin seeds, honey and jam Pounded pumpkin seeds should be mixed with honey and jam. The mixture is consumed in small portions for 2 hours. It is important not to eat anything before and after. After taking the remedy, it is recommended to make an enema, for which magnesia sulfate is most often used. Pine nuts You need to purchase peeled nuts, or peel them yourself. It is recommended to eat a handful of nuts (50 to 100 g) every day. At this time, you need to exclude all animal fats and meat from the diet. The treatment lasts 2 months.

To get rid of parasites, it is recommended to eat a handful of nuts (from 50 to 100 g) every day.

Treatment with plants and mushrooms

Ingredients Recipe Admission rules Several fresh chanterelles and 100 grams of vodka Pure mushrooms need to be poured with vodka and insisted for 2 weeks in the refrigerator. It is important not to expose the mushrooms to heat, otherwise the agent will not work against the worms. The tincture is taken before bedtime. You should drink 1 tsp. facilities. Medium onion and a glass of boiled water The onion should be chopped until mushy and filled with water. The mixture must be left for 10 hours to infuse. Then the liquid must be filtered from the remnants of the onion. The liquid is advised to use half a glass every day. The course of treatment is 4 days. Green pine cones and water The cones need to be washed, put in a saucepan and filled with water. They need to be boiled for 6 hours. During the boil, remove the foam and add water when it evaporates. After 6 hours, the cones must be removed, and sugar must be added to the liquid and cook for another 1 hour. The resulting broth is recommended to drink on an empty stomach in 2 tablespoons. Wild strawberries and water Berries should be brewed like tea. The tool should be taken 3 times a day, half a glass. Valerian rhizomes and cold boiled water Pour the crushed roots with water and leave for 8 hours. Then the liquid should be filtered. The infusion is drunk one teaspoon 4 times a day. 1 liter of cognac and 400 grams of garlic Peel the garlic and pour over the cognac. Infuse the liquid for 3 weeks in a dark place. The infusion should be drunk in 1 tbsp. l. every morning. The course of treatment is 2 months. Side effects are possible due to long-term intake of strong alcohol. You can reduce the dose or choose a different treatment. Collection of herbs: wormwood; tansy; yarrow; St. John's wort; immortelle; buckthorn bark; chamomile; Oak bark. Mix 1 tsp each. each of the herbs and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Insist 12 hours. This recipe is analogous to the much-hyped Monastery Collection. It should be drunk 100 ml on an empty stomach. The infusion, which is prepared according to the given recipe, is enough for 4 days, since part of the liquid is absorbed into the herbs. The treatment lasts 10 days. Cognac, castor oil and sweet tea Ingredients are consumed separately. It is recommended to drink 50 g of cognac and 50 g of castor oil in a row on an empty stomach. After a few minutes, you need to drink sweet tea. Cognac poisons parasites, and castor oil drives them out, as it is a strong laxative. Such cleansing of the body is an effective, but not the most convenient means of getting rid of worms. Dried annual wormwood 1 tsp dry wormwood should be brewed like tea. Wormwood infusion is taken 1 time per day, or the glass is divided into several portions. 1 tsp dry bitter wormwood and 100 ml of alcohol Wormwood should be poured with alcohol and infused for 2 weeks. The tincture is advised to be taken 30 minutes before meals. They drink it 20 drops 3 times a day.

Wild strawberries are brewed as tea and taken 3 times a day for half a glass.


From the point of view of traditional medicine, cleansing the intestines from worms in the human body consists not only in taking moods, but also in poisoning parasites locally with the help of enemas. Cleansing the lower intestines after taking medication by mouth helps to heal faster. It is recommended to keep the fluids in the intestine to enhance the effect.

Garlic enemas are especially popular and are effective against roundworms and other parasites.

There are two recipes for the liquid:

  • pour the chopped head of garlic with hot water (you need about 50 ml) and leave for 12 hours; repeat for 7 days;
  • bring 5 cloves of garlic to a boil in 100 ml of water, cool to 37 degrees; repeat for 14 days.

The second cooking method is more popular with parents who treat their children this way. Some recipes for worms contain not only garlic, but also onions. Bowel cleansing with such formulations is suitable for children over 3 years old.


Garlic enemas have gained popularity and are effective against roundworms and other parasites.

Using an infusion of tansy is another method of cleansing against worms. This plant has a list of contraindications that should be consulted before use. To prepare the infusion, you need 20 g of flowers and 200 ml of boiling water. The grass is poured with water and insisted for half an hour.

Ways of infection and prevention

Most often, parasites appear in children of preschool and primary school age, since they often violate hygiene rules.

Also at risk are people who work with land and animals.

If one of the family members is found to have parasites, all people who live with him must undergo treatment. Cleansing with folk remedies may not be a sufficient measure against worms.

To prevent infection, you need:

  • observe the rules of hygiene and teach them to children, it is especially important to wash your hands before any meal;
  • wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly;
  • to subject meat and fish to prolonged heat treatment;
  • do not drink raw water, especially from questionable sources;
  • monitor the health of pets, especially if they go outside;
  • remove handicraft dishes from the diet.

Reviews of treatment with folk remedies

Anton, 29 years old, Irkutsk

I decided to start a fight against parasites with folk remedies, and if it doesn't help, buy pills. The combination of castor oil and cognac seemed to be the most effective. I drank for 10 days. It was hard - disgusting taste, inability to leave the toilet. The cleansing is really tough. Who will try this method, I advise you to heat the castor oil. From this it becomes liquid and not so nasty.

Natalia, 53 years old, Krasnoyarsk

As a child, she loved to squeeze street kittens, so my mother gave me black bread with garlic for prevention. No parasites took root in me. I think that cleansing the body is sometimes useful. But drinking concentrated products for no reason is not worth it. A friend of mine drank a tincture of garlic on cognac from the worms in the body, she says that she completely removed them.

Anna, 39 years old, Omsk

As a medical professional, I advise anyone not to suffer with onions and garlic, but to consult a doctor or at least a pharmacist. Folk remedies are not always good. There are good drugs, calculate the dosage according to your weight and get rid of all the nasty things in the intestines. For humans, worms are very dangerous, you need to get rid of them decisively and start treatment as soon as possible.

Irina, 44 years old, Tula

I work a lot in my country house with land, so preventive cleansing from parasites has become commonplace for me. I recommend herbal collection of tansy, wormwood and other herbs against worms. It is bitter enough, but in order to achieve the goal, you can sometimes be patient.

Parasites in the body are the cause of many human diseases, as well as a very unpleasant phenomenon. For timely and quick treatment, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will select the necessary treatment and tell you about suitable alternative methods. In some cases, it is not easy to remove parasites, especially if they are common in different parts of the body. In such situations, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

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